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Chaos is a Ladder (Soft/Light/Hazel)

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    Windclan Apprentice 

    How many times was she going to be stuck with Lightpaw in Windclan Territory?

    The white and silver apprentice let out a small huff as the two siblings were making their way within Windclan territory, once again Softpaw caught Lightpaw sneaking out of camp and for once she decided to follow him. The two had been bickering back and forth the whole time and now it had gone quiet between them, ugh he’s so annoying. Why can’t her siblings be normal and not annoy her all the time? Such torture, she wondered if it was still too late to return Lightpaw so she could get another sibling.  Lightpaw and Softpaw were walking through the territory, having a similar look of annoyance on the faces. Both siblings were walking in a similar style as well, each paw matching up with each other. Letting out a snort, her blazing blue eyes turned to look at her brother “I swear, one of these days it’s going to be Hailgaze who finds you being a little escape artist.. I hope he gives you a good scolding.” Softpaw snapped at him, her tail slapping his side. The molly hoped that one day their eldest brother would give Lightpaw and Vulturepaw a proper scolding about disappearing all the time, as they seem to be the ones that got away with it all the time meanwhile Softpaw got scolded for everything.. Ugh, what an ugly old yeti.. Softpaw hoped that Hailgaze would go hairless one day.

    However, her light blue eyes narrowed when Softpaw noticed that they were in a familiar area once again. Great, they were back at the Thunderclan border.. The rat’s home, Hollypaw better not be around. She stopped suddenly when a strong scent of Thunderclan hit her nostrils and let out a soft snort as she watched a gray molly approaching them. Oh how ugly this poor thing looked, disgusting. Softpaw noticed that Lightpaw also noticed the Thunderclan apprentice, and stood there as well. Well, might as well make this encounter quick so she can finally go home and bother Startledcrow. Squinting her light blue eyes at Hazelpaw, her tail lashed from side to side “Can I help you?” The white and silver molly questioned with a cold expression on her face, and saw the expression changing on the Thunderclan Apprentice’s face. With her left paw, she lifted it up and started waving it towards Hazelpaw as if she was trying to shoo the other molly away “Shoo now, we don’t bother with your kind over here.. Ugly Chicken Leg, run along back to your mentor now.” She sneered, a smirk appearing on her face.


     H A Z E L P A W 

    She had gone through great pains to slip away from Gravelpelt’s company. After StarClan knows how long they had spent in the day “training” together, she had had enough of his babbling and rambling and the utter nonsense that came out of his mouth. How could a tom like that call himself a warrior with how he carried himself? She honestly didn’t know. Now her head hurt and she just wanted to go back to her nest and take a nap. But it seemed like that had to wait– the scent of WindClan hit her on the breeze and immediately, Hazelpaw headed towards it. She was on ThunderClan territory and there was no rightful reason why she should be smelling another Clan’s stench right now. 

    As she reached the border, the grey molly noted that she had reached the WindClan and ThunderClan border. An standing just in front of it, too close for comfort, appeared to be two WindClan apprentices. Before she even had the chance to say anything, one of them was spouting some whole kind of garbage out of her mouth. Now, normally, this kind of speaking in her direction would have sent the she-cat into a furious spiral. But she felt like she knew Softpaw’s type, as it was much like her own, and she knew that if she fanned the flames, it would be giving Softpaw what she wanted. She couldn’t have that.

    “In case your eyes have ceased functioning, you’ve reached the ThunderClan border,” she stated, narrowing her eyes at the apprentice. It didn’t seem like this had an effect on her though, as Softpaw was beginning to shoo her away with an immature gesture. Hazelpaw gritted her jaw. The nerve of this intruder. “Ah. It seems not only that your eyes don’t function, but your brain as well!” She retorted, unable to keep the charade going for much longer. Her slate blue eyes turned to Lightpaw. “Tell me, does all of WindClan lack proper training, or is it just this mongrel of a excuse for brains?”



    His sister was the master at ruining plans. Of course she’d had to butt into his business because she was too lame to have any of her own to attend to, and now, of course, he couldn’t see to his business because it was absolutely none of his. So while he entertained her with a boring back and forth commentary before she finally fell silent, allowing himself to fall silent, he led them to the ThunderClan border. Secretly he’d been hoping to bump into Hollypaw again, to partake in some flirting to get Softpaw to leave, before heading on to his actual business, but that wouldn’t be the case. They found another apprentice, alright, but not the one he’d been hoping for.

    Lightpaw would have been content to carry on his way, not feeling inclined to socialize with a ThunderClanner even if he was dying to get Softpaw off his tail, when his sister opened her big, stinking mouth. The silver tabby couldn’t keep his distaste off his features, annoyance sparking deep in his pale blue eyes.

    “It helps make her feel better when she’s mean to those she perceives as below her,” he sneered, done with this whole situation. She was always dragging him into her cat fights, situations he couldn’t walk away from until he’d proven himself the superior intellect and could rest assured his honor was protected. It would have been better protection for his honor to simply avoid conversations like this, but well, it was Softpaw. “And, since I’m above her, it leaves her with only one option.”

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