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Foxpaw – SkyClan Apprentice

Forums Character Creation Accepted Applications SkyClan Accepted Foxpaw – SkyClan Apprentice

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    Prefix: for his fox-like appearance

    Suffix: for his rank

    Age: 7 moons

    D.O.B.: March 2019

    Gender: Male [he/him]

    Sex: DMAB

    Rank: Apprentice

    Previous: Loner, kit

    Allegiance: SkyClan

    Previous: Loner

    Appearance: A pale orange tabby with yellow-green eyes. The tip of his tail, chest, neck, bottom half of his face, and the inside of his ears are a creamy white. His front paws, around the top of his muzzle up to the bottom of his eyes, and ears are a dark brown. His pelt is on the fluffier, longer side and his ears are tufted.

    Scars: None

    Build: Bulky, built for strength

    Scent: Maple, smoke

    Personality: A grouchy tom who likes to stick to himself, Foxpaw doesn’t have very many friends and doesn’t do much socializing. He has trust issues, especially with those older than him. He’ll listen to orders if he thinks they’re good ones, but otherwise tends to have a mind of his own. Foxpaw doesn’t forgive or forget easily, instead holding grudges and being downright petty sometimes.

    Strengths: Climbing, resilient

    Weaknesses: Trust issues, swimming

    Orientation: Heterosexual heteroromantic

    Status: Occupied

    Interest(s): Applepaw

    Previous: None

    Mate(s): None

    Previous: None


    Mentor: Dandeliondust

    Apprentice: Too young


    Mother: Ruby

    Father: Dan

    Siblings: None

    Extended Family: Unknown

    History: Foxpaw was born as a loner to the she-cat Ruby and tom Dan, originally named Fox. Ruby was a sub-par mother, and Dan an even worse father. His mother hardly seemed to care for him at all, but he treasured the moments she did give him any attention, positive or negative. When Dan showed his face at the den the small family had settled in, he either completely ignored Fox, teased the young kit relentlessly, or kicked him out of the den for alone time with Ruby.

    Soon the two grew tired of caring for the kit, and offered to take him on an adventure. That adventure ended with him being dumped on SkyClan’s territory, left to be found by a patrol and taken into the Clan. At the age of 4 moons, he was given the name Foxkit. At 6 moons, he became Foxpaw and started training under his mentor’s tutelage.

    Roleplayer Information

    Text: Anadale mono

    Color: #d97f1e

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Forums Character Creation Accepted Applications SkyClan Accepted Foxpaw – SkyClan Apprentice