The Plot So Far: A young RiverClan apprentice recently fell down a hole in the RiverClan territory, accidentally uncovering a network of unfamiliar caves. A strange cat going by the name of Pale Moon in Storming Sky found them, and escorted Butterflypaw out of the caves. Pale Moon explained that they were a member of the Tribe of Rising Tides, an ancient group of cats similar to the Clans, with their own rich history and traditions. Pale Moon explained that half of the Tribe actually left their old territory behind when the Clans did, following close by, but never interacting, confirming that the Tribe had been with them the whole time. Pale also explained their reason for staying so far away: their worlds colliding could have catastrophic effects on StarClan and the Tribe of Endless Hunting, creating chaos and imbalance between them.
Curious as to how Pale seemed to know Butterflypaw before they had met, the apprentice asked and Pale claimed to be something called a ‘Seer’, and that there were supposed to be many others like them. The two parted ways, only to meet up again the next day. Chatting for a short while, Pale explained further what it meant to be a Seer, before the two parted abruptly. Things seemed to calm down as the Gathering approached. At the height of the full moon, all five clans came together to discuss the on-goings of the month, things seemed relatively normal, aside from a high number of strange disappearances and deaths. The Gathering was just about to end when the Tribe cats interrupted, crashing the Gathering and creating high tensions. But that wasn’t all. Seven cats, five from the clans and two from the tribe were all given a prophecy; Restore Balance or Die Broken.
It seems that only those seven saw the mass of starry cats come together to create a large cat to give the prophecy, while the rest of the gathered only heard loud, paralyzing screams and voices. When the vision ended, the young cat Pale Moon stepped forward and delivered a message to the Clan cats from their tribe; the clan cats with seer powers (ie visions and headaches) should join the Tribe, or a terrible fate will befall the clans and tribe alike. Now the clan cats have a choice to make: give up their cats or face the wrath of thousands of ancient ancestors.
Will they rise the occasion, or will they die broken?
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