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     – T I N Y F L A M E – 

    It had been a few days since their birth and the moment her kits were able to open their eyes, they were immediately begging to go out and see the camp for the first time. She hadn’t allowed them to leave the nursery at all and they were surely a bit stir-crazy now. Even then, she was a bit hesitant. They were so, so small. Small enough to trip a warrior carrying their duties out and risk bruising with their tender little bodies. She had wanted them to wait just a few more days, maybe get adjusted to their bodies a bit more first, but Hailgaze assured her that there was nothing to worry about and that they needed to leave the nest eventually. 

    Assured by her mate, Tinyflame agreed to let the two kits see the camp. They didn’t need to be told twice, as the minute their father arrived to join the queen, the two of them sprinted out of the nursery like they were being freed from the shackles of confinement. “H-hey!” She exclaimed, trotting after the pair of kits quickly, “be careful! Don’t trip anyone!”


    P I N E K I T

    The sun filtering into the nursery was warm, and Pinekit was glad for the sunshine. The snow seemed to be gone and the first makings of new-leaf were here, though it was certainly still chilly. A soft breeze billowed by and Pinekit couldn’t help but wag his little tail to and fro as he stared into the camp, amazed by the number of cats outside. He’d begged his mother to play, but now that he was watching them he wasn’t so sure.. Glancing to his right, he saw his brother, Daykit, sitting next to him. He straightened up and cleared his throat, careful not to let the fire-colored tom see his apprehension.

    Once Tinyflame and Hailgaze gave the all-clear, Pinekit shot straight out into the clearing, his brother not far behind. He skidded softly on the moorland, tiny claws digging into the earth to stop his hurtling frame just in time to hear his mother’s warning. She sat outside the nursery, staring at the two anxiously. Pinekit’s tiny paws scampered back toward his mother, an excited smile on his face. “We’ll be okay,” he assured her in his small voice, blinking warmly at her. In the next moment, he was at Daykit’s side, excitement pricking at his paws. They were finally out of the nursery! Who knew the camp was so big? “What should we do?” he whispered, blue eyes as round as moons as he took everything in. 



    The little tom’s eyes scanned the nursery, he watched his mother’s nervous facial expression for a moment before his amber eyes went towards his brother and smiled brightly, excited that he was going on such an adventure with him.. Even if it was just around camp. Daykit looked over at his father who was comforting Tinyflame. Today was the day that Daykit and Pinekit were finally allowed outside of the nursery after begging their mother, and the little ginger tom was fully ready to meet warriors and see what clan-life was like. His little tail waving in excitement as well.

    When the toms were given the all clear, the two little kits had sped out of the entrance of the nursery so fast as if they were already attempting to run after rabbits already. His legs were a still but shaky and suddenly something at the corner of his eye made him stop, halting nearby his brother before his mouths parted in awe of the item in front them before he looked over at his mother “We’ll be careful!” He called back to her, sending her a sweet smile before he poked Pinekit’s side with his little ginger paw

    “Pi, look at this.” He whispered as he started to creep towards the item and with his ginger paw, he poked the stick and he jumped slightly when it moved. It was quite an item indeed that stick, something he had never seen before. Daykit looked at it as if it had all the answers to the universe and looked at his brother with a lazy smile “I like this stick.. Do you think that Mama and Papa would let us keep it?” He questioned quietly, his little eyebrow raising as he looked down at the stick in questioning, it had a leaf on it as well and it was smooth.

    What an adventure this was already, it was only a couple of minutes and they found an exciting item!



    Deputy of WindClan

    Any fool could tell that Tinyflame had been hesitating and wanting to keep their kits at her side forever, the outside world could be terrifying and he knew that. But it was also where they would grow into themselves and find out who they are. Large paws pressed against the soft dirt of the nursery as the large tomcat walked through the narrowed entrance of the den, his scorching amber eyes flickering down towards his sons. They were so tiny but so full of energy, he could practically see the energy buzzing within Pinekit and Daykit as they stared outside with such excitement. He smirked slightly with amusement before his eyes lifted to find his ginger furred mate, her expression clearly apprehensive as she also looked down at their sons. His gaze softened as he walked around Daykit and Pinekit, his feathery tail lightly flicking his boy’s noses. “Don’t show fear, they live off of that.” Hailgaze teased Tinyflame as he walked towards her, his tongue rasping across her small ears as he turned his chin towards their kits. “It’s a lovely day out for sunbathing. We can keep an eye on the boys.” He assured her and smiled softly when she looked up at him. “They have all of WindClan looking out for them. I trust in my Clan.” He licked her cheek.

    Ears twitched as the sound of small paws thundering against the ground alerted the tomcat that his sons had raced out of the nursery. Tinyflame exclaimed as trotted after the kits in order to keep a close eye on them but he found himself hanging back for a moment as he stood within the shadows of the nursery, watching his sons stare in awe at the world around them. It was a scary thing to release your offspring into the world outside of these protective walls, but he knew it couldn’t be helped. Besides, he was going to be there to help Tinyflame keep an eye on them. Grunting the large tomcat turned to where he was walking out of the nursery, his eyes narrowing as the sun caught the light of his amber eyes. His dark grey and white streaked fur neatly groomed as he watched Daykit and Pinekit stare around as they talked amongst themselves to figure out what they could get into first. Eyes lowered as he looked down at Pinekit, the young tom’s dark grey and brown pelt moving clumsily but quickly regardless as he reassured his mother. “Keep away from the camps entrance. Don’t go past the fresh-kill pile.” Hailgaze’s deep voice rumbled for Pinekit and Daykit specifically before he lowered his form into a sitting position beside Tinyflame before he licked her ear. “Breathe, you look like you are holding your breath.” Hailgaze mused softly, nuzzling her cheek before he looked towards their sons. “It’s like they learned to run before walking.” He hummed softly.

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