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A Soggy Awakening [Closed]

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    ‘She is so cute when she is nervous’ he couldn’t help but let that thought filter in his mind. Watching her shift with discomfort as she tries to figure out how to express herself causes a charming smile to appear on his sharp feline features. Ravenwatcher could sense what she wanted to convey, but he also knew that he needed to let her get the words out. During his time with his family, he was always taught to be silent and obey. When he left and lived on his own in the wilds for over a year, he learned how to express himself. How to be more—free. Right now Smokewisp needed to work her feelings out, he wanted and needed to hear it for himself. Settling calmly down on his hunches, tilting his chin downwards to keep his lavender gaze upon her. 

    His long paper thin ears twitching at the continuous pitter patter of the rain splattering upon the woven den. The sound was calming to his ears, it helped relax his taut muscles. His attention is pulled away from the tightly entwined grass-like ceiling. Rain still dripped from his sharp chin, he could feel goose bumps rising along his flesh and he wasn’t sure if it was totally because of his damp pelt or being so close to Smokewisp. Jaw clenching, eyes glowing with a strong emotion as she licked his cheek quickly before finally spilling what she tried to hide. Breath hitching in the back of his throat, it felt unreal to hear those words being uttered from her lips. Licking his lips, his Adam’s apple bobbing prominently as his mouth suddenly felt dry. 

    “Are you sure?” His voice lowering as he tries to hide the self doubt rising within him. Ravenwatcher had never thought he would find a mate, find someone who wanted him. As for most of his life, he lived in the shadows, unwanted and unloved. Biting his lip as he allows silence to thicken around them with his mind running rapid. His slim tail flicking side to side, he knew he needed to speak up soon as he could feel the slightest shift in her form as she tenses with unease for fear of rejection. Was he ready to completely give himself to another? To let his emotions and thoughts go, to reveal everything to her? With his gaze locking with hers, before she closes her eyes; the answer becomes simple. Yes

    Lowering his head, his tall body hunching slightly as he lets his cranium lightly press against the crook of her neck. He did not care if the position felt a little strained for his taller form, he needed to be closer to her, to be able to take in her heavenly scented perfume. “I would love to be your mate…” he breaths out, his warm breath caressing her neck as he nuzzled closer. “You help me too…even when you didn’t know me, but kept me company anyways after having a nightmare. I never told you how much that meant to me” his voice holding a rasp as he tries to reel in his emotions. Smokewisp will never truly understand just how grateful he was that night to have company, to have someone shed light to the darkest part of his mind. 

    “I love you too. How about as soon as the storm passes we head home?” He suggests. Removing his head from her neck, placing small sweet licks upon her neck and cheek as he smiles at Smokewisp; his mate.

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Forums The Outskirts The Outskirts Misty Forest A Soggy Awakening [Closed]