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    The crisp air of the early evening was ideal for tracking prey. Quailfeather’s lithe ivory form was kept low to the tall grass of the forest. Each step forward was carefully measured, her jaws parted to taste the air around her. Multiple scents of potential prey drifted in and out of the air, she had options. Focusing in on a prey item of the feathered variety she slunk forward once again. A finch was hopping along eating some manner of insect or worm for it’s meal. An easy target if she ever saw one.

    A pale salmon pink tongue darted out to swipe along her jaws. Ready for the next move. Giving her haunches a slight wiggle, Quailfeather struck. Sailing through the air, claws outstretched she aimed for the creature. Hitting the dirt she skidded and spat, missed! Tail lashing out behind her she cleared after the birds frantically flapping silhouette. “Mousedung!”


    DarkBird ~ SkyClan Warrior 

    Gold hued colored eyes flickered around the area, black nostrils flaring as he breathed in the many scents that surrounded him. The sweet and strong musk of the birch trees was almost overwhelming for someone who wasn’t used to the smell, however being a warrior and having grown up in this area he had learned to push the scent to the back of his mind while focusing on something else. Prey. Pupils narrowing slightly when his broad paws were slowly but surely moving forward in the tall green grass, moving off course from the well used trail of the clan cats. Triangular ears were twitching here and there as he listened to anything out of the ordinary, the sensitive hairs within his ears tingling slightly at the soft sound of dried leaves rustling from a small squirrel that was searching for food on the forest floor. Grinning silently to himself the dark furred tomcat pressed to the pale shadows that were given from the birch trees. His dark grey pelt molding with ease to the shadows, while pale grey, white and black spots painted his pelt from the top of his head all the way down his back and flank. Perfect for blending in with the dark base of the birch trees while the white spotted bark blended with his spotted pelt. 

    Slowly he lowered himself to the ground as he inched forwards, taking his time so he didn’t alert the wee critter to his position, haunches giving a shake as he prepared to propel himself in the direction of the squirrel. Steady… steady now. He thought silently to himself, was laying back against his head as his pupils widened at the prospect of a kill. However, the sudden sound of birds flying off of the forest floor in an upset manner caused both the prey and hunter to look in the direction of the upset birds, DarkBird took that moment that the squirrel was occupied to pounce. Broad paws landing squarely on the critters back, a quick snap could be heard before he lowered his head and gave the squirrel’s head a quick snap for good measures. Grunting he lifted his head, ears rotating on his head like sonar as he could hear the curses of a clanmate being carried by the wind. Smirking in amusement as he picked up the squirrel and pranced in the direction of Quailfeather, pupils narrowing as his toes dug into the soft dirt to propel himself forwards at a quicker pace.

    The tall and broad tomcat rounded the corner of a sapling, gold eyes finding the ivory furred feline of Quailfeather as she fumed. Lowering the squirrel to the ground, he gazed at the she-cat with amusement sparking in his gaze. “Yelling at prey.. now that has to be a new one.” DarkBird meowed in his deep voice, the words rumbling deep within his chest as he gazed towards the molly. “No luck, though I see.” He chuckles in amusement, chin lifting as he gazed after the birds that were quickly flapping their wings to put distance between themselves and the cats. “Shame.. I rather like bird.” He grunted, eyes flickering towards her as he gave her an amused grin. 

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