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    “I’m sorry.” Morningpaw placed the yellow sneezeweed flowers at the border. She recovered from her injuries, but she still felt bare and vulnerable, ugly almost. Maybe it was foolish to feel so strongly over a missing tail, but the loss of it had affected Morningpaw greatly.

    “I’m sorry I haven’t been visiting, I’m sorry I’m a coward, I’m sorry I went on that mouse-brained patrol with Bluefire.” The golden tabby dug her claws into the moist forest soil, a growl edging into her words. “I’m sorry I’m such an idiot, I’m sorry that stupid tree trunk was in the way and I got my paw stuck.” 

    Morningpaw backed away, azure eyes glittering with tears like diamonds. In the past moon, Morningpaw had gotten her tail chewed on by a young fox, and she’d gotten thrown into a river by a hostile warrior. In short, the apprentice’s life had been incredibly painful. She wanted to see Minkpaw, she did! But she was sure he hated her for missing their meetings ever since the battle.

    ‘Oh my stars… The battle!’ Another reason for Minkpaw to hate her, their clans hated each other. Ever since that fateful day, Morningpaw’s life had changed so dramatically that it still left her reeling if she thought too hard about it. ‘I haven’t seen Minkpaw since the battle… Was he hurt? No, no, Saffrongaze would’ve taken care of it…’ 

    Too late, the fear had been placed, and now the apprentice was frozen on the spot. She could see Minkpaw’s bloodied face all too clearly, and it left her equal parts anxious and sad. The battle had been stupid and some cats paid for it, bearing scars that wouldn’t heal for some time. The Thunderclan molly’s eyes flicked back over to Skyclan territory, the itch in her paws urging her to run to Skyclan camp to check on her friend, however, common sense (and a bit of cowardice) held her where she stood.



    ‘Where is she?’ is all that he could hear, all that was echoing in his head as the honeyed butterscotch brown and white tom makes his way through SkyClan territory. Dry grass crunching beneath his heavy steps, mouth parting in a pant as he tries to regulate his body temperature from the burning heat of Green Leaf. It has been over a moon since he had last seen his dear friend, his best friend; Morningpaw. He couldn’t figure out what was going on, was she dead? Injured? Or did she change her mind in becoming friends with her suppose enemy? Each scenario harder than the next to swallow. He had hoped that coming to their usual meeting area almost everyday would prove useful. That on one of those days he would catch sight of the petite golden tabby, days turn into weeks, into a moon with no sight of her to be seen. Biting his lower lip to contain his frustration, wishing he had someone he could talk to about this, to vent to, release his confusion and hurt. Yet; he was alone in this, no one could know that he disobeyed clan rules and willingly friended another feline from a different clan, Thunderclan nonetheless.


    Minkpaw knew that he was probably torturing himself, giving himself false hope, which is proven every time he reaches the twin oak trees with Morningpaw absent. Being the stubborn lad he is, continues to scoop out their hiding spot during his spare time as sadly his duties and training comes first. He no longer looked like the tall lanky cat he use to be, moons of hard training and aging has definitely changed him physically. Minkpaw now stood several inches taller, his lanky form more filled out with muscles defining his once scrawny build, his facial features more mature, but his eyes still remained their boyish glow, slight crow feet defining the corners of his eyes when squinting from laughter or the bright smile usually adorning his features. When turning his cranium just right one would be able to see the prominent scars of claw marks along the inner side of his neck, patches of fur thinning around the wounds, slowly but surely filling out each passing day. The scars no longer red and irritated, but pink and puffy as the skin tries to mend and heal itself.


    Saffrongaze had warned him when he first received the injury on just how lucky he truly was that his opponents claws hadn’t cut a few inches more tot he right as he surely would have bled out then. At first Minkpaw was self-conscious about his wounds, but the medicine cat had reassured him that in time they would eventually fade into silver marks, and that once his thick brown fur grows back, it would be barely noticeable. Mink just needed to keep reminding himself that his wounds were proof of his loyalty and bravery to his clan, proof that he can handle himself in a battle and survive. Pursing his lips at the thought, subconsciously tilting his chin downwards to conceal the scarring even more. His tail flickering side to side in contempt as he slips further into the forest, enjoying the earthly scents of moss, rustic wood of birch trees, and days-past rain that still clung in the air. He had tried to keep himself occupied, not wanting to go back to where he always ended up, the twin oaks.


    But his body often won over his mind, muscle memory out weighing his protests of wanting to remain back at camp, as it was now routine to travel down this path. To meet up with Morning paw, to spend the evening with her, discussing whatever came into their minds, a routine that was burned into his body. Staring down at the worn out earth, moons of taking the same path was certainly showing with grass becoming bare, soil laying out before him, showing him the way he has taken many times before. Preparing himself for disappointment as he shrugs through the thick foliage, ignoring the few sharp branches poking harshly into his sides. Honey brown ears perking up at the faint mumbling and whimpers coming not far ahead of him. Heart picking up speed before rushing out of the bushes, pelt ruffled as his butterscotch brown eyes land on the distraught form before him.


    Eyes widening in surprise, “M-Morningpaw?” his voice cracking with heavy emotion before quickly rushing to her side. Not caring in the slightest when he crosses the invisible barrier between them, not caring that he was now technically in Thunderclan. Brows furrowing in confusion as his gaze sweeps over her smaller form for a moment, silence deafening between them as he takes in the sight of her. Lips twitching in a small smile at seeing her mother’s pink collar shining brightly on her neck, though his breath hitches in his throat at noticing her once long luscious tail was now no more than a small stump, reminding him of a bunny’s tail. Shaking his head as he suddenly presses his form into hers, stooping down to allow his cranium to nuzzle into the crook of her neck. Sighing heavily as he takes a deep breath, savoring in her calming scent that also oddly enough reminded him of herbs in a medicine den. She was real. She was really here with him. “What happened?! I was so worried about you! I thought maybe you didn’t want to be my friend anymore” he mumbles, his hurt voice being distorted by her yellow fur.


    “I waited for you…but you never showed up to any of our weekly meet ups…” he trails off as he slowly raises his head from her shoulder, taking a small step back to allow his piercing honeyed eyes to lock onto hers. “Why?” ears flicking back in slight hurt as he awaits for her to answer the worries that have been bugging him for a while.


    ‘It was probably your imagination,’ didn’t exactly answer Morningpaw’s unspoken question when she heard the rustle of paws again grass. ‘You’re missing Minkpaw,’ also didn’t answer Morningpaw’s question when said tom appeared across the border. It wasn’t until he’d rushed towards her (crossing the border, she noted) and uttered her name that she was able to believe he really was there with her. The golden tabby nearly cried with relief when Minkpaw pressed up against her, reaffirming his presence here with her.

    “I was so worried about you… didn’t want to be my friend anymore.” The medicine cat apprentice pulled back, surprise kindling in her eyes. Minkpaw’s next words caused her distress to flicker, replaced instead by shame.

    “I never wanted to stop being your friend, M-Minkpaw. I mean, we’ve been friends for what feels like, l-like ages, I would never leave you!” She said in a rush, her words falling together in a desperate mess. “It’s just, I-I don’t know… S-so much has changed.” Morningpaw hadn’t missed the brief shadow that’d passed her friend’s face when his eyes had landed on where her tail had been. It was a look similar to the ones her clanmates wore, and it only managed to upset her further. On Minkpaw, though, that expression brought feelings of overwhelming sadness.

    “I-I didn’t think you would want to be my friend.” She finally whispered, realizing how foolish the words sounded after they escaped. 

    The younger apprentice slipped past her friend (when had he grown so tall?!) and snatched up the flowers she’d brought him. They’d been slightly trampled on, but they looked as pretty as before.

    “An apology,” Morningpaw mumbled around the yellow petaled florets. 

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