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    name { Dawnstorm
    dawn – coat coloring
    storm – unpredictable, coat pattern

    gender { she-cat
    orientation { bisexual
    status { available

    age { 3 years
    birthdate { may 30th

    allegiance { Skyclan
    rank { deputy
    previous mentor { Firestar
    current apprentice { open!
    previous apprentice { npc/open!

    scent { morning glory & juniper

    appearance { long-haired with a sleek body, thicker tufts on chest, tail, and face.
    calico tabby pelt, blue with red and white splotches.

    personality { she prefers when things are running smoothly
    and likes to help others reach their potential, to better efficiency.
    always planning three steps ahead, it’s a wonder how
    she doesn’t get lost in her own head.

    character traits { gemini ; estj ; lawful evil
    proud + loyal + organized + responsible
    vain – vengeful – rigid – domineering

    likes { quiet, order, spending time with clan-mates, fish (but secretly)
    dislikes { chaos, disrespectful characters,

    skills { high charisma, performs well with others,
    will do whatever it takes to win, does not accept failure well

    parents { Ambersky (mother, deceased) and Creekwing (father, npc)
    siblings { Shellfeather (sister in Riverclan)
    relations { Rowanstep (maternal grandfather, npc) open to more family, dm for details

    mate { none
    interests { :eyes: dm me
    kits { none? open to discussion

    } history {

         Her origins may come as a surprise, as only the senior warriors may recall.
    Ambersky and Creekwing were apprentices when they met and fell in love, at a Gathering no less. From different clans, their love affair was kept a secret… until it came time to bear their kits.
    She told not a soul when she left in the night, too afraid of her father’s disapproval. Ambersky fled to Riverclan, pleading to join them and raise her kits with her mate. She was welcomed, although hesitantly, and delivered her kits the following day. The birth had been complicated, the queen losing her life shortly after. Creekwing grieved loudly over the loss of his love, refusing to leave his kits in the nursery.
    Meanwhile, Skyclan warriors were on the search for the missing queen, with Rowanstep at the lead. He didn’t want to believe it but, following the trail to Riverclan, the answers became clear. The older tom raged outside the riverbound camp, demanding to see his daughter. The news of her passing shattered his heart. Creekwing stepped out to apologize, to try and calm the tom, only to have Rowanstep lunge for him. He broke free with new scars, other Riverclan warriors stepping in to fend off the rage-filled warrior. Barred from the camp, he was not allowed to see the kits, until he returned with reinforcements days later. By then, he looked ragged and weak as if he hadn’t eaten or slept well since.
    Riverclan was ready to defend their camp and the kits but Creekwing approached, introducing the tom to his granddaughters. Rowanstep broke down and wept. He begged to take them home to Skyclan with him, to live with Ambersky’s family. Creekwing tried to refuse but eventually agreed to give Skyclan one of the two. The decision hurt, watching Rowanstep walk away with Dawnkit. He put all of his love into Shellkit and raised her in Riverclan, eventually telling her of her mother and sister.
    Dawnkit, however, didn’t know anything about her becoming. All she heard of her mother was her bright eyes and courage. With the help of Skyclan’s queens, Rowanstep raised her. He encouraged hard work and no play, fearful he was too passive with his daughter which led to her leaving. Dawnkit took on a mature outlook very early on, suppressing any childish antics. There were big things in store for her, Rowanstep reminded.
    She knew nothing of her sister. They collided at a Gathering, a brief moment of passing. Dawnpaw didn’t think twice, not noticing Shellpaw watching her walk away. After becoming a warrior, she was approached again, this time with Creekwing. He introduced himself as her father, earning a scoff. Before she could turn away, he announced Shellfeather to be her sister. The twins met eyes and suddenly, Dawnstorm realized there had been something missing from her life. They were so different but there was no denying the likeness.

    ..to be continued..

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