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Cavern In The Cliffs (Medicine Cat Meeting)

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    The silver tabby tom halted mid-lick and turned up to face his fellows, pelt prickling with embarrassment. Briefly his vision swam, the swallow of spiritual liquid clearly trying to pull him asunder but lacking in quantity to fully achieve sleep. As it cleared, he possessed her words with a small frown.


    “I agree the rule ought to change.” He said smally. Scuffling his small white paws. “O-otherwise apprentices are just waiting for their mentors to die o-or retire. A-a-and who knows how long they’d be waiting to start families? M-making them wait is akin to forbidding it entirely, in many c-cases.”


    His stammer returned as the number of gazes upon him increased in number. But he still managed to hold his footing firm and get his thoughts out there. He’d not been at this job for long enough for his opinion to carry much weight, but he could not help but speak up. He so rarely let it pass without giving his iput, even on matters that did truly concern him.


    “L-leaders can already have kits, i-if they aren’t willing to wait I don’t see why they should decide for Medicine Cats.” His seafoam green eyes met Saplingskies’s baby blue ones, something unspoken passing between the two toms.


    Saffrongaze opened to speak to him but was interrupted by a new discussing put into place. Her ears flicked slightly; was she hearing correctly..? Squinting her eyes, her thoughts pondered on this subject. As long as the female medicine cat is old enough, with help, then of course. Her ear flicked. Why did Wolfstar feel the need to speak on behalf of Medicine Cats to begin with?

    “Well. From a responsible standpoint, if said female medicine cat apprentice is old enough, I feel as though the full name shouldn’t matter. I think Clan cats are blinded by the -paw, that if they’re over 15 moons, they’re well over a year old. Well enough to have kits. And, if they have a great amount of herb knowledge. As for the full female medicine cat, if she has an apprentice with the herb knowledge for kit birth and to take over while their mentor is in recovery/nursing the kits, than yes. Kits should be allowed. If I were to have kits, I would want to nurse my kits until they’re ready to become apprentices. To watch them grow up close instead of afar, from another Queen’s belly. And given the much different gender rules than also, yes, I feel like the males can continue to their duties without that 3-4 moon break. Kits aren’t nursing from the males. But, granted, I think the Queen to the male medicine cat should be within the medicine cat den with him. However, with the medicine cat apprentices, no matter the gender, I don’t understand where they would find the time to become pregnant or to do said… Activity to impregnate since training is a fulltime job. I understand small breaks, but if the medicine cat apprentice is gone too long or leaving camp in the middle of the night, that would rise suspicion. Of course the mentor would cut in. Granted, we cannot control every step, every movement of our apprentices so I would not get mad if say, Speckledpaw become with kit at 12 moons. Before, I would be concerned. I would feel like I failed her, as strange as it sounds but I would help her in every shape and form I can.” She explained with a slightly lifted paw, placing her tail on her apprentice’s shoulder.

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Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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Forums Neutral Areas The Mooncave Cavern In The Cliffs (Medicine Cat Meeting)