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Dark, Starless Nights – Daffodil/Golden [closed]

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    shadowclan warrior

    He had a plan. Daffodilpool almost always had some kind of plan, of course, but this one was going to be big enough that Goldensong wouldn’t think of any-cat else, he was sure. He couldn’t get the image of her chatting so freely with Juncoberry out of his head; jealousy gripped his heart, a deep bitterness settled in his belly for days now. He knew he’d have to do something extraordinary to keep her interest, if she was so willing to run off to their deputy the very minute he wasn’t devoting all his energy to her. He was desperate to keep her adoration; he wasn’t ready to give up the daily boost to his ego. And so he’d led her out into the territory, promising her that he would make the trip worth her time. It took everything in him to do something nice for her after what she’d done, but Daffodilpool needed her.

    As they padded along, the stream at their side, the speckled tom occasionally sent glances in Goldensong’s direction, gauging her interest in their conversation. “We haven’t been spending as much time together,” he acknowledged, “I’ve been so busy trying to keep up with duties, I haven’t had time for you.” Too harsh, he realized, swallowing hard and backtracking a bit. “What I mean is, uh… I haven’t been giving you the time you deserve,” he corrected himself, “I wanted to do something special for you; you have my full attention tonight.”


    Shadowclan Warrior

    The black and golden spotted molly had certainly been surprised when Daffodilpool had asked to take a stroll with her, as the two young warriors had been awfully busy as of late.Even Juncoberry had taken notice of the young molly’s hard work lately and had thanked her for offering to go on extra patrols. Everyone needed to stick together these days, and the young Shadowclan warrior would make sure that everyone was looked after from the youngest kit to the oldest elder. Goldensong had missed spending time with the spotted warrior, so she was overjoyed when she was following behind him and was excited to see what he had in store for her.

    The two had been in a small conversation, Goldensong had remained happy as they were speaking but noticed that something was off with her companion and she couldn’t tell what it was yet. It wasn’t until the tom noticed they hadn’t spent much time with each other lately as he hoped which caused her cheeks to heat up, so he noticed it too. Clearing her throat slightly, she merely nodded “I know, it’s been very busy in camp with Smokestar in the medicine cat de-” She was cut off when hearing his next words and the molly felt her facial expression fall for a moment that he didn’t have enough time for her.

    Well that hurt to hear that from him.

    “Oh.” Goldensong said softly, feeling a bit hurt. Did Daffodilpool spend time with her because he had to? Or perhaps he just felt bad that she didn’t have anyone else but him. But it seemed like he saw her expression and quickly backtracked on his words and corrected himself. Shallowing the lump in her throat, the molly smiled softly and nodded “I’ve been wanting to spend some time alone with you, I missed you.” Goldensong confessed shyly to him, as the tom meant so much to her. It wasn’t until she peered over him and was actually excited, she didn’t expect the tom to be the romantic type “What do you have planned for us? I can’t wait!”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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Forums ShadowClan ShadowClan Territory The Stream Dark, Starless Nights – Daffodil/Golden [closed]