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    senior warrior of thunderclan

    to say he was shocked was an understatement. the anger reveling through his pelt crackled like lightning when sootstain launched himself at the rog–thunderclan deputy–antlercreek reminded himself, and thunder boomed in his ears. out of the corner of his eye, he caught wisteriastar taking on hollystar and succeeding. the younger, much smaller leader would surely be no match for the riverclanner. antler sent a silent prayer to starclan that holly had been refreshing her battle skills lately, and engaged a riverclanner that aimed for antler’s shoulder. the smaller cat raked his fur with his teeth, and the burly tom felt the warmth of blood pooling up between the gouges. he winced–damn, he scorned, i’ve gotten too old for this–but pushed on with a deep snarl at the cat. the tabby thunderclanner shook off the warrior he didn’t recognize, pinning them to the ground with his paws and growling at their neck.

    antlercreek used this moment to assess his choices. the cat seemed younger, and certainly small enough for him to take on easily. he could properly execute a scruff shake, and toss the warrior off. however, he’d risk utter damage and strong exhaustion if he did… it was a lot of energy to expend to rigorously shake and toss a rat, much less the cat beneath him. the senior warrior hissed, narrowing his eyes, and projected all his prior fury into this moment. antler clenched his jaw proudly into the side scruff of the cat and yanked them up in front of him before strengthening his stance so he could shake the anonymous riverclanner with all his might. leaning back into his haunches, he heaved a massive breath through his nose before doing his best to hurl the cat as far away as possible. his shoulder stung with the ice of a thousand winters, and the claw marks from the cat shot bolts of pain through his blood. inside, his back and neck ached with more pain than he thought possible after that attack on that cat.

    he thought to make sure the cat was stunned, but had no time when he remembered hollystar. in the distance across the fray, he caught wisteriastar’s brutal snarl at the thunderclan leader, and frantically scattered his focus throughout the melee to try and find holly. hollystar! great starclan! he exclaimed, paws thudding with purpose as he sprinted between the cats, racing to reach to her aid. wisteria–his friend?–had her pinned, and was executing a cruel assault on her flank. antler’s instincts kicked in and he mustered up some moxie from his hind legs in a spring–leaping over to wisteria’s back and tangling his claws with her flank–or her belly, his blows weren’t as accurate as they could have been–and tugged them off of hollystar with the momentum of his launch. they rolled some paces away and he tried to center himself to land on top, but wisteria’s strength was clearly greater in her youth.


    – W I S T E R I A S T A R –

    As the screeching of battling cats continued, the RiverClan warrior was highly aware of the cats fighting for their clans- their lives- around her. But surely, her current focus was holed in on her own fight, her concentration zeroed in on the black feline caught in her grip, as she did not want to make a life-staking mistake of taking her attention off her opponent briefly to check on her clanmates’ situations. Besides, she was fully confident that her warriors were more than capable of defending themselves properly, they didn’t need their leader looking over their shoulder and babying them in battle. So, of course, Wisteriastar had not seen Antlercreek coming. 

    The sudden weight of the former ThunderClan deputy landing abruptly on her back caused her hold on Hollystar to buckle immediately, her claws releasing their assault on the slender feline as she was forced to instead immediately return all of her paws to the ground to retain her balance. She felt the clumsy blows of his paws to her flanks as the momentum caused the two of them to roll over the camp’s ground, and it was at this moment that she realized her old friend wasn’t quite in the top-tip of shape currently. Wisteriastar caught sight of the blood that clogged his fur and how he appeared to sway slightly on his own feet. Perhaps it was a combination of his wounds and old age that incapacitated him. 

    However, at the moment one of his hindlegs kicked out and landed a hard hit directly in her stomach did the calico warrior instinctively retaliate– having been an expectant mother a few times now in her lifetime, the RiverClan feline held a certain protectiveness over her belly, one that had her lashing out immediately and harshly before she had the thought to hold herself back a little. Aggressively, one of her wide paws swept out and caught Antlercreek in a hard knock on the side of his head, the momentum of the hitting roughly enough to stun any well seasoned warrior, nevertheless an aging tom. 

    Hareflight [Mel]

    ~ Creekfrost, RiverClan Warrior ~

    His gaze was locked on Vinepaw as the ThunderClan warrior relentlessly attacked his apprentice. As such, he wasn’t looking at Oakpath when he retaliated, and pain seared across Creekfrost’s shoulder. This shook him back into his own battle and the words Oakpath spoke hardly even registered in his ears before his head was tugged downwards, and teeth clamped onto his ear. The grey mottled tom let out a shriek at this, claws flexing into the ground below him as red hot pain flashed in his ear. At Oakpath’s snarl, Creekfrost let out one of his own, pupils thin lines of pain and anger. “At least I look after my clanmates,” He snarled back, his jaw clamping down as the warrior bit down once more. In a desperate attempt to get the other warrior off, Creekfrost let out a growl, one paw reaching up to slam against the ThunderClan warrior’s face, claws digging into flesh as he pressed against the warrior, urging him off as best he could from this position. 

    ~ Dreamfeather, ThunderClan Warrior ~

    Adrenaline pumped through the small warrior’s veins, and even though when she glanced back he wasn’t following her, fear was still rising in her chest as she scrambled up the tree. It could be a ploy. He could be on her tail any minute now, trying to hurt her. After all, they clearly wanted to hurt them if theyw ere invading ThunderClan’s camp like this, didn’t they?? She sucked in rapid breaths as her claws tore at the bark, pulling herself higher into the tree. Even if he wasn’t following her, she could get a better view of the battle from here – maybe she could spot her sister among the swarms of cats. Yes, that was a good plan, Dreamfeather decided, and her green eyes fixed on a branch that looked thick enough to hold her weight and easy enough to stand on. She pulled herself onto the branch.

    The ginger tabby’s claws dug into the bark below her, and her eyes squinted as she tried to see into the fray. Was that Softglow there? She had only meant to lean forward a little bit – it was a natural shift in her weight, but it was a terrible mistake. The light dusting of snow made the branch slippery, and Dreamfeather felt her paws slip out from under her, as if in slow-motion. A yelp of fear flew out of her mouth, and paws shot out, clambering for anything she could get her claws into. This was how the tabby came to be dangling with her front claws gripping a tree branch, much too high up for her liking. Risking a glance down, she sucked in a breath, ears flattening in fear. She would survive if she fell from this height.. right? Squeezing her eyes shut for a moment to calm herself, she opened them and began to attempt to pull herself back up onto the branch. But it was leaf-bare and the trees weren’t the strongest, and the added pressure made the bark she was clinging to release.

    And then she was falling.

    Dreamfeather hit the ground with a thump, pain striking sharply through her head. When she opened her eyes, sparks were flying through her vision, and darkness crowded in at the edges as though she were travelling through a tunnel. Her vision swam and she squeezed her eyes shut again to try and curb the nauseous feeling spreading through her. She did not get up, didn’t even try to register if the rest of her was okay. She simply laid there, letting out a groan, and hoping, in the back of her mind, that no RiverClan warriors would come after her.


    Vinepaw of RiverClan

    Vinepaw hoped her mentor, Creekfrost, was watching her fight and noticing how well she was holding her own. The metallic taste of the other she-cat’s blood made her want to gag, but she held it together, sinking her teeth further into her foreleg. However, an agonizing pain seared her shoulder blade, and made her immediately let go, stumbling backwards with Darkberry still biting down. The warrior’s teeth deepened, hitting a large nerve that made Vinepaw screech with pain. I’m hurting so much…but I don’t want to flee! The last thing she wanted to do was run from her very first battle. Creekfrost would probably be so disappointed in her! “Fox-breath!” Vinepaw hissed, feeling weak already.

    But with Darkberry paying attention to Vinepaw’s shoulder, that left the warrior’s neck, shoulder, and side of her face out in the open. Vinepaw took the opportunity, reaching up and grabbing Darkberry’s ear between her teeth and pulled as hard as she could. If she weren’t in so much pain, she could have pulled harder. But the leftover strength she had was enough, ripping the tip of Darkberry’s ear. Darkberry let her go, and Vinepaw collapsed to the ground in agony, her shoulder blade and face burning from the wounds. She spit the tip of Darkberry’s ear out onto the ground, wanting to feel triumphant but all she felt was pain.

    Oakpath of ThunderClan

    Oakpath just chuckled at Creekfrost’s lame remark. As if Oakpath didn’t look after his own Clanmates! I’ll show him. He was about to let go and bite down on Creekfrost’s scruff, but he was surprised at claw’s suddenly scratching at his face and neck. One of Creekfrost’s claws dug pretty deep into Oakpath’s neck fur, and he yelped, letting go of the other tom and stepping away. He shook his head to clear it, hoping the pain would ease quickly. But with more pain, he became more angry, and he glared at Creekfrost with pure hatred. “You think you fish-lovers have the right to come here and attack?” Oakpath began circling the RiverClan warrior, his nose wrinkling as he spat on the ground. “This whole thing started because of one of your idiotic warrior’s attacking our deputy!” He leaped forward with claws extended, slashing at Creekfrost’s muzzle again, then leaped backwards before lunging again. He repeated this over and over to try and get as many shots at Creekfrost as he could, missing some of them from the other warrior’s dodges.

    The pain in his neck wasn’t going away as quickly as he wanted, and with every leap he noticed blood droplets splattering the forest-covered ground. The wound burned and he tried his best to forget about it, but it was weakening him, making each claw slash weaker and weaker. It wasn’t helping that this battle was going on for a while. Oakpath used a couple of opportunities and looked around the battle field, wondering who was winning and when this battle would be over.



    senior warrior of thunderclan

    time slowed down as they tumbled across thunderclan camp ground. bracken and dirt clustered in and around the blood clotting over his shoulder and seeping from his skin. in the moment, he saw splotches of red amongst the white on wisteriastar’s pelt and worry struck his brow, she was bleeding? no, he adjusted, feeling his back thud into the dirt with some finality of the universe as pinpricks from her claws dug into his thick fur. his chest seemed to collapse, lungs colliding with his sternum, the wind leaving his body as his heart beat erratically in his ribcage in a battle between taking breaths and pumping blood.

    just as his brain came back to real-time, he felt his hind foot lash out with ferocity and catch wisteria’s belly with some sort of managed accuracy. the success was short-lived. faster than what antlercreek thought possible, the riverclan leader reacted with prowess, landing a blow to his head. suddenly, his perception of time was gone again. fading in and out, antler caught the scent of summer in thunderclan. the warmth of the sun streaming down amongst a canopy of oak-hickory, pooling between the brambles. water over his paws, warmer than the pride he felt in his heart for his clan. he was vaguely aware of what could have been blood, pouring, ugly streaming from a wound reaching from a ripped ear down to his jaw, leeching out with every pump of his heart.

    his ears heard the dull roar of spring birds in the trees. Antlercreek felt the cool earth between his toes as he plodded down a well-trodden path towards his preferred rabbit hunting grounds. the hobby was something he held in high esteem, as one of the best rabbit hunters in thunderclan, despite being no-where near agile enough to reasonably compete with a windclanner. some part of him tensed, and instead of feeling the breeze from the edge of an open, rolling grassland, he felt the harsh touch of winter’s paw, raking over him with frozen, sharp pebbles that pierced his skin, cooling it rapidly.

    his body lay on the ground, motionless, lifeless, unchanging despite the crimson pool surrounding him. every few seconds, a ragged breath eked out, chest rising and falling laboriously, each interim time greater than the last. a fine dust settled as the battle raged around him as wisteriastar and hollystar lingered close-by. as the senior warrior walked on to his afternoon hunting ground, breathing in the fresh spring air, he noticed his paws turning to stars. looking up, he saw the sun was still out amongst the clouds. his brain struggled to make the connection and he was suddenly plunged into a dark, dense fog.

    struggling to open his eyes, antlercreek once again became aware of his location on the ground in main camp. he couldn’t feel his legs, and his whole body felt like cold stones–like sunningrocks under a thick sheen of frost in winter. his green gaze was dull and depleted, but he  managed to take in the chaos of battle around him, a few last glimpses of his clan. whether hollystar or wisteriastar looked on as the presence of starclan made itself known, he did not know. even if his clanmates paid attention–was peachblossom okay?–to the events developing towards the farer shadows of the clan’s edge, antlercreek was too distracted realizing the finality of the situation. his sense of his body decreased with agonizing slowness as he traded feeling for pain, and pain for numbness. just as in his earlier vision, he felt the numb parts of him–his paws, tail–shifting towards starry matter. the rattle in his chest trickled, weaker than ever. the ailing former deputy felt his heart give one last beat and his eyes caught wisteriastar’s, locking gazes in the last meaningful moment of wakefulness, and then a breeze blew away what was once the spirit of antlercreek, warrior of thunderclan.


    Hollystar, Thunderclan Leader

    Hollystar could feel herself wavering in and out of consciousness. She made a weak attempt to struggle out of the Riverclan leader’s grasp, but to no avail. Is this where I lose another life? she asked herself solemnly. The screeching and growling of the cats fighting around her filled her senses. The ebony cat could feel herself dissociating from reality. 

    All of a sudden, the weight of Wisteriastar was lifted from her body. The pain from the other leader’s sharp claws no longer dug into her shoulder. Relief flooded over Hollystar, and she could feel herself start to come back into consciousness. No. I will not lose another life yet! she urged herself. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of the cat who had tackled Wisteriastar off of her. It was Antlercreek! The black molly tried to get up to help him, but stumbled back down into the blood-stained ground beneath her.

    Horror flooded Hollystar’s eyes as she witnessed the Riverclan leader lash out and slam into her ex-deputy’s head. The tom’s body hit the ground, and blood pooled up around him. No! Take me instead! You can have all my lives! she silently begged the sky. Adrenaline pumped through the Thunderclan’s leader’s veins once more, and she shakily heaved herself to her paws, and she heaved herself to Antlercreek’s dying body. “Antlercreek, no…” she meowed hopelessly. A new feeling burned inside of the she-cat. She had never felt this angry before. Hollystar faced Wisteriastar, rage burning in her eyes. “Get. Out.” she hissed, flexing her claws. “NOW! Leave Thunderclan! The events today will not be forgotten.” She could feel her body giving out, and blood trickling from her wounds. She prayed to Starclan that she would be able to hold herself together long enough to get this murderer out of her camp.

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    Screeches of pain shot through the paper thin ears of the Thunderclan medicine cat. Peachblossom wasn’t cut out for war, that’s why she chose her weapons to be herbs rather than her dulled claws. The sight of her clan mates in peril while she remained hidden away in her den until the attacker left, she felt useless. All the young healer could do was sit and wait, wait until her skills could be put to use. To serve her true purpose.

    She felt her cheek dampen with every painful, wrenching, slow minute that passed. The idea of friends fighting friends over what, prey? respect? ego? What was the point if in the end you cut all ties with the ones you would have once stuck you neck out for. Neither clan was perfect, but she had ties with both clans, Thunderclan was her home, her family but the small molly held so much respect for both Wisteriastar and her deputy, Heronflight. But watching the calico fighter who she held so much respect for pinning her smaller ebony leader in the dirt, red draining from both of the mollys. “Hollystar…” her hoarse voice not being able to break through the mixed yowls of both Thunder and River. This has to stop, please Starclan I beg of you to stop this. Dropping to the ground, paws covering her rounded ears, eyes closed tightly, trying to block out the red that stained her mind.

    Eyes shooting open, recognizing the familiar yowl of the previous Thunderclan deputy, her friend, her father figure. Silently pleading for him to turn around, to run away. She loved her leader but Hollystar had lives to spare, Antlercreek only had one, and a good one at that, he still had so much to teach her. “Stop Antler, please don’t..” her voice shaking, unable to control the water falling from her eyes.

    The world around Peachblossom stopped, the sound of Wisteriastar paw connecting with Antlercreeks head echoing throughout the camp, it was as if she was watching the whole thing play out in slow motion. The air leaving Peachblossoms lungs when his body hit the ground, a cloud of dust flying around him, the molly felt like she was right there with him, as his brittle air ways crushed under the force. “An-an-antlercreek….no please no.” Forcing herself up to her small paws. Immune to the other fights going on around her, stepping out of the comfort of her den, making a slow b-line to the lifeless body of the tom, giving her leader a small nudge before turning her attention back to the brown tabby. Nose pressing firmly into his neck, “Get up. Please get up.” Removing her nose from his, the blood that decorated his body staining where it touched her peachy cream fur.

    Heavy breaths falling from the mollys muzzle the longer she stood there, feeling the heartache and anger rise within her. Eyes burning, pelt bristling, “no more fighting…” her quiet voice falling on empty ears. Nostrils flaring as she watched her clanmates continue fighting even though their beloved warrior had just been killed by Wisteriastar. If Starclan won’t stop this then I will. “I said STOP!” Her voice loudly piercing the ears of the cats within the camp walls. Demanding everyone’s attention, eyes shooting towards the Riverclan leader, “No. More. Fighting.” Her words heavy and breathless as she had extended most of what was left of her energy to stop the fighting.

    Letting the dust settle before she stood over Antlercreeks body, guarding his lifeless form, eyes darting from him to Wisteriastar, “…murderer…”she muttered to the calico, “Leave now! Murderer!” She yowled at the Riverclan cats, backing up Hollystars words. Fellow yowls from Thunderclan warriors echoing behind her. Glaring blue eyes locked onto the one responsible, Wisteriastar, I won’t ever forgive this. Taking a quick glance over her shoulder to see the strong, yet tired, warriors of Thunderclan standing strongly behind her. She could feel them, no matter how tired and beaten they were she could feel that if Wisteriastar didn’t withdrawal her forces that they would still fight. She was proud of Thunderclan.


    – W I S T E R I A S T A R – 

    Horror pulsed through Wisteriastar as she watched her old friend buckle from the blow she had given him. Immediately, her body grew numb with shock as she witnessed Antlercreek’s collapse and she found herself stuck in place, unable to move no matter that a part of herself was screaming at her internally to go to his side, so that he didn’t have to spend his last moments alone. The fur on her thick calico pelt stood on end as their eyes locked, as the former ThunderClan deputy took his last breath, and the life left him. The look in his eyes was not one in resemblance to the absent fog he had been in prior, his eyes were clear and bright as he met her gaze. The look he held was, to her at least, not one of hatred, of grief, of blame, or of regret. To her, the level-headed clarity he gained in his last moments was something that she was grateful for, that his death was not as horrid and as painful as it could have been. Did he blame her for the end of his life or was it coming regardless of the outcome of this battle? Wisteriastar didn’t know the answer to that question, or if having an answer would ease the guilt she felt. 

    However, there was not another heartbeat spared for her to gather her thoughts and emotions towards the matter before Hollystar was stepping up to her and snarling in her face. Despite the fact that Wisteriastar was already juggling feelings of remorse towards killing her own friend, the RiverClan leader was not going to take the treatment that the ThunderClan leader was giving her, regardless of how she was surely feeling at this moment as well. She held her chin high as she looked down at the ebony she-cat, her fiery amber eyes blank, cold and not giving away much of anything, except for maybe defiance, as she met the furious emerald gaze of the slender feline in front of her. She was not as weak of a warrior that this was going to shatter her dignity. And yet it wasn’t hard for her to see straight through the open window that was Hollystar’s angry emotions right now; it was almost as if the accusations she wanted to make were at the tip of her tongue. But it seemed that Hollystar did not have to make the accusation herself, for her Medicine Cat, Peachblossom, had come out of her den, distraught and yowling. The young healer had turned on her immediately, spitting at her words that dulled in her tattered ears. 

    But was she a murderer? Was she really? Such a reality was hard for Wisteriastar to accept. As she was not a stranger to direct contact with death or lives lost in relation to her own actions, she had left that life far behind her and had made large efforts to spare RiverClan from such an ugly reputation. And yet, she had brought a battle right to ThunderClan camp that had resulted in many casualties. Even if none of this was her intention and such an end could not have been predicted from either side, she was still responsible for what had happened today as leader of her Clan. She would have to face the consequences of the relations that were now affected between RiverClan and ThunderClan and how this would influence the balance of the five Clans that lived by the sea. 

    If the circumstances had been different, perhaps Wisteriastar would have respected the bravery of the young Medicine Cat. But now, it was evident that any mutual respect ThunderClan and RiverClan had for each other had died with Antlercreek and the calico warrior could not find it in herself to mourn not only his death, but any ties with ThunderClan warriors as well. She met Peachblossom’s angry eyes evenly, seeming to be unaffected by her fury, her loss, and her sadness. To her, this was life, this was reality. There wasn’t anything that could be done about it now. The only thing that she could do for ThunderClan at this point in time was to leave them to grieve for their fallen warrior in their own time. Wisteriastar turned from the distraught she-cats and faced the calamity that had become of ThunderClan camp. The bleeding cats, scratched and torn, breathing heavily and exhausted. The calico warrior inhaled deeply and gave a bow to her head to the warriors present, giving those who fought today one last ounce of esteem she had. Then, picking herself back up, she gave a low sweep of her plumey tail, gesturing to her warriors to gather before her. “RiverClan, it is time we leave ThunderClan’s camp.” And that was all that she had left to say, not giving a single look back over her shoulder as she led her clanmates on the journey back home.


    Too preoccupied with his own fight, sandwiched between some unknown Thunderclan warrior and her apprentice, the deputy was only brought out of focus on his fight by the call of Wisteriastar. At the sound of retreat—if it could really be called that—he squirmed again. Letting go of the apprentice’s neck go as the warrior pinning him finally stepped off herself.

    Giving himself a shake and looking around for Sootstain as he bounded over to stand beside his leader, his gaze found the crumpled body of Antlercreek before either of them. It suddenly made sense why this battle was over so soon—a death.  Those around the fallen warrior looked nearly ready to add a second casualty, and Heronflight hurried over to stand a few paces away. The rest of his clan had already separated themselves and were pooling nervously around them or by the entrance to the camp, ready to leave as soon as possible.

    Managing to catch the last part of Hollystar’s threat, the grey tom’s beginnings of regret over lost life were stopped short. The anger of the ThunderClan leader was valid—but his mind reminded him of how easily her “deputy” had threatened the life of one of RiverClan’s warriors. Funny who you’ll call a murderer, he thought, scowling.

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