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    SOL ROLEPLAYS THE FATHER, and Fadingrose roleplays the brother

    has been in two (2) roleplays here and here

    fawnpaw fawnkit

    december 05 ♦ 07 moons

    female ♦ she/her/hers

    tbd-sex ♦ tbd-rom

    ✧ ✴ ✧ ✴ ✧ ✴ ✧ ✴ ✧ ✴

    thunderclan apprentice – kit



    Fawn.png colored/designed by me

    art colored by me (Lineart by wytchwoods) and I’d appreciate it if you don’t claim or use the piece

    ♦ well built like her brother with thick, soft fur yellow-amber eyes that all three of the (Stag, Fawn, Birch) share varying shades of brown with pale cream stripes  

    + clever, adventurous, protective, honest, valiant +

    – restless, rebellious, tactless, impulsive, impatient 

    ✧ ✴ ✧ ✴ ✧ ✴ ✧ ✴ ✧ ✴

    offense | ○○○○○ ○○○○○ defense

    tracking | ○○○ ○○ hunting

    speed/agility | ○○○○ ○○○ endurance

    leadership | ○○○○ ●●● sociability

    intelligence | ●●●●○ ●●●● teamwork

    ✧ ✴ ✧ ✴ ✧ ✴ ✧ ✴ ✧ ✴

    parents palerose (NPC – deceased) ▹ bio mom  Stagpelt ▹ bio father 

    siblings birchkit ▹ littermate 

    mate/crush n/a

    kits n/a

    other relatives n/a

    ✧ ✴ ✧ ✴ ✧ ✴ ✧ ✴ ✧ ✴


    Birchkit and Fawnkit were the only survivors of their litter, their mother, Palerose dying soon after their birth. Since then their father, Stagpelt has raised them. Birchkit has always been the leader, level headed in situations where Fawnkit was a tad too excited, and smoothing out Fawnkit’s often harsh words which have gotten them into trouble time and time again. However, these kitties aren’t in perfect harmony, rather, Fawnkit and Birchkit constantly compete. A quiet walk in camp can just as easily become a full out relay race while the simple task of eating becomes a contest to see who can eat fastest. Fawnkit isn’t without her faults, she’s far too protective and quick to come to her brother’s defense. Birchkit himself also has faults, his being a tendency to boss Fawnkit around too much (it’s really quite annoying if Fawn’s being honest and she always is). Still, the two siblings, who look identical in build and eye color, have always had each other’s back and are often found within proximity of the other.

    ✧ ✴ ✧ ✴ ✧ ✴ ✧ ✴ ✧ ✴

    ▹ Fawn has an affinity for climbing, constantly clambering onto any tall cat/rock/stump/etc

    ▹ she was named for the small pale dots on her back

    ▹ she and Birch have argued about almost everything irrelevant

    ▹ she loves to “spar” (has no training as she’s only a kit)

    ▹ be warned, she’s affectionate and shows this by aggressively cuddling and/or tackling you

    #c4793b Trebuchet MS pt 10


    art by me so please no using/claiming-thank yeeee

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    sunleopard is storm’s best friend; stormfeather was roleplayed in The Battle

    history can be editted by the RPer

    stormpaw | STORMFEATHER | stormkit

    january 20 • 17 moons
    he/him/his • male

    thunderclan • warrior – apprentice – kit

    mentor (open) • apprentice (open)

    smells like moss and heavy like the moments after a heavy rain

    towers over most with broad shoulders and a well muscled body hidden underneath thick, tangled grey fur

    large leaf green eyes

    at first sight storm is the ideal warrior, large and strong but with enough brains to know when to hold his tongue and enough brawn to hold his own in a fight. however he’d really rather play and socialize, enjoying quiet, gentle company rather than battle- but he knows his duties and is proud to fulfill them. storm had a tendencies to try and mold himself into whatever others expect him to be, becoming stern and quiet when he’d prefer to be open and sweet. storm will speak out if he’s provoked or feels compelled to support someone who he’s given his loyalty to.

    + compassionate, brave, faithful +
    • stern, tolerant, levelheaded •
    – insecure, cautious, outspoken –

    offense | ●●●●● | ○●●●● | defense
    tracking | ●○○○○ | ●●●○○ | hunting
    speed/agility | ●○○○○ | ●●●●● | endurance
    stealth | ●●●○○ | ○●●●● | climbing
    leadership | ●●○○○ | ●●●○○ | sociability
    intelligence | ●●●○○ | ●●●●○ | teamwork

    heterosexual • monogamous • heteroromantic 
    <love interests available>
    <unavailabe for kits>

    npc parents

    npc littermates

    { born a week apart sunkit and stormkit became fast friends, the latter goofy and sweet and the former far more serious, but they managed to get along well. as they grew up stormkit felt the pressure to be tougher and stronger, beginning to hide behind a mask of seriousness and masking his “soft” traits with all the toughness expected of him. when they became apprentice sunpaw and stormpaw trained and worked together, both equally hardworking and eager to prove their worth. their greatest achievement was when they were given their names, sunleopard and stormfeather. }

    • loves flowers
    • enjoys early mornings and their smell
    • physical affections makes stormfeather feel awkward, but he loves it a lot
    • blood makes him nervous, especially other’s blood
    • absolutely loves to nap in sunlight, because he loves warmth despite his already thick coat
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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