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    Below is a guide to help you out with creating a new character


    – color, markings
    browns, greys, tabby, calico/tortie, patched, etc

    – eye color
    blue, green, amber/brown, etc

    – physical traits
    size, fur length, face shape, disabilities, etc


    – prefixes
    most parents name their kits based off of their physical appearance, as it is too soon to know what their personality will be like

    – suffixes
    most warriors names are chosen based off of their personality traits or specific circumstances that gained them their warriorship

    – tribe names are an exception to this, as they are typically chosen by the first thing their mother sees when the kit is born


    is your character nice? Mean? Strict? Rude?
    What are their motives in life? How did they grow up?

    let’s get creative!

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