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GoldenRose ~ WindClan Warrior

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    (Art by Relic)

    ~ Name ~


    | Goldenkit, Goldenpaw |

    ~ Meaning of Name ~

    Golden – Her pelt is covered in rose gold patches but at birth her pelt appeared more golden.

    Rose – The patches that come off of her back and sides look like falling rose petals.

    ~ Gender ~


    ~ Birthday ~

    May 17, 2017

    | 25 Moons |

    ~ Sexuality ~


    ~ Voice Reference ~

    Kate Winslet



    ~ Allegiance ~


    ~ Rank ~


    ~ Mentor ~

    | Gorsewhisker (Open for RP) |

    ~ Apprentice ~

    | Snowpaw (RPed by Relic) |



    ~ Scent ~

    Rose and sweet grass

    ~ Skills ~

    • Talking and listening to others

    • Very adventurous

    • Keeps the apprentices in line with games and stories

    ~ Personality ~

    | Goldenrose is a strong and dependent she-cat, although she does know that other cats can’t be as strong for their own reasons. However, she tries to push herself to be that ‘guardian angel’ for anyone who is needing some guidance or an extra push to reach where they wanna be. She is very thoughtful, always looking out for others when sometimes she should probably be looking out for herself. She is kind natured but she does have a rule, no one is allowed to walk all over herself. She does not stand for bullies and will usually make sure she puts them back in their place. She may be kind but she’s not afraid to defend herself and others that need her.

    She often looks after the apprentices of the clan, since their parents can often be busy with their warrior duties or the mentors aren’t noticing something they should. Which rarely happens. However, she will usually take them on adventures that she would have taken as an apprentice, just because she knew what it was like to be young and curious at that age. She keeps their minds and bodies occupied so they don’t get into too much trouble with their mentors and parents.

    Goldenrose would rather talk her way out of fight then to provoke one, however she isn’t afraid to use her claws. She is a bit of a free spirit, she follows the rules to a point but she isn’t above bending the rules just a bit. Everyone has a limited time on this earth before joining the ranks of StarClan, she plans on living life to the fullest. |

    ~ Appearance ~

    | Goldenrose isn’t the tallest female cat in the Clan, but she also isn’t the smallest she-cat. The length of her coat is medium, not quiet short furred and not exactly long furred. The base of her coat is a soft white coloring, while pale rose gold colored patches cover her body randomly. The patches painting her back and sides appear to look like rose petals falling along her pelt. Her tail is long and feathery, small curls sporting along her tail and on top of her head. She has bright green eyes that are curious and expressive. |



    ~ Parents ~

    | FatherPalestorm (Deceased – died in battle)|

    | Mother – Rosetail |

    ~ Siblings ~

    | Sister ~ Littermate – PaleBriar (RPed by Mahon) |

    ~ Mate ~

    | Wolfstar (RPed by Wolfstar) |

    ~ Kits ~


    (Art by Tori ~ Jetstream/Wisteriaflower)

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