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    In the meadow just beyond camp lay a patch of dirt newly unearthed and bare to the rest of the elements. The actual burial of Antlercreek took much less time than Kass had anticipated, then again she supposed that they’d gotten most of their sorrows out while crowded around his body. Frost bitten herbs lay across the mound in lieu of a bouquet- placed by ThunderClan’s resident Medicine Cat Kass assumed. She hadn’t attended the funeral, she had no need. The dead was dead and Kass was no stranger to death, perhaps she’d even brought it with her. The elders’ had whispered to her amidst the preparations that this was the first time in a long time that the clan had had any sort of death on their lands, and even longer since one occurred in battle. Had they forgotten their sense of mortality in that expanse of time?

    The sun was making a presence the next morning, the air dry and the camp silent as they tended to their wounds and prayed to their ancestors. Kass had spent the better part of the morning plotting the next move of the clan, whispering in the early morning stupor to Hollystar about where they would lead the clans next and how to achieve their goals both personal and group oriented. The warmth of the sun felt good against her itchy wounds, the left side of her face slightly swollen around her jawline and above her eye. A good omen, an apprentice whispered in the dead clan, a new start, Kass thought to herself.

    With a less then enthusiastic leap Kass landed on the Large Log to survey the clan during the last moments of the vigil. What was it that Hollystar usually said to get the clan’s attention? Something about prey? Her eyes shifted to her mate nervously before she opened her mouth to speak. “All those larger than the average mouse please gather for a meeting.. or whatever,” she called, eyes shifting around the clan.


    Burying Antlercreek was the hardest thing Hollystar had ever done in her life so far. The she-cat had lost cats before, but this was different. This was her former deputy. He shouldn’t have even been involved in that fight. There shouldn’t have even been a fight in the first place! Why would he rush in to save her? She had eight more lives left, and he only had one! The Thunderclan leader sat vigil for her friend all night, and even after burying him, she sat at the entrance of camp, staring out to space. This was difficult for her to process. She saw Kass jump up onto Large Log from the corner of her eye. The leader nodded towards her deputy, then silently got to her paws. As much as Hollystar wanted to crawl into her den and never leave, she knew she had to stay strong for the clan. If their leader was a pathetic mess, then how could the clan ever rebuild from this trauma?

    A small smirk appeared on her jaws at her mate’s attempt at calling the clan together, however it didn’t last. Her body ached, and her wounds still oozed blood, despite the cobwebs that had been slathered across her shoulder. The only thing keeping her going was the Poppyseeds that Peachblossom had given her to stop the pain. She knew that the battle with Riverclan had to be addressed now. Hollystar jumped up to join Kass atop the Log. She winced when she landed on her bad shoulder, but nuzzled the calico’s cheek briefly, before she began to speak. “May all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath Large Log for a clan meeting!” she yowled, reinforcing her mate’s unsure summoning. Despite her somber mood, amusement twinkled in her green eyes, and she gave a Kass a playful wink.

    Hollystar cleared her throat, and brought herself back, then turned to face the clan. “Thunderclan has suffered a tragic loss. Antlercreek was a senior warrior who always upheld the Warrior Code. He was a strong and passionate Warrior who would risk his life for any of us. He was our friend; our family,” she started. “May Starclan light his path.” The leader dipped her head in a moment of silence, praying that her friend was watching over her and guiding her from above. “Many of us, including myself, have been significantly injured. I expect that all of you will go or already have gone to receive treatment,” the ebony molly meowed, “Thank you all for your level-headed behavior and strength during yesterday’s events. I am proud of you all, and I feel lucky and honored to have such astonishing Warriors.” Hollystar turned her head to look at Kass, knowing she too had some announcements. 

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    Hawkpaw stopped what he was doing and assented orderly when Kass raised the call. He snickered a little bit as Hollystar belatedly repeated it, but otherwise sat quietly in the front row fidgeting just a bit. He was eager to get back to searching for Chanterellepaw, he knew she was alive of course but he’d last glimpsed her high up in the trees with a RiverClan Warrior and wanted to be certain she was unharmed. She was about the only cat he was truly concerned for around here, Lightpaw was safe in the healer den and Kass could handle herself well enough. And Cedarsmoke…..well, maybe there were more than a few cats he cared for in ThunderClan. The list was growing annoyingly long.

    Hawkpaw himself had only shallow scratches, he’d been away collecting the patrols for a majority of the battle and had returned only to grapple briefly with a frail silver tom. It was a bit disappointing action-wise, but in the wake of the death that had occurred he found himself profoundly content with his own uninvolvement. His orange eyes stared ardently ahead, he was trying his hardest not to look at the body. The smell of the blood alone stirred memories he’d prefer lay dormant.

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