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goldenswan of riverclan

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    name | goldenswan.

    golden → for her golden pelt.

    swan → for her elegance and ferocity in battle.

    gender | female.

    age | seventy-six moons.

    allegiance | riverclan.

    rank | warrior.

    orientation | bisexual.

    affections | none. (closed!)

    apprentice | pebblepaw. (open to one more!) 

    scent | sea salt & dune grass.

    voice claim | lauren ash.

    breed | oriental longhair/norwegian forest cat mix, with other genes thrown in.

    physical attributes | goldenswan is a large, broad-shouldered molly, with big ears and a narrow face. her fur is a pale gold, with cinnamon tabby stripes and low white and cream. her eyes are a pale blue, and she sports a long scar horizontally across her shoulder-blades.

    emotional attributes | goldenswan is a mother bear at heart. she cares fiercely for her clan-mates, often reckless when their lives are endangered. outside of battle and danger, she is an adviser and comforter to her clan, who are all considered family in her eyes. she is quick to overwork herself, and quicker to call other cats out for doing the same, regardless of her hypocrisy. she is very parental, and enjoys training others, and spending time in the nursery. 

    + motherly   + wise   + affectionate   + dependable

    = protective   = dramatic   = polite

    – overbearing   – empathetic   – overambitious   – poor time management  

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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Forums Character Creation Create a Cat goldenswan of riverclan