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    Willowfur felt frozen, green eyes staring straight ahead as Nettlenose said something, but she was too shocked to focus on the words. She and Startledpaw were careless. How selfish of me. Now I have to keep this a secret from everyone. The kits won’t know who their father truly is. It’s not allowed!  Her chest tightened with sadness and anxiety, knowing the whole Clan would eventually put two and two together. Now that her sister knew, would she tell Wolfstar? Would their father figure it out as well, and would he banish her from WindClan? Would he force Startledpaw to train as a warrior now? So many questions and worries filtered through her mind, making her heart beat faster and faster.

    But when Startledpaw pressed his paw to her belly, the anxiety started to ebb away slowly. She was carrying kits. Her whole life, Willowfur wanted to become a mother and now she was growing kits inside of her that looked like her and Startledpaw. Happiness started to take over the sadness she felt as she heard the words, “You are expecting kits,” from the handsome tom’s mouth. She looked up into his eyes, searching his expression to see if he was angry. Would he be upset with her? Yes, he was still an apprentice, but old enough to have already been a warrior by now if he hadn’t trained as a medicine cat. Willowfur was filled with relief as a smile formed on Startledpaw’s face, and his eyes were wide with excitement. She mirrored his expression, beaming up at him. “And you’re going to be a father.”

    Glancing at Nettlenose, she knew she let her sister down. “I’m sorry, Nettlenose. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you what was going on… and I’m sorry for saying what I said.” A couple of coughs escaped her lungs after speaking to her, but she looked up again once she was finished. “We’ll figure this out. But…please don’t tell Wolfstar. I don’t think anyone should know, right?” Pointedly, she looked towards Startledpaw and tilted her head. “I don’t want you to lose your position in this Clan because of me.”


    Nettlenose sat and fidgeted as the two exchanged their understandings, their reactions to becoming parents, to having a family and the scare that came with it considering Startledpaw’s current position. Dread knotted in her stomach the more she found herself thinking of the various endings this could take upon, but one thing was for certain…kits were precious, and not only so, but they were  family.

    Willowfur’s tone was so warm as she spoke to her mate, the sound of in rich in the medicine cat’s ears as she closed her eyes and drew in a few, deep breaths. Their scents were what she chose to focus on, remaining silent until she heard her sister address her, round eyes locking on her sister.

    The condition of not telling their father was both made easier and harder upon Willowfur’s request of it. Harder because it was Wolfstar, her leader and kin, who she of all felines was not to keep secrets from, and who trusted her entirely. Easier because when her dear sister looked at her with also such a trusting gaze, the littermate she had grown and played with, she wanted nothing more than to protect her and her secret, to ease her own stress and anxiety.

    I’m… A sigh, and a little smile. “I won’t say a word to anyone, Willowfur. If Wolfstar finds out any information beyond that you’re expecting, its of his own accord.” The fluffy molly decided aloud, hoping these words would comfort them both. Her gaze flickered over to Startledpaw, and she smiled further to her apprentice, though her tail still swished nervously. “Congratulations to you both.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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