Bandit (Sonic)

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Bandit (Sonic)

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Alias; Ashenkit

Hourglass; 5 Moons

Sex; Female

Sexuality; Pansexual


ε∂υcαтιση & cαяεεя

Tutor; TBD lll Acolyte; N/A

Former Pupils; N/A

Allegiance; SkyClan

Position; Kit lll Previously; N/A



Mother; N/A

Father;  Rookfall (Adopted)

Brother (s); Minkbelly

Sister (s); Poppykit

Acquaintances; N/A

Friends; N/A

Enemies; N/A


A petite ebony she cat with teal blue eyes. Soft snow white splotches hover around her eyes. She has a frosty white belly and frosty white speckles on her legs. Her tail is long and plumy with few white stripes. Ashenkit does not do well in social situations, having grown up most of her life, being unnoticed by her peers and elders. A soft heart, she is easily confused by her own thoughts, being very indecisive. She has compassion for all things, good and bad. Although more of a pacifist, Ashenkit will fight for what she believes to be right and in self defense.