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    {{ D E S E R T R O S E }}

    desert for her sandy, golden coloring and rose for her elegance; lovely outward appearance.


    name ↠ desertrose
    age ↠ two years
    birth season ↠ early spring
    sexuality ↠ demisexual
    gender ↠ female

    allegiance ↠ windclan
    position ↠ deputy
    mentor ↠ hareclaw
    apprentice(s) ↠ ​??? and ???

    looks ↠ a beautiful, slender spotted golden tabby she-cat with honey colored eyes; long limbed.
    personality ↠ (positive traits) reserved, thick-skinned, efficient, confident in her abilities, strong willed, charismatic, determined, strategic, rational, cunning, (negative traits) aloof, know-it-all, vain, melodramatic, obsessive, insecure, jealous.
    history ↠ desertrose was born to sandadder and dandelionstem, two windclanners of pureblood origin, along with two other kits by the name of bumblekit and dustkit. Her parents were not loving like most would be with their young ones. They were cold and unaffectionate, and held high expectations from an early age. Only the best could come from their family tree and they wouldn’t accept anything less. Desertkit began pushing herself to be something they would be proud of in a desperate attempt to earn her parents love. She was apprenticed to Hareclaw, and during her apprenticeship, she was more than successful and earned her warrior name quickly. This pleased her parents, and the praise she received from them made her want to do more. It not only appeased her parents, but she also received a lot of positive attention from her clan, as well. The feeling itself was addictive. From that day forth, Desertrose did everything she could to gain the love and respect of her clanmates and parents, soon proving herself to be a loyal and capable warrior of windclan and eventually earning the placement of deputy.

    mate ↠ none
    offspring ↠ none
    parents ↠ sandadder & dandelionstem
    siblings ↠ bumblekit and dustkit
    other relations

    link to website: my characters

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