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    {Fallenkit, Fallenpaw}


    ~Meaning of Name~

    Fallen: She was born near a fallen willow.

    Willow: For when she was born near a willow and also for her earthy scent.





    October 16th, 2016

    {33 moons}



    ~Voice of Reference~

    Galadriel from Lord of the Rings








    {Former: tbd}


    {Former: Ivorypaw ~deceased NPC~}

    {Current: Open}




    Moss and Ivy


    Sensitive Hearing

    Sensing vibrations around her

    Excellent hunter



    ⇑She has a very kind, warmth and gentle personality, and shows a great heart and sympathy and empathy towards those she believes deserves it. Knows not to judge any feline just by their looks or attitude as she has learned that many hide themselves away by a cold front. She has such a great physical beauty and charisma despite her physical flaw, it is hard to despise one with such a caring soul. Fallen is wise beyond her years that might have to do with experience, but she is always willing to sit down and lend a ear to those who just need to confine in or vent to. Though she rarely shows it, she does have a angry tempered side to her. To where if put in a mood will lash at anyone who dares to even look at her and you will certainly know when she is in a bad mood as it’s mostly written on her face. 

    Fallen has a motherly like quality to her, she would do anything for those she loved, even if it meant risking her life in the process as she has done before. This tends to make her ask recklessly and even selfishly when protecting those she cares deeply for. She is kind-hearted, forgiving, loving, and at times fearsome. ⇓



    ⇑Fallen is a petite medium furred she-cat. She is slender build yet has slim muscles along her small figure from hunting and training. She is a calico, so her pelt is ebony black with ivy white along her chest, under belly, two front paws, two spots on both cheeks, and splotches along back. Pumpkin orange decorating the middle of her forehead down the bridge of her nose, spot under her left eye, spot of orange on her chest, her two back hind paws, and splotches along her back. Her semi fluffy tail is littered in ivy, pumpkin orange, and ebony black splotches with a white tip tail. 

    Fallen only has one eye that is a cucumber green as she lost her right eye defending her former apprentice from a fox attack. It was one day during hunting training that Ivorypaw had been attacked by a fox and FallenWillow and stepped in to protect her. Sadly Ivorypaw suffered fatal wounds and did not survive, while Fallen was able to drive the fox off it wasn’t without any injuries. She suffered a deep gash on the right side of her face, causing her to loose her eye in the process. There remains a faint pink gash along her features, but her black fur covers most of it now. ⇓




    ⇑Mother: tbd

    Father: tbd⇓




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