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    ~Meaning of Name~

    Pale: For being albino, he lacks pigmentation which gives him the appearance of being Pale.

    Fog: Due to his mutation his appearance can seem a little eerie like fog, also at times Pale is so quiet that he can pop up at ominous times just like fog.





    June 7th, 2014

    {56 moons}



    ~Voice of Reference~

    Hiccup from How to Train your Dragon








    {Former: Open}






    Birch wood and Cotton




    Witty remarks



    ⇑Palefog is a very witty, sarcastic tomcat. He appears very well-spoken but a bit shy at times when he is in crowded areas within camp. Loves to socialize but can only handle so much attention or stimuli around him. To those he does not know well he can seem reserved and well spoken due to being wary of how others perceive him because of his albinism. His mutation might seem like a hinderance on himself and his clan but he wants to prove to anyone who even has the slightest doubt that they are wrong.  He isn’t the strongest when it comes to fighting but he knows his limits and uses it to his advantage during training whenever he gets an opportunity. Now hunting is a different story, he is an amazing hunter and he enjoys hunting by himself as it soothes him. 

    What he lacks in strength he makes up for in intelligence and his kindness. Pale’s strongest trait is his compassion and empathy. He’s able to put himself in others paws and figure out why one would do or say something in certain situations. He has good observational skills and he can never turn down a conversation from a clan mate. He strong sense of responsibility, though it’s easy for him to get upset or emotionally riled up, which, combined with the aforementioned traits, often lead him to make rash and uninformed decisions when he thought what he was doing was right. Pale cares for his kits dearly, but can seem a little hard on them as he expects much out of them, yet he tries not to be over bearing unless discipline is absolutely needed.   ⇓



    ⇑He is a tall slim built feline, not technically built for fighting but knows how to use his skills and knows his limits to handle himself well. Pale is more of a hunter as he is built for speed not head on attacks. As mentioned; he is albino so he lacks pigmentation called melanin needed to produce color giving him his full white appearance. His nose, inner ears, tongue, and pads of his paws have a tint of pink but that is all. His eyes are sensitive to the sun, he can only handle the sunlight for certain amount of time before he has to find shade or retreat to the warriors den. His magenta colored eyes tend to water easily when in the sunlight as well.⇓




    ⇑Mother: {Tbd}

    Father: {Tbd}⇓


    ~Kits with Floweringhalo~

    ⇑Eveningstorm: {Rped by Feared}⇓


    ~Kits with Greyrose~

    ⇑Startledpaw: {Rped by Feared}

    Thistlepaw: {Rped by Manna}⇓





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    Sorry to ask a second time, but for this character as well please keep in mind names that the clan cats would be likely to use!

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