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    w e a v e r
    loner kitten

    The soft hay that littered the floor poked and prodded the little golden she-kit until she awoke, green gaze blinking sleepily as she peaked up from the curvature of Wisteriastar’s belly. Although docile and groggy in appearance, after breakfast she’d turn into her normal rambunctious self; bouncing off the walls of the rickety barn and scattering hay everywhere, hiding mouse tails in the nest for her parents to find later, and dragging sticks and other odd sorts she found growing right outside their little home. If any kitten was a handful, it was Weaver.

    She leapt lightly out of the nest, tabby paws landing delicately on the firm ground below. Hay was comfortable, but once it got old and musty it became dry and brittle, causing a crabby bunch of kits and even more irritated parents than usual. She kneaded the ground, gaze shifting between her sleeping parents and her siblings, waiting for one of them to stir, though none of them did. As if on cue, her belly growled loudly, a signifier that she was indeed ready for her breakfast. Well, I’m not waiting! she thought with a huff, stalking to the other side of the barn and rifling through the barley and hay that sat untouched. 

    It wasn’t long until a mouse shot out, scared by the sudden movements of the 3-moon old kitten, squealing its head off. Weaver wiggled her hindquarters and leapt immediately, smacking the ground with a loud thud as she slipped on some of the straw the morsel had dragged out. “Oof!” she huffed, flattening onto the ground below. Anger sparked her gaze as her meal happily fled, thankful to be given another day of life. Of course, she wouldn’t have caught the little scoundrel anyway, but the opportunity that was missed greatly bothered the little kitten, and another huff flew from her lips.


    ⌈   οττερ   ⌋

    —be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle—

    The nest was warm, and the day was new and early with the sun tucked away somewhere, just barely peeking its head, and he was entirely too comfortable to move. Then, of course, someone had to wake up, jostling Wisteriastar, who then shifted and caused Hornetstar to move, and- long story short- Otter’s eyes snapped open. He was awake. With an irritated huff, the slim tom wriggled around, hoping to fall back asleep and knowing he wouldn’t. With one last mournful glance at Hornetstar’s side (which he’d been using as a pillow to escape the prickly hay), the lean kitten hopped down a few minutes after Weaver.

    While Weaver was the type to wake at the crack of dawn to start trouble, Otter preferred to wake with his parents. That is to say: late. He did not like being pushed to consciousness by someone else’s noisiness and movements. However, he was also welcome to adapting and easily brushed away his annoyance to allow curiosity to peek through. Otter, stepping back a few feet, observed his sister’s “sneaky” approach. Understandably, the mouse went running, and it probably could have escaped if Otter didn’t leap to his feet to chase it. The rodent let out a shrill, alarmed shriek and whipped around after seeing the threat ahead. 

    “Catch it!” The kit yelped, ocean blue eyes wide and lit with excitement. “C’mon, Weaver!” With a playful grin, the brother raced past her, darting after his quarry.

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    Loner Kitten

    The silver and beige kit was curled against her mother’s stomach, having a dream about finally catching one of these mice in the barn. In her dream, she was in a hunter’s crouch ready to jump at the little creature. Spring was about to leap forward until the little molly felt someone rudely pressing against her and her light green eyes were groggily opening as she saw that it was Weaver who woke her. Her sister looked like she found a mouse, as she was slowly making her way towards it in what looked like an attempt at a hunter’s crouch. Spring laid on her side, observing her sister to see if she would actually catch it.

    A small snort escaped her when Weaver couldn’t get the mouse, there went the breakfast.. How they would have to wait until their parents woke up to hunt for the little creatures of the barn. A small smile escaped her lips when Otter joined in on the fun and she pretended to have an unimpressed look on her face but it didn’t last long when she shook her head in amusement “Bee, Otter.. I’m not sure if that’s the correct way to hunt, if that’s the case we would be starving.” She said dramatically, the kitten got up and slowly moved away from the sleeping form of her parents and sister before shaking her fur and looked towards her siblings

    “Why don’t we work together to get the mouse? It’s better for us to work together as a team and we all win in the end.” Spring pointed out as she moved towards the hay bed that was nearby and leaped at it, climbing until she reached the top and sat on it. Watching her siblings from above but her main reason was to keep a look out on the mice, she could easily tell her siblings the location of the mouse so the gray creatures wouldn’t see the other two coming. Spring’s green eyes scanned the area real quick until it landed on a mouse that was a couple of feet away from her siblings, it just depended on if they would like the help or she was simply going to return to her parents and watch them from afar while slightly judging them.

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