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    maybe something new is what you’re needing
    like a new life, let your hair down, feel alive

    name { Appleheart
    apple – coat color
    heart – bravery

    gender { she-cat
    orientation { bisexual

    age { 14 moons
    birthdate { march.28

    allegiance { Skyclan
    rank { warrior
    previous mentor { Snowyowl
    apprentice { n/a

    scent { nutmeg & magnolia blossoms

    appearance { large, thanks to maine coon blood, a round buff girl.
    long-haired, ginger classic tabby with white chest and front toes.

    tufted ears, strong legs, and a long pluming tail. warm green eyes.

    personality { playful and warm, always with a bright smile. unless someone rubs her the wrong way, then watch out!
    a natural explorer who struggles to focus, full of ideas without a lot of will to act on them unprompted.
    she loves freedom to be herself and to go her own way. who knows where the path may take her?

    character traits { aries ; enfp ; chaotic neutral
    curious + free-spirited + idealistic + friendly + fiery
    distracted – rebellious – childish – emotional – hot tempered

    likes { feathers, tree-climbing, anything different or out of the ordinary
    dislikes { bossy characters, slow pace, rainy days

    skills { slow but strong, attacks from overhead to best advantage, works best in groups

    parents { Berryflight (mother) & Dawnstrike (father)
    siblings { open, dm me!

    mate { not yet
    interests { Foxtongue ♡
    kits { think again!

    } history {
    it takes a village to raise a child, a clan to rear a kit. and Applekit was no different.
    she did not have to go far to earn validation and encouragement.
    she was born to short time lovers and long time friends, Berryflight and Dawnstrike.
    though their romance was short lived, they took great strides to ensure their kits received lots of love.
    Applekit was blessed with many of her mother’s features, green eyes for instance.
    and from her father, she quickly adopted a headstrong and courageous nature.
    it wasn’t too long before she wandered out of the nursery – and out of the camp!
    Berryflight certainly had her hands full with this kit.
    her apprenticeship isn’t so different from how she always imagined it, but with lots more chores and responsibility.

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