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    Hareflight [Mel]

    Cream-coloured paws struck the ground with the utmost certainty, and blue eyes scanned the area warily yet confidently. Despite the aura of tenacity that emanated from Roaringpaw, he was worried, and – although he would never admit it – a bit scared. Not for himself, but for his sister, Birchpaw. Birchpaw was the reason he did a great many things. He was her protector from those who would doubt her, including herself at times, and she was the reason he strived to be the best cat he could be. However, she was also the reason he seemed so confident and sure despite feeling the opposite on the inside. Under normal circumstances, he tried to be brave and confident for her, but it was even more necessary now. After the disappearance of her mentor, Jaggedthorn, he knew Birchpaw was feeling unsure. But then, the disappearance of their sister, Softbelly… Roaringpaw had to be brave for her.

    At the thought of Softbelly, Roaringpaw’s confident stride faltered, but only for a moment as he quickly redirected his thoughts. He instead, concentrated his emotions into anger. Anger at that ShadowClan apprentice who’d dare insult him and Birchpaw. Thinking of it, his tail lashed. They had agreed to meet back at the border to settle things without a patrol looming over them, and Roaringpaw only hoped that the apprentice wasn’t as much of a mouse-hearted coward as he seemed.

    Glancing up at the sky, Roaringpaw took a moment to appreciate the speckle of stars scattered across the night sky. Then, glancing back at his sister, “See? I told you I’d get us to the border.” He puffed out his chest, chuckling softly. “You can smell those dusty, old fleabags a mile away.” Despite his somewhat joking tone, his bright blue eyes were alert, and they watched for any sign of movement. His ears were pricked and kept his mouth slightly open in case the ShadowClan scent were to get stronger. No matter what, he had to protect Birchpaw.


    Trailing after Roaringpaw with visibly less faux-confidence, Birchpaw was practically sulking along the ground. She was scared– very scared— at the thought of fighting another apprentice. At the thought of her brother fighting another apprentice. At the thought of getting in trouble. What if they got caught and Liontooth said she didn’t want to mentor her anymore? What if Roaringpaw got in trouble and was thrown out of ThunderClan!?

    Roaringpaw needs me here! I have to back him up! She hoped fervently that the other apprentice who they’d fought with earlier would be a no-show. They were super aggressive when they’d met each other on the border patrol, so Birchpaw was sure that they would try to come. Was it likely that they’d have been able to slip out of camp? Would they be able to find the border like Roaringpaw could?

    Scenting the unpleasent tang of unfamiliar cats, Birchpaw fought the urge to shrink back into the forest. Steeling her nerves, she straightened her posture in mimicry of Roaringpaw to appear confident and agitated. She felt ridiculous to be in a fight against another apprentice when she not only hadn’t trained for battle before, but also had seldom rough-housed as a kit.

    I’ve never hurt anyone before. StarClan, what are we doing here!?

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