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    Truth be told, the ThunderClan deputy was happy the WindClan leader didn’t want them to attend. If anything it removed the eyes on them, but the notion was still idiotic. She steeled her gaze, looking directly at Wolfstar, “If you bring back up you won’t be leaving without a life lost Wolfstar,” Kass promised unkindly, barring her teeth. “If you think Wisteriastar wouldn’t see that as a threat then you are wrong. It’s best if you get her to meet you at the border, just you and your medicine cat.” she suggested. “All you have to do is wait for a patrol, RiverClan at least had the decency to do that when we had the battle in our camp.”

    Her fur bristled at Wolfstar’s easy admission in his want of a war. “You’re acting out of fear,” she hissed. “If you’re so scared of ShadowClan and RiverClan why try at all? You’re wrong Wolfstar. ThunderClan and WindClan are at the bottom of the pyramid, I’ve seen how my clan fights and I can’t imagine yours is any different. We’re weak. You’re weak. RiverClan holds muscle where we don’t because we don’t swim, ShadowClan no doubt has a battle plan at the ready. Going to war, risking your clan with the obvious factor that you are going to lose. I can see it, and so can they. When was the last time your clan was in an actual battle? When lives were lost?” She rolled her eyes, glancing at her mate with a hard gaze and fearing the reaction reflected. “The only possible way this would work is if you let me train your warriors,” she sighed, “ThunderClan has the tactical advantage of my access to my own battle moves, I’m not sure WindClan provides more than a couple of fast cats.”

    The Deputy of Windclan

    Desertrose drew herself up indignantly, offended at Bluefire’s impudence. “No one is acting out of fear,” she sharply corrected her, and though she was irritated, her voice remained calm and serious. It didn’t come as a surprise that the ex rogue was be prone to such indiscretion, but certainly she’d have more respect than this when talking to the clan she was hopelessly and irrefutably  in alliance with. “Do you really think we’d carelessly mention the idea of war unless it were necessary? Windclan has worked tirelessly to maintain peace within the clans, and while there comes a time when enough is enough, we wouldn’t shatter that peace without first weighing all of our options.” Of all the clans, Windclan was the most levelheaded of the five. War was not something they would come to lightly. That much should have been obvious. “Speak for yourself,” the deputy snorted in response to Kass’s bold assumption about them being weak, disregarding her faulty claims with a lash of her tail. It was truly an effort not to lose her temper. “There is a lot of preparation that would be needed altogether before any plans are to be made,” she explained calmly to divert the subject and bring more focus on the issue before them— but honestly, just how low did the Thunderclan deputy think of clan cats? When she turned back to Wolfstar, her fiery gaze had softened to a gentle flame before speaking solely to him. “While it is your call in the end, I do agree that you should perhaps meet Wisteriastar at the border, but if you choose otherwise, I will trust in your judgement.”

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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