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    claykit -> claypaw -> clay???

    clay for the soft white and grey of his fur


    Gender | Pronouns | Birthday | Sexuality

    male | he/him | september 26th | ???

    Clan | Rank | Mentor

    Windclan | Apprentice | Open


    Claypaw can have siblings or parents if anyone would like to create them.

    Claypaw was born alongside three siblings. Unfortunately, a badger was able to get into the nursery one night and attacked them. Although the queens were able to drive the badger away, two of Claypaw’s siblings died, leaving himself and the other kitten wounded. If anyone would like to play this other kit, they will be open for adoption. If not, the kitten will have succumbed to its injuries and died.



    Claypaw has a very tall, slim frame, with long legs. The majority of his fur is white with a slightly grey tinge. His tail is grey, and he has some grey splotches on his face and body. Despite his young age, he has some scarring on his chest that makes it difficult for fur to grow there, as a result of a badger attack during his kittenhood.


    Claypaw had a rather traumatic experience with a badger during the early stages of his life, which caused him to be a very cautious and scared kitten. However, as he got older, he became determined to overcome his fears. He became boisterous and would often land himself in all kinds of trouble by mistake. One of the most notable instances of this involved him trying to climb a tree to get to a bird nest, but as a young, inexperienced climber, this resulted in him falling and damaging his front right paw quite badly. This behaviour exasperated his mother, and he realised he needed to stop doing so many risky things.



    Claypaw is very eager to prove himself to his fellow clanmates, and he desperately desires to show everyone that he is a valuable warrior. He is a very ambitious, hardworking apprentice, and he has a keen interest in learning. Despite his determination to overcome his previously fearful nature, he still has a secret phobia of badgers after the trauma he experienced as a kitten.

    He is highly competitive and has a bit of a bad attitude, which can make him seem mean to others. This is not his intention, though he can make some hurtful quips. Claypaw values honesty to the highest degree and will always speak his mind, therefore he also expects honesty from others. This can make him somewhat naive, as he will generally accept that people are being truthful with him even if they are not. His outspokenness and attention to detail make him a very attentive young cat with strong perception abilities.

    Claypaw abides by three important values: kin, duty, honour. He has big dreams of becoming a renowned warrior, and he would do anything for his clan. As far as Claypaw is concerned, the warrior code is the most important thing to any cat.

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