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Blight Upon The Stars (MC Meeting 1/10/21)

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    :: Saffrongaze ::

    Saffrongaze have one last nod before trotting into the Caverns to the Moonpool. She inhaled then exhaled happily, gazing around the lit caves before her. She prayed she could do this for generations ahead.
    She joined her comrades in taking part into traveling into the Astral Plains… but she wasn’t greeted by her cats of the past or Cloudjumper. She was greeted by pure abyssal darkness. Her folded ears twitched, she began to feel the weight of imbalance loam over her body like a predator watching from the high ground. Saffrongaze began to look around but nothing but the darkness draped over. A small whimper of fear escaped her lips until she finally saw some light. She gasped shakily but in relief. In hurried steps, she began to canter but a weight came over her paws. Knitting her eyebrow, she looked down to see her usual peachy-kisses fur stained with a sticky black substance. She let out a shuttered breathe of disbelief. What was this?? Panic began to pump her body and she reared back in attempt to get the ink off her but it only caused the sludge to splash into her eyes. “B-Brightspark, F-Firestar! I-I need help!” She let out a pain-filled yowl, forcing herself out of Starclan. She got to her paws, but the pain was still there! Her eyes teared, her breathing shakily. She couldn’t see… “H-Hareflight, Rainysky, Peachblossom.. a-are you there?”
    The scent of vomit and the aura of pure concern and fear lingered in the air. Saffrongaze didn’t move, she was too scared. Settling on her haunches as she suffered in darkness.
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    Speckledmoss couldn’t even begin to fathom was was happening around her, so many cats were falling into a state of disarray. When she had padded alongside her mentor to the Medicine Cat meeting, she had expected it to pan out like any other, aside from Saffrongaze announcing that Speckledmoss had received her full name. and then talk amongst themselves about herb stock and if any health issues were arising within the clans.

    Yet, none of that had played out, instead what Speckledmoss was greeted with was a pandemonium of petrified felines all around her. She was at such a loss that she was speechless, she couldn’t move, as she observed the other felines in distress. It was only when her mentor had fallen to the ground before her and began to thrash about like all the others, did she find herself able to move. Her paws moved on their own and she crouched down next to her mentor and mother figure, she lightly prodded her shoulder with her nose.

    “Saffrongaze? Saffrongze? Wake up! What you’re seeing is a dream, you’re alright.” Though she knew whatever was occurring was no ordinary dream, she knew that it actually couldn’t harm Saffrongaze, or so she believed it so, because she had never been harmed in her own visions. “I know it looks real, but I promise it’s merely a vision.”



    – W A S P – 

    Once the worst of it had passed, Wasppaw blinked his eyes open to meet the concerned gaze of his mentor. “I-I’m okay,” he managed out, immediately taking a glance over to the other healers present– between Cherrypaw and Saffrongaze’s hindered appearances, it seemed like he wasn’t the only one who had suffered additional effects from their vision tonight. StarClan has this much influence? He found himself wondering, his eyes narrowing in distress. “What about them?” The young tom inquired, concern for his fellow medicine cats bright in his expression. However, it appeared that Hareflight’s main focus was returning back to ShadowClan and tending to the odd bought of sickness had had suffered. Not like he could blame her. This was an unprecedented event as far as he knew– he had never heard stories from his mentor about things like this happening when visiting their ancestors before. What did this mean? What was going to happen? 

    The medicine apprentice’s thoughts were running a mile a minute, but before he knew it, Hareflight was helping to shuffle him along and out of the mooncave. Saffrongaze had Speckledmoth to help her and Cherrypaw had her mentor, Rainysky. They were in good paws, better than what he could have done for them. He mumbled his quick goodbyes and allowed his mentor to aid him home without a struggle. If anything, her support made him feel less tired. They would be home soon and then he could rest. 


    Morningpaw felt stuck. After slipping into a dream, she found herself in a sea of black, with darkness all around. She choked, and darkness crept to every crevice of her mind. The isolation- the silence- took the ground from under her. Hesitant paws pushed through tides of black, and she looked down to stare at the liquid. It was thick and slow, thicker than mud. A brief, horrifying moment passed when she worried it might be blood. 

    Not blood but something worse. The golden tabby tensed, dark blue eyes sweeping across the sea of rippling blackness. Nothing. Morningpaw stumbled. She felt nothing from her ancestors- no sense of feeling or soul anywhere. For the first time since she was a kit, Morningpaw felt alone. Completely isolated from the world, her spiritual air cut off. 

    The Thunderclan apprentice scrambled up, her throat sore from screaming. She didn’t remember doing that. Morningpaw stared at her paws, examined her pelt, and she was shocked by the lack of blackness on them. Her fur was clean if a little ruffled. With a sense of detachment, she heard Wasppaw’s hushed inquiry, and she tilted up her head to see Speckledmoss’s concerned face.

    Not the only one who- Morningpaw shuddered, the ice from the dream having traveled. It burrowed into her bones, and she could feel the numbness in her pads, unlike any frostbite she’d ever had. “I’m freezing,” Morningpaw mumbled aloud, unconsciously moving closer to Peachblossom. “I’m freezing,” she repeated, and she half expected to see puffs of warm air coming from her lips. It would appear the others were not as cold as she was, and she contemplated that.


    (certainly not my best post…)

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