Welcome to the Pawprints Guide

If you’re on this page, you’re most likely a member who wants to learn a little more about our community.
If you’re a veteran user, maybe you’ll learn a little something by scrolling through.

 This page has a lot of helpful tools that can make getting used to the layout and features of Pawprints much easier.

Let’s start off with out general FAQ.


What is Pawprints?

Pawprints is a feline roleplay. It was previously known as Cat Kugyay (from 2007-2019). 

What do I do?

Pawprints is a Warrior Cats RP website.

I'm under the age of 13. Can I still join?

Sorry, no. Users need to be 13.

Does my old Kugyay account work?



Step One

This is the Pawprints homepage. The simple, and the clean interface makes signing up very easy. Towards the top right is the account area. 

The first button is a site-wide search function. 

The second is the register button. 

The third is the login button. 

To register, simply click that middle button and start to fill out the form.

Step Two

When you click the Register button in the navigation, the form pops up on top of the homepage.

The email that you provide should be a real email account. You will need to confirm your account in order to access the website.

Your Username is what you login to Pawprints. Make it something you can remember.

Your Password should be something that is secure. Please be sure to check that it is typed properly!

The name field is what displays to other members on the website. Put your character’s name here; if you don’t have a name chosen, just put a place holder, such as an online name that you use.

Finally, just click Register Now! You should receive and email shortly with an activation link for your account.

If you don’t receive an email, contact a staff member on the Pawprints Discord!


The member navigation is in the upper right corner of the website. 

The first button shows your message inbox.

The second button shows you site notifications.

The third button can be used to modify your account information.

The fourth button allows you to search the website. 

The circular profile picture, when hovered over, opens up the Control Panel for users. This menu has a lot of the core membership features listed, including friends, settings, and your profile.


Now that your account is set up, you can start creating a character! 

A character that is properly created includes a name, personality, solid description, and a realistic and detailed history. Realistic cats are the only cats that are allowed. Although planning out a character will help you overall, just the basics are needed to start role-playing. Most users find developing a character over time to help them a lot. We provide a simple template in the Create A Cat section on the forums, which you can access by clicking here.

If you need some help making a character, you can check out the Character FAQ and the example application!

If you’re joining up with a Clan, please make sure that the clan is available to join, as we do place occasional temporary bans on new characters to prevent overcrowding!

Before role-playing your cat, please submit a completed bio or your role-plays and account may be deleted.


When you’re making a forum post, your screen is going to look something like this. 

The topic title is what you’re naming your role-play/character/post. 

The text editor section has a lot of tools to format the text and make it stylish. Don’t worry about getting too fancy at first, as the options can be overwhelming!

Topic Tags are used for the Search function on the site. To see how to properly tag your posts, check out the Tagging Guide.

You can un-check the little box above the Submit button if you don’t want a notification message when there’s a reply to the post (we recommend leaving this checked, though!)


Role-playing on Pawprints is always done in third person. This means you’re writing as though examining the scene from a perspective that is not from your character.  

Here’s a basic list of do’s and dont’s of Pawprints role-playing:

Do post in third-person, always.
Do be creative with writing, and try to be as detailed as possible.
Do let others be able to post between your own posts. 

Don’t kill another person’s character without permission.
Don’t break role-play rules.
Don’t pretend to be another person’s character or role-play as someone else.

Post Length
How long your posts are sometimes affect your Pawprints reputation. Although some people find long posts to be annoying, the longer and more detailed posts are generally better for describing exactly what’s going on. That being said, there is a point where a post is too long. So in short: Don’t post too short, or too long.  Our only requirement is five solid sentence, but that is the bare minimum. 

Appropriate Posting
Pawprints is home to many youth from across the globe. At no time is it okay to post inappropriate content anywhere that may offend younger users. This is why Pawprints has rules against things such as detail mating (DMing).


Did you think of something that you didn’t read about in the Guide?

Contact a member of staff and get your questions answered!

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