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A True Warrior, Up Until The End. [ThunderClan Patrol to WindClan]

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    The sun was high overhead by the time the small patrol of ThunderClan warriors had successfully made it into WindClan territory with Wolfstar. The wind from the moors circled around them and danced between their paws as they went, but the constant sunshine overhead kept any of them from truly being cold. The ThunderClan deputy and interim leader of the clan tossed a look behind her at the group she’d selected, each chosen for their specific traits. Peachblossom was a given, she didn’t trust herself to always make the right calls when it came to being peaceful and nice to others. While she had never completely disliked Desertrose, she wanted to make sure this would go as smoothly as possible. She’d chosen Seawatcher for her soft spoken nature, Kass was sure that she wouldn’t stir the pot inside enemy territory. Tanglepath was a good choice too as she wasn’t a fighter by nature and would represent their want of peace well. Sunnyheart had recently risen in the ranks as one of Kass’ most trusted warriors with the way she handled herself on patrols, loyal to the bone. And Hawkbite? Well… Kass never said she wouldn’t pick favorites, but if something were to arise in the clan’s camp she’d be thankful to have him there with her. 

    Her body was still battered and sore, herbs stuck to the red and itchy wounds along her neck and stomach. Every once in a while the healer would make them stop so she could check the calico’s wounds and give her a break from walking before she fell flat on her face due to exhaustion. I can sleep when I get home, the deputy had told Peachblossom while they argued before they’d left. This patrol was way too important for her not to be there in person to represent the clan, not to mention she still had to convene with the stars. They hadn’t given her a time limit but the molly wasn’t going to take chances if she didn’t have to.

    They’d been walking for no less than a half-hour before Kass was ready to admit she had no idea where they were going. Where could a clan possibly make a camp in a place like this? She’d shifted a lot of her weight onto Sunnyheart who she’d told to walk beside her and glanced back at Hawkbite, Seawatcher, and Tanglepath each helping to carry the body covered by large leaves and whatever herbs they could spare. How much longer could they keep going for, or would they be walking these moors for all of eternity?

    And then, in the distance, what was once a small speck of activity was slowly beginning to turn into a clan camp. Finally! Kass let out a sigh in relief as they approached the camp, waiting until they were closer to give her orders. She slowed her gait to a stop and turned to face the group. “Well, this is it. I want Hawkbite and Seawatcher to take the body somewhere down-wind where they won’t smell him before we get to say our piece, you can put him down then. Please make sure that you don’t put him down next to an anthill or anything.. I don’t think I could handle that headache. If you think it is safe after that- and if their guards are okay with it, join us once you’ve put him down. The rest of you are with me, I want you all on your best behavior alright?” She waited for confirmation before breaking off from the group with those she’d instructed to follow. 

    Getting into the camp wasn’t very hard as it was pretty open to the world around them, the cats trekking down the trail that lead to the entrance. “I need to speak with Desertrose,” Kass told the guards of the clan, using her more professional “Bluefire” voice. 


    ThunderClan | Warrior | She/Her

    The cream she-cat didn’t object once as the ThunderClan patrol crossed into WindClan territory. She stayed silent the entire time, her face always looking focused. The molly would sit down as they took their breaks every now and then to allow Kass to rest. She felt sympathetic for the battered deputy, Wolfstar may have died, but it was his own fault that he had died in such a way, Wolfstar had brought his death onto himself.


    She could feel the cold winds brushing her paws, but the blazing sun made her feel overheated. The additional task of pretty much carrying Kass also tore a lot out of her energy, but she didn’t complain, since she could be carrying the body of the dead WindClan leader instead. She could see a speck in the distance, movement, meaning the bustling activity of a camp during the day. Kass must have realized this as well, because the molly had let out a sigh of relief, giving Sunnyheart some relief of her own that after a long walk they were finally reaching their destination.


    Sunnyheart listened carefully as Kass made her orders. Hawkbite and  Seawatcher were going to move down-wind with Wolfstar, and the rest of the patrol was to follow Kass. She let out a small sigh, she would be in the WindClan camp to protect her clanmates if anything went wrong. It’s not that she didn’t trust her clanmates, she just felt obligated to be there. The molly felt relieved as Kass stopped leaning on her, heading forward despite all of her injuries. That was something admirable. Though it may not have been smart due to the state that Kass was in, she could admire that the calico she was determined to move towards the camp on her own and look professional. The cream she-cat fell back a little bit now, allowing Kass some room to be ahead since she was the deputy, but she didn’t move back too much, just in case the deputy would fall, or get attacked by any WindClan cats that might begin to grieve when they hear the news of Wolfstar.

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         Seawatcher padded alongside the other cats chosen for the ThunderClan patrol in silence. Now and then, her tail tip twitched back and forth with anxiety as she considered the variables at hand. Wolfstar’s lifeless body drooped between herself and Hawkbite, and the weight of him in addition to the sun overhead sent prickles of heat across her fur. She did her best to ignore this, but even through the overwhelming WindClan scent, Seawatcher could still smell the potent herb poultices drifting from of Kass’ pelt. She didn’t like the idea of the exhausted and wounded ThunderClan deputy entering an enemy camp, no matter how many other felines surrounded her. Especially not with Hollystar gone, or before Kass had spoken with the ancestors.

         The wind, on the more optimistic edge of things, buffeted her gently. It was soothing at worst and lulling at best. Seawatcher knew that the patrol’s mission held great potential to turn into a nasty confrontation, but she had resigned herself to that fact already. The ThunderClan cats were predecided to introduce themselves peaceably, regardless. But that wouldn’t stop her from defending her Clanmates if WindClan made a move. Intermittent stops slowed their journey across the territories, but she was thankful for the occasional rest.

         After a while of pressing onward, a cluster of busied cats finally came into their view. Kass soon directed each of the ThunderClan cats as to what their approaches would be, and Seawatcher mumbled her understanding from around a mouthful of WindClan fur. She turned and headed downwind, carefully balancing Wolfstar with Hawkbite, until they came to a minute dip in the moor. She helped him heft the body into the slight cleft, where he would be as protected from the open air as was possible.

         Seawatcher was itching to get back to her other Clanmates, so she hastily backtracked to rejoin the rest of the patrol, periodically checking over her shoulder to ensure Hawkbite wasn’t left alone. Upon entry of the camp, she hung back to let Kass address the WindClan guards. Seawatcher’s heart hung suspended in her throat as she awaited their reaction to the ThunderClan deputy. She studied their expressions with a blank face, her gray-blue eyes silently anticipating the rush of confusion and suspicion, and swiveled her ears forward to listen intently.


    I still think this is a bad idea. The short molly encourged the calico deputy to send a patrol with SNarlingbadger leading instead as the ex rouge needed rest. Kass was in no shape to be making this journey, but she was thick headed as usual. Peachblossom was glas Kass at least decided to bring her along, Not that Peachblossom would have given her much of a choice, she was going with her. Peachblossom wanted to be by Kass’ side throughout it all. Plus if Windclan tried annything he culd heal Kass quicker.

    Aside from Kass and Hawkbite the rest of the patrol held little interest to her, but she was extremely grateful to have such loyal warriors escorting them to Windclan, they could handle themselves long enough to escape if things went south. Sunnyheart had began to rise in ranks within the warriors of Thunderclan, catching Kass’ eye enough so that even Peachblossom had begone to take notice. Seawatcher could help keep things peaceful, her voice being soft spoken enough to hold no threatening tone, Tanglepath too. The three warriors were all excellent choices to balance out the stubborn, thick skinned, sharp tongues of Kass and Peachblossom. Hawkbite…well he was always a given, aside from Snarlingbadger there wasnt another warrior Peachblossom trusted more than Hawkbite.

    Her face was emotionless as they journeyed, her expression only shifting when she glanced towards the dilute deputy. Her expression softening was her way of silently making her concerns known to Kass. Peachblossoms short frame stuck close to the molly, she wasnt a fan of having to behave but for the time being she could at least try and play nice.


    ♡ Tanglepath of Thunderclan ♡

    Having slept through the clan meeting the night before due to her training session with Duskpaw, Tanglepath had found herself quite surprised to find out the news from her clanmates in the morning about the death of Wolfstar and the inuries inflicted upon their deputy. It wasn’t that surprising to the white/brown warrior that Wolfstar had attacked Kass. There was opposition from him and from others as well since Kass was made deputy within Thunderclan. That was very clear. But no matter what Wolfstar or anyone else thought, it was wrong of him to attack their deputy. Still, Tanglepath was happy to help bring back Wolfstar’s body to his clan despite the sadness of it all. It was always hard for a clan to lose a beloved clan member. Especially ones who were well respected among their peers.

    Slowly keeping the pace with Seawatcher and Hawkbite, Tanglepath took the weight of his body partially on her shoulder along with securing him a bit as they walked by holding onto his pelt with her teeth. The distance alone was not as quick as she had expected. Not when they had to carry Wolfstar’s body. And this slowly overtime caused the Windclan leaders body to feel heavier then it really was as they trudged on.

    Once entering the expansive Moores of Windclan territory, Tanglepath’s white fur stood on end a bit as the smell of Windclan scent hit her nostrils. The realization of knowing she was in another clans territory was a bit unsettling to the young she-cat. Even if it was for the right reasons. As Kass stopped not far from the Windclan camp tiredly, so did Tanglepath and the rest of her clanmates.

    Nodding to their deputies command, she left the care of  Wolfstar’s body to Hawkbite and Seawatcher before making her way over next to Kass. Tanglepath turned her bright blue gaze back briefly to watch them take his body aside before turning back to look out ahead of where the camp stood. She silently expected the worst, but hoped for the best. And that Starclan would continue to look after them like they always had. Tanglepath just hoped that all of this didn’t end up in bloodshed between Thunderclan and Windclan in the future. Patiently, she waited for Kass’s signal to move forward…

    The Deputy of Windclan

             Desertrose paced in circles, tired eyes set on the horizon. The deputy had not moved from her post since Wolfstar had gone, and by now her paws made a gentle pitter patter noise on the grass she’d flattened beneath them. Before Wolfstar had left, he’d asked her to prepare Windclan for their journey to the mountains. At his insistence, she’d reluctantly agreed to do so and leave in the morning once he’d returned. However, he had not returned, and this only made her all the more anxious. Had something gone wrong? Why was he late?

             Upon seeing movement, the golden deputy froze in place. The form she’d expected to see was Wolfstar’s familiar grey pelt snaking his way through the grass, but instead she only saw Kass and a small patrol of Thunderclan cats in the distance. At first her pelt bristled uncomfortably, but upon further inspection, she spotted their medicine cat with them. If Peachblossom was there then this was clearly not an ambush— but why else would Kass be here without Hollystar or Wolfstar? Desertrose’s unease was growing rapidly by the minute.

             “Quiethawk, Tinyflame, Hailgaze— I need you to follow me,” she called for her most trusted warriors over her shoulder, not bothering to wait for them before leaping down herself. She was on her feet and across the clearing within a matter of seconds, desperate for answers. Just as the Thunderclan deputy asked for her, Desertrose appeared before the small patrol as if she’d simply materialized out of thin air, shouldering past her guards with haste.

             “Bluefire,” her voice was firm and just on the edge of irritation as she addressed the Thunderclan deputy. “Why are you here?” she asked, making no effort to hide her contempt. As much as she didn’t like the former rogue, she’d at least give her a chance to explain. Maybe she knew where Wolfstar was.


    Hailgaze ~ WindClan Warrior

    Where was he? Anxiety clawed at the warriors chest as his chin was pointed backwards as his scorching yellow gaze was glaring at the sky. The beautiful pinks and oranges that filled the sky also filled the tomcat with dread, his father should’ve been back way before the sun even made its appearance. Pressing his lips together, he tried not to show the younger warriors how uncomfortable this made him, but his eyes flickered towards Desertrose as she called upon him. Grunting, the tall and muscular tomcat stood up from where he had been sitting, shaking out his dark grey and white pelt. The fur ruffled but the morning dew that had been clinging to his pelt had splattered against the ground and he released a soft shuttering breath, his breath misting before his eyes as he stepped forth. Desertrose was a deputy worthy of WindClan, she was calculated and brave, and right now his father needed that as each passing day he seemed to be losing his wits. Nostrils flared slightly as the tomcat reached Desertrose’s side, towering over her but he gave a dip of his head in respect. She was just as anxious as they all were, even moving ahead of them as his eyes flickered towards Tinyflame and Quiethawk, the nervous energy was expanding throughout the ranks. They had to remain calm.

    Paper thin ears lifted as he heard a familiar voice, yellow eyes landing upon Bluefire – Kass, in confusion as his long legs carried him forth to where he was standing just behind Desertrose. It was obvious he was a son of Wolfstar, if it weren’t for his yellow eyes he would’ve been a close copy of the massive grey and white leader. Pupils narrowed in suspicion but he said nothing, it wasn’t his place as his eyes roamed over the medicine cat that was standing close to Bluefire’s hip. Everyone was aware of the peace between WindClan and ThunderClan but it still felt odd to see the ThunderClan deputy marching right into their camp. Chin tilting faintly as his facial expression stayed neutral and his eyes unreadable but he would be lying if he said he wasn’t curious. Running his tongue over his teeth, whiskers twitching against his cheeks as his eyes slowly roamed over the fellow warriors that followed their ThunderClan deputy. Something was going on and he felt uneasy as his yellow eyes then moved towards Desertrose as she questioned Bluefire.


    – T I N Y F L A M E –

    It was later in the day and Tinyflame was resting after a long, busy day. Desertrose had been pacing anxiously throughout the clearing for a while now, and the tiny ginger warrior couldn’t blame her. Almost the entire day had passed and Wolfstar had not yet returned to camp from his solitary patrol. She didn’t know the details of why he had left camp on his own without a word to the Clan, and she was beginning to wonder of his state of mind lately. The noble leader she had known throughout the entirety of her life didn’t appear to be the same tom anymore. Her blue eyes flicked over to Hailgaze, who sat patiently a few tail-lengths away from her. Surely, he was waiting for his father to return as well. Her heart ached for him. She sincerely hoped that he did not have to feel the loss of a loved one. 

    A tang hit her senses, one that was sour and bitter and made her want to scrunch up her nose– the source of the scent soon appeared, as Bluefire stepped into WindClan camp. Tinyflame was immediately on her paws, jumping to join Desertrose at her side as the deputy called for her to approach. As she neared, the tiny she-cat caught sight of swollen wounds that scathed the diluted calico and the herbs that stuck over them to prevent them from worsening. 

    What happened to her? She thought, narrowing her eyes at the sight of the ThunderClan cats that entered their camp. They seemed exhausted and stressed and their appearance only created a further sense of anxiety among the WindClan cats, who had been waiting hours for their leader to return to them. Something about this patrol seemed off and it made her feel a bit restless. But the calm demeanor of Quiethawk and Hailgaze beside her helped ease her anxiousness. Desertrose had chosen well in picking sensible warriors with clear heads to greet the ThunderClanners. 

    It was not her place to speak or ask questions, so Tinyflame kept her mouth shut and listened as their deputy did the talking– or demanding, rather. It was no secret that the ThunderClan deputy was not popular among WindClan, despite their good terms as Clans. She wondered where this fact would lead them now.


    Quiethawk’s body was tense, vivid yellow eyes burning holes into the ground. To say he was upset would’ve been an understatement. He was livid. First, his- his friend was cruelly snatched away, and now Wolfstar was acting strange. Quiethawk had always prided himself on his devotion to his clan and his leader, but he found himself feeling more doubt towards the current patriarch than he would have liked. It felt like a betrayal not to trust Wolfstar wholeheartedly. But-

    The tabby looked up when Desertrose called for him. Command looked good on her.

    -right, that other thing. Quiethawk felt the broken shards of faith where they once were full. But he had noticed that, in their place, newfound respect and trust had formed towards Desertrose. A molly he’d once been hellbent on hating. 

    The brown-grey tabby sneered, though his gaze grew curious when it took in the Thunderclanners’ appearances. ‘These aren’t fighters,’ Quiethawk frowned, meeting Hailgaze’s eyes. ‘Something isn’t right.’


    The immediate look of distrust from Desertrose probably would have offended the ThunderClan deputy had this been another set of circumstances but then again, she hadn’t even said anything to the future leader yet and already her assumptions were probably half true. “Ah, Desertrose! As to the point as ever I see.” She greeted with her best warm tone and wide eyes, warily eyeing the group of warriors that followed the golden she-cat to the entrance of their clan, all already on edge and becoming more and more antsy. The calico took a step closer towards the WindClan deputy, maintaining eye-contact with her warriors as if issuing a challenge, and lowered her muzzle to her ear. 

    “I think we both know that this meeting doesn’t need to escalate, so if you call off your attack dogs I’ll call off my mine.” She whispered into the she-cat’s ear, eyes moving from hers to the figures of Hawkbite and Seawatcher approaching. She nodded to them in approval, clearing her throat. “This is a peaceful visit,” she told the cats surrounding them, “I don’t want to see any of my clan members acting irrationally as these cats are our friends, is that understood?” She waited for their timely responses before pulling out of Desertrose’s space and stepping back. “Care to join me? I think we better take a walk.” 

    She waited no longer for the deputy to accept and rather just started to walk, catching Peachblossom’s eye in the process and hoping for some sort of comfort. The world without Hollystar by her side was a lonely one, and right now she could use any comfort she could find. She was silent for a couple of seconds, making sure there was a definitive gap between the two and the rest of the patrol before she began to speak in a hushed tone. “There’s not a whole lot I can do to prepare you for what is about to happen,” she mewed quietly, suddenly more nervous than she had been before. “Earlier last night I was meeting with a friend of mine from the city named Skylar- I’m sure you’ve heard about her since she lives in your clan now, but.. sometimes we meet on the mountain to talk about the good old days. Little did I know, the meeting was no more than a mere ploy to get me to leave the clans as I was ambushed by my brother Sebastian and.. and..” she trailed off, meeting Desertrose’s eyes. 

    “Wolfstar was there.” She finally confirmed, chest tightening as it was suddenly hard to breathe. “He was angry, he- he was talking about crazy plans and how he felt like I was the one standing in his way. My brother poisoned me, it’s something he’s always just been able to create.. and I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed. These wounds on my body were inflicted by Wolfstar when there was no way I could fight back. He almost killed me.. until it started to rain and I could regain my strength..”

    The group of warriors made a wide turn and there in the distance you could see the body of the elder Leader. There was no question what had happened, “Desertrose.. I’m so sorry.” The ThunderClan deputy bowed her head. 


    Hawkbite strode steadily through the tall bleached grasses, he moved slowly as not to risk dropping his load. The Leader of WindClan had been a substantial tom, and so it took the combined efforts of himself and Seawatcher to ferry him back to his homeland. Thoughts were still buzzing like bees in Hawkbite’s head. He’d known Wolfstar was slipping, any day-old kit could see it, but attempted murder? Somehow walking into WindClan camp with this news and his body smacked of being a bad idea. But the young ThunderClan Warrior couldn’t imagine how else it would be properly dealt with.


    He wished more than anything he could have a word with Kass alone. Things had been complicated between them of late, but she’d nearly been killed and her mate was now gone. It was hard to hold a grudge against someone who had to be suffering so much. And that glance during the meeting, had it meant something? Or was he just fishing for approval he was not likely to get?


    He felt a glob of moisture roll down his shoulder and shivered. But the skies were clear, and the dampness was somewhat…lukewarm.


    “Oh gross, his tongue is hanging out.” He growled, shifting his side of the corpse. He’d seen dead bodies before, but he usually kept his distance. I’m glad the kits aren’t on this patrol, I don’t want them to see the same things I did when I was their age.


    They laid the old Leader down under a hawthorn bush, no anthills in sight. Taking care to arrange his paws so that he could be sleeping. After some deliberation Hawkbite had agreed to stuff his lolling tongue back in his mouth, so that he seemed more dignified. He had no love for Wolfstar himself, but if it were his body laying there he’d want someone to push his tongue back in.


    When they rejoined the others, Kass was mid-explanation. Hawkbite studied those gathered with guarded amber eyes. The atmosphere was tense, but it was difficult to distinguish it from that of a pre-war outbreak. In another life he might have itched for a fight, but now the young tom only felt leery and thought of his children and how today’s events would affect them instead of himself.


    Is this what Kass meant? Does my love for them really make me weaker?


    Seawatcher of ThunderClan

        The WindClan cats congregated fluidly before the ThunderClan patrol, and Seawatcher carefully appraised the wariness in their eyes. They knew not what was coming, and if this event had happened the other way around, ThunderClan would have been distraught. Her thoughts drifted anxiously back to Wolfstar, who rested lifelessly beneath the bush beyond the camp, and shivered. She just wanted the formalities to end so that Wolfstar’s loved ones could claim his body and properly mourn his passing, and so that ThunderClan could finally get their deputy out of jeopardy. One of Seawatcher’s ears flicked with anticipation.

         As Kass approached Desertrose, the WindClan deputy, she waited patiently with the rest of the ThunderClan cats. Seawatcher was careful not to display any unintentional signs of hostility, even through the minor discomfort of inhabiting rival territory. Although she was still painfully aware of the state of her deputy, anyone could admit that her wounds were ample enough evidence of the previous night’s events. Not to mention the difference everyone had seen in Wolfstar recently.

         Kass addressed them all, and then she and the WindClan deputy moved away. Seawatcher assumed that the moment for explanation had arrived. She quickly glanced around at the other ThunderClan cats, accounting for each of them, and was relieved to see all of them closeby. She wanted to know exactly where her Clanmates were, just in case anything went wrong. Then her gaze rested on the WindClan cats surrounding them, and a fresh sting of sorrow struck her directly in the chest. This was one of those defining moments that would forever change their lives. A moment later, Kass bowed her head and Seawatcher could no longer hear the sound of her voice. It seemed as though Kass had finished her exchange of information, so Seawatcher deliberately moved aside so that her body would not obstruct the view of the former WindClan leader. 

    The Deputy of Windclan

             Though it took her much longer to notice than it normally would have, Desertrose was shocked by the Thunderclan deputy’s appearance. From the looks of it, the dilute tortoiseshell had recently been through one hell of a fight, and whoever dealt those blows definitely didn’t hold back. They were both deep and painful looking, almost as if the cat that fought her intended to kill her. Even at such close proximity, with Kass right in her ear, she didn’t feel at all threatened. It was clear that Bluefire was in no shape to fight. With a nod of understanding, she signaled with her tail that everything was fine, and that her warriors could relax.

             Desertrose’s ears pricked when Bluefire invited her on a walk. Whatever news she had, it wasn’t good. As the Thunderclan deputy began, her words hung in the air like a dark and ominous cloud, as did everything she was implying. Desertrose held her breath, her heart quickening as the walk neared its end. She silently began preparing for the worst, shutting her eyes tight, yet nothing could have possibly prepared her for what she was about to see. Following the direction of Bluefire’s gaze, her heart sank to the floor.

             “Oh, Wolfstar,” her voice trembled as she fought back the growing lump in her throat; a new kind of pain entering her heart. Something warm and wet rolled down her cheek. It was joined by another, then a third— dripping from her chin onto the dry, brittle grass. Were these.. tears? As much as she didn’t want to cry, she couldn’t stop the tears that trickled down her pretty face. The sorrow was overwhelming, and she felt sick with loss. Desertrose walked forward to kneel beside his body, curling into herself like a small, helpless kit seeking comfort. With her nose pressed into his cold fur, she inhaled deeply, breathing in the sweet smell of home. Wolfstar had been so much more than a leader to her. He was a father, a mentor, a friend. He had been the one cat she could always rely on for support. When things were bad, she could always count on him to make them better. Now those days were over, and from this moment forth, the responsibility was for her to bear alone.

             More slivers of pain slipped in, drawn by the grief spreading through her. “I knew that something like this might eventually happen,” she held back a sob by biting the inside of her cheek. Emotions were something that everyone felt, yes, but not her— or at least that’s how it used to be. Everything had changed. She wasn’t who she thought she was. She wasn’t even the same cat she was all those moons ago when she saved Eveningstorm’s ear on the battlefield, and she thought him nothing more than a carefree flirt. Now, even he was gone, before she even had the chance to confess her feelings.

             “Wolfstar had not been himself for quite some time,” she explained, finally coming to and staggering to her paws, “His mind had began to crumble, and it wasn’t until it was too late that I even noticed— not that there was anything I or anyone else could do. He was our leader.” To go against him would have been to go against the warrior code. It was an impossible situation, and there were no easy answers.

             Desertrose cleared her throat, trying her best to regain composure. If she were to be leader, she needed to be strong. Wolfstar didn’t make her deputy without reason. “But this isn’t anyone’s fault,” she breathed out the softest exhale, shivering slightly at the end. While it was true that Kass might have been the one to end Wolfstar’s life, she was not the cause of his death. Wolfstar’s death was his own doing. “I appreciate you coming all this way to deliver his body back to us, especially with the condition you’re in,” she finally turned to face the Thunderclan deputy, her expression warm and thankful despite the pain she felt. Desertrose’s golden fur glistened in the sunlight as she dipped into a graceful bow. “Thank you, Bluefire. I’ll have my warriors take things from here, and give Wolfstar a proper burial once we’ve mourned.”


    Hailgaze ~ WindClan Warrior

    Yellow eyes watched the tight expression of Bluefire as she stepped forward and whispered hushed words into Desertrose’s ear. Blinking slowly as he refused to express his curiosity but movement to his side caught his attention as he noticed that Quiethawk was looking in his direction, his eyes clearly easing his own unease. Something about this felt odd but it was only because ThunderClans deputy and a patrol of her own had caught them off guard. A peaceful visit? He looked towards Bluefire guardedly, tip of his tail twitching slightly as he took a hesitant step forth, questions stuck in his throat. Although he knew it wasn’t his place to speak, his eyes trailing away from Bluefire’s and looking at the warriors she had chosen to accompany her. Mostly female, their eyes seldom and annoyed that they had been dragged out here but also… a bit cautious. His stomach felt more unease flutter as his eyes flickered towards the two retreating deputies. “This isn’t good.” Hailgaze said lowly, only for Tinyflame and Quiethawk to hear. Desertrose and Bluefire were far enough away that he couldn’t hear what was being said but he could see the way that his deputy seemed to hunch over with emotion, her body moving slowly forth. What was she looking at? Pupils narrowing as he looked towards the ThunderClan warriors, arching an eyebrow faintly. “Excuse me.” His deep and smooth voice filtered through his vocal cords, walking forward as his tall and broad form brushed past the visiting patrol as he walked ahead to follow after Desertrose.

    What was she looking at that bothered her so? As he walked forth, his nose twitched as the scent of death reached his scent glands and brows furrowed slightly as he got closer and closer to where Bluefire was standing. His eyes briefly glancing towards the ThunderClan deputy as he stood beside her, taking another step forth before he suddenly paused, his body going rigid as his scorching gaze landed upon the figure of a familiar tomcat laying limply upon the ground. His heart twisted at the sight of Desertrose touching his father in an affectionate manner, he had been her leader and mentor. But he couldn’t focus on anything as his breathing seemed to stall and the fur along his scruff stood upright. Wolfstar wasn’t on his last life, why wasn’t he waking up? “Father..” Hailgaze breathed softly, finally finding his footing as the massive tomcat slowly walked forward. He had Wolfstar’s build; his father had been a touch taller, but they were just as broad. Their pelt was the same dark shade of grey with white patches randomly placed along his pelt. His eyes were starkly different from the deep blue his father had, but his facial structure was also similar. The world seemed to slow as he walked forth, broad paws parting the grass as he forced himself towards the broken and twisted body upon the ground. His breathing had grown shakily as he carefully walked around Desertrose, only seeing the color of her golden fur in the corner of his eye.

    Wolfstar laid upon the ground with his eyes barely closed, his facial expression blank and stones but it was clear his lips had been twisted in a painful sneer. His father hadn’t died swiftly and painlessly, this was a painful death and it had crippled his body enough to take all his life’s. Ears pressed back against his head as he stood over his father, his throat tight with emotion as he slowly lowered his head to gently press his nose against the top of Wolfstar’s forehead. “Father..” Hailgaze whispered tenderly, his voice pained and his tail falling to the ground as he slowly lowered his head to press his forehead lightly against Wolfstar’s. This hurt. Losing both of his parents, and he knew in the back of his mind that everyone would be grieving for their lost leader but he was also grieving for a father. Lips pressed together as his yellow eyes watered but he managed to keep the tears at bay as he breathed in his fathers scent, it was stale and reeked of death as he slowly lifted his head and turned his chin in the direction of Bluefire, eyes narrowing in suspicion but he simply dipped his head in gratitude that she had at least brought his fathers body back to them. His younger siblings and Goldenrose, Wolfstar’s mate, needed that closure. He needed it. Slowly turning his chin away from Bluefire as he looked back down at Wolfstar and slowly lowered his rump into a sitting position as his watery eyes roamed over his fathers broken body. “Starclan… you broke him.” Hailgaze said brokenly, his usually emotionless stare was brimming with pain and grief as he moved a paw to gently press his toes against Wolfstar’s eyelids and lowering them completely to hide his glassy blue eyes. Goldenrose didn’t need to see that.


    T I N Y F L A M E –

    Something was wrong, her ginger pelt prickled with anxiety as she watched Desertrose walk away with Bluefire to speak privately upon whatever matter had caused the ThunderClan patrol to come directly to their camp. Her blue eyes narrowed, watching her deputy carefully as they stopped just short of their view a ways away. She felt a little bit relieved to know that they were still viewable from camp, but it didn’t settle the unease that lingered like a fog over them. And then, suddenly, their golden-furred deputy collapsed and terror immediately gripped the tiny warrior. 

    Hailgaze brushed past them without hesitation, quickly bypassing the ThunderClan cats and nearing the deputies ahead. Tinyflame was not far behind him, just on the tip of his tail as they hurriedly headed in the direction where Desertrose had kneeled over. Then suddenly, the small she-cat was rendered motionless in shock, her thin legs stuck in place at the sight before her. On the ground laid Wolfstar, his large frame battered and broken in what she could only assume was a painful death. She had no knowledge of her leader’s lives or how many he had spared, but it was clear that the loss of life was not one that was merciless. 

    And then she caught sight of Hailgaze gently pressing his head against his father’s deceased body to mourn his loss and her heart ached in grief all over again. He didn’t deserve to feel this pain, the loss of someone you loved. Tinyflame’s teeth grinded together in frustration and she glared angrily at her feet. She wanted to throw accusations left and right and curse the ThunderClan cats for what they had to play in the death of their honored leader, and StarClan knows that the petite warrior had never been known for controlling her temper, but if Desertrose and Hailgaze were going to accept it then she would grudgingly have to do so as well. 

    “You’ve done what you came here to do,” She spat at the dilute calico feline, “Now let us WindClan cats bury our leader.”

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