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Kugyay was founded in April of 2007, as a place for youth from across the world to come together and write. 

Within a few years, several thousand people were contributing content to the community. Once consisting of three websites, they all shut down in early 2018, and the owners went on an extended hiatus. Closing the three existing communities wasn’t easy. Leaving behind a feline role-play (Cat Kugyay), a canine role-play (Wolf Kugyay), and a human-fantasy role-play (Fable Kugyay) meant losing contact with the family that had once called these places their home. For a lot of people, it was a devastating decision.

That all changed in 2019, when the relaunch of Cat Kugyay brought the site fleet back into existence. Within a few weeks, the new website had surpassed 100 members, outperforming the expectations of the owners. As time progressed, it was clear that Kugyay would be here to stay permanently. 

Currently, the staff is actively pursuing additional projects to provide more creative spaces for members. To read about those, continue reading below!


Cat Kugyay

A feline role-play that was originally launched in 2007, this was the first community to return after a year long hiatus, in April of 2019. The relaunch brought new content, more areas to role-play, and a rule that members need to be 17+ to use the community.

Join one of the five original clans or a tribe, and defend your kin. Become a loner or rogue, and face the world alone. Or choose the pampered and safe life of a kitty-pet, while living among the two-legs. The choice is yours, but any path gives you an amazing change to make your mark on the world as a feline!

Coming Soon

More details about our second community are coming (very) soon!