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       B L U S H   
    of Setting Sun



    sun sign sagittarius ♥ december 15 ♥ taurus moon sign
    cis female ♥ female  she/her/hers
    panromantic ♥ pansexual



    Tribe of Rising Tides
    Sand Hunter To-Be
    mentor tbd



    Blush is a sandy brown she-cat with cream paws, chest, nose, ear tips, and tail tip. Her eyes are a vibrant dark green and her ears are small and delicate. Blush is unusually small, and is of delicate stature, but makes up for it in a lean grace that can be used for chasing after gulls.


    tracking 5/10
    hunting 2/10
    offense 0/10
    defense 0/10
    agility 6/10
    speed 8/10
    swimming 3/10
    climbing 2/10


    D U R U M   E S T   L E X
    the law is hard


    She would never say it herself, but Blush is a very insecure and uncertain molly who hesitates in all that she does. She may be sympathetic and patient, but that’s easily covered up by how sharp-tongued and blunt she can be. Like her mother, Blush of Setting Sun chastises others often and is a strict rule follower. She’s a cynic but also adreamer, and you can bet these two things clash within her often. Blush is protective and determined with a heart of gold and a will like iron. She is also sensitive and her own family’s issues have taken a toll on her, so Blush will often be too shut off too aggressive.



    Tree that Wakes in Spring is Blush’s biological father, her mother is Fall of Burning Leaves. Blush’s father had gone on for several moons before the birth of Blush’s oldest siblings, Song of Wind Through Rocks and Night of Restful Sleep. After this, Blush’s mother had another litter, these were her second oldest siblings, Lights from Northern Skies and Shadow of Flying Hawk. By the time Blush was born, all of her siblings were full Tribe members, no longer To-Be’s.
    Blush was named for the fact that her mother had seen the blush of a setting sun before giving birth to her. She was theonly one of her litter and was raised alone. It was clear from the beginning that Blush wasn’t like other kits, and not just because of her small size. She rarely talked, and when she did talk, Blush would talk with a stutter, still does. Blush also has random headaches that have yet to stop, but she doesn’t let that keep her from pursuing a life as a Sand Hunter.
    It was only recently (for Blush, at least) that Blush learned the Leech in Calm Water is her paternal older half-brother, and she continues to hate her father.


    (❤ = romantic love)   (● = family, 💙 = family love)   (● = friends 💛 = platonic love) (🧡 = crush/infatuation)  (🖤 = hates) (● = acquaintance)
    (● = uncertain)


    Tree  🖤
    Fall  💙
    Song  💙
    Night  💙
    Lights  💙
    Shadow  💙



    ▸ can be very sarcastic
    ▸ speaks with a stutter
    ▸ chronic headaches
    ▸ adores her sister, Lights, who is a role model for her
    ▸ Uncertain about Leech, he seems okay but… Then again, maybe he’s not?
    ▸ could use some friends
    ▸ MORE TBA
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