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An Ancient Observer ((Snow+Mallow))

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    – M A L L O W L E A F –

    It was a moonless night. Silverpelt had not shown in several sunrises.

    Whispers of her name sang on the breeze and carried his paws through the now silent area.

    StarClan’s hunting grounds used to be the ideal place for spirits to rest– a place of beauty, blessed by the warm touch of the sun and graced with the presence of life. But for days now, the place he had come to rest was empty and dark. Many spirits he had known no longer lingered here, they had all vanished from his line of sight. He couldn’t feel them anywhere. The olden tom knew the reason for this and he was sure that his companions did as well. He trusted them to work for a solution and he knew that he had to do his part.

    His paws ventured down the path between their realms and whisked him away to the confines of RiverClan’s camp. A wistful smile lifted his face despite their grim circumstances. Things had changed a lot since he last stepped foot here, but change was a good thing– it meant a continuation of his home. The small tom made his way to the warrior’s den and looked around inside until he had found the warrior he had been searching for. He stepped towards her and stopped beside her nest.

    “Listen well, young one,” His baritone voice urged her as he stepped into her dreams, a chocolate-kissed frame manifesting his purpose and with it, the bright, scarlet hues of the sun. His golden eyes met hers from across their distance. “StarClan needs your help, I’m afraid I haven’t much time to tell.” After all, Mallowleaf was a spirit whom had not lived in their grounds for decades. He had been long forgotten to the current warriors of RiverClan, if not at least a nursery fable passed on among the elders. But that wasn’t going to discourage the ancient healer. After all, he wanted desperately to protect his Clan and he would give his life again if he could save those who lived today.

    “The Moonstone has been tainted,” he told her, “The ones with two legs have spilled their contamination on what we call sacred. They either do not know or do not care of what they have done, as they do not appear to have made the movements to correct their wrongs.” Mallowleaf paused for but a brief moment, reminding himself that his distaste for the two-legs’ actions was not the focus of his journey, nor did he have the time to linger.

    “You must search with those of the other Clans to find the plant that will consume the darkness left. I beg of you, young warrior. They will need your strength in order to find it.” The tom’s last words vanished with him– his time had run out.


    s n o w f e a t h e r
    riverclan warrior

    She’d retired to her nest early, limbs weary from the additional tasks that being a mentor added onto her daily duties. She hadn’t realized she’d need to keep up with patrols as well as train her apprentice, but her brother seemed determined to throw her on every hunting patrol before dusk, leaving the white and gray warrior exhausted after a long day in the sun. It didn’t help that tensions were high in the camp, and the Gathering had done nothing but stir up trouble and suspicions between every clan. Though she tried not to fret over the tension, she remembered the limp form of Cherrypaw being carried by Rainysky and the worried look on Darkstar’s face. Something seemed terribly wrong, and although she wasn’t certain what it was, she knew the black stuff that had been appearing in odd places had something to do with it.

    Although the news was dire and awful, she did her best to shrug it off as she settled in her nest for the night, blue gaze slowly flickering closed as her exhaustion took way. Every limb in her body was aching, and it was evident she needed to catch up on some beauty sleep. She accepted the black wave gratefully, looking forward to a peaceful, dreamless night. Yet it didn’t stay that way, and as soon as her body lulled itself into a deep sleep, a dream destined to ruin it. It was odd, her consciousness of everything around her yet seeing absolute nothingness. Am I dreaming? What’s happening? she thought, confusion making her strain to open her eyes, though nothing seemed to happen. Suddenly, the soft peak of reddish-gold tinted her view, and the image of sunrise was burned into her brain, though it appeared — fuzzy? Wait, was it fur? Again, more confusion radiated off her pelt, the white and gray warrior struggling to move toward the bleeding sky when the silence was broken.

    It happened at once, the sound of the whistling wind that continued to get louder and louder, filling her ears and burning her nose. “What’s happening?” she gasped, fear striking her heart as she struggled to make sense of the scene around her. Her ears strained, the sound of a gentle murmuring distant amidst the chaos. The wind buffeted her fur, threatening to knock her over and around until she was awake, though she managed to hold her ground somehow. “Wait! Help!” she called, terrified of being alone. She fixed her eyes on the blazing colors of autumn, finding strength and perseverance despite the howling breeze surrounding her. Prophecies fell on deaf ears, and the young warrior trembled as the tension built up, threatening to choke her and rob her of her life.

    “Hello?” she squeaked, head shooting out of the mossy nest below her as she awoke, maw parted in shock. She sat still, confusion glittering in her blue gaze before she began to slowly rise to her paws, unaware of how tensed her body had been just moments before. Snowfeather shook out her pelt, looking at her bushed-up tail and bristled hair with a quiet scoff. She didn’t dream, quite literally ever. So why now? She let out a deep breath, realizing the moon was sinking slightly. It would be dawn in an hour or so, and she would be due for some sleep. Though despite the comfort and warmth of her nest, something had pulled her away from it, and she wasn’t sure who or how. She turned, finding the snoozing form of Edgefrost, his large black and gray flank rising and falling in a rhythmic pattern. Of course, she’d been disturbed in her sleep so he should get the same luxury. She socked him in the shoulder with an intense smack, bending her muzzle low to face him. “Follow me, it’s important. Don’t wake a mouse,” she hissed as lightly as she could, disappearing into the clearing.

    Snowfeather hadn’t realized she was still trembling until she began trotting toward the entrance, praying to StarClan that her companion would follow her. For some reason, this felt like a secret she couldn’t just tell any cat. She slipped between the reeds of the entrance and circled around the willow, brushing her white fur against the trunk and trotting toward a small dip beside the stream that ran just outside of RiverClan’s home. She sat stiffly beside the quiet water, relishing the gentle sounds as she awaited her childhood friend.


    Riverclan Warrior

    The large Maine Coon was sleeping peacefully, his chest was rising and falling slowly as Edge was laying on his back in deep sleep. It had been a stressful last few days, with Harpypaw and the rest of the Swanlings starting their warrior training along with his conversation with his mother Swanpath. Edge had been dreaming, about running through the forest with his little sister Dahlia and the two twins were laughing and getting into trouble like when they were younger. Suddenly the black and gray tom felt a hard hit on his left shoulder and he jumped slightly when he awoke. His dark green eyes were blinking as he was adjusting to being woken up so rudely and he looked around to see who was the one that socked his shoulder until he saw it was Snowfeather and a low growl escaped his throat “Why the fuck are you waking me up at this time you psychopath?” He asked with a frown on his face, clearly very annoyed that he was woken up so rudely by the white and gray molly that was shifting closer to him and was starting to lean close to him, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Edge certainly didn’t expect her to be making a move on him at a time like this, couldn’t Snowfeather wait until the morning?

    Edge’s eyes narrowed slightly when the gray and white molly leaned closer to him, and he watched her for a moment before letting out a soft huff “You better have the best reason to be waking me up otherwise tell me what I did to offend you in your dreams in the morning.” He quietly said to her before watching her leave the den and the large Maine Coon arched an eyebrow. Wow, she really wanted to make a move on him. This was the most unexpected thing that has truly happened in the last few days, he wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or not since she was sometimes awkward when he flirted with her. Edge got up and shook his fur slightly before following after her, careful to not step on anyone before seeing her rushing out of the entrance. A frowned appeared on his lips, something was wrong with her.. Edge couldn’t tell what was wrong expect that she had possibly a very terrible nightmare.

    The tom released a sigh before quietly leaving camp. Edge was suppose to go on a dawn patrol with Stormhowl in the morning with their apprentices but it seemed like he will be in a more crankier mood as he was going to have to stay up since he didn’t want Snowfeather to be up by herself. The crescent moon was leaving a slight glow in the forest and he heard the river in the distance. It wasn’t hard to find her, he was too familiar with Snowfeather’s scent by now. Edge stopped for a moment when he spotted her shaking slightly and it looked like her breathing was short, like almost she was crying. The black and gray tom made his way towards her with a soft sigh.

    Sitting next to her, Edge watched the water flowing through the water. Letting it be silent for a moment, clearly there was a lot in Snowfeather’s mind right now. Looking over at the white and gray beauty next to him, he frowned “Are you okay? What happened?” He questioned her and the tom scooted slightly closer to her, not really sure if she wanted him to comfort her right now. Edge wasn’t quite sure what happened that spooked her that badly to look very shaken, either she had a nightmare about the fox attack or it was something much worse.

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