Yet we live as though divided.

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    Black paws skimmed over a crystalized forestbed, kicking up silver spray in the wake of their slimy built owner. Hawkpaw’s dark form contrasted sharply with his wintery surroundings, but he was speeding so quickly past them the young ThunderClan apprentice hardly took note of it.


    He was intent on his target, a red squirrel which was the fattest of his stock he’d seen since the cold had set in. He barely remembered the frosty moons during which he had been born, and it was the first time in a long time that he’d gone to sleep hungry. He wasn’t alone, however. All around him at home were the anxious faces of hungry kits and elders alike. But the only one Hawkpaw cared about was Chanterellepaw, she’d been working tirelessly of late and squirrel were her favorite, he refused to let this one slip away. His old fox injury gave a flare of pain when his paw plunged through an icy puddle, but he shook it off and kept running, ensuring that he kept his paces short and sweet like his father Cedarsmoke had showed him.


    He broke through a thick snare of brambles, but the squirrel had been less fortunate. He spotted it struggling just a few tail-lengths ahead. Its brilliant ruddy tail hopelessly tangled. It felt…wrong, to just walk upon it and kill it after he’d spent so many weeks chasing his food down. But, food was food. He couldn’t see those honorable Warriors turning their nose up at a free meal just because it had been easy.


    He suddenly looked around and realized he didn’t recognize this neck of the woods- dark stooping pine trees so dense that not even sunlight pervaded the canopy of frosted branches. And it was silent, dead silent. Hawkpaw shuddered and moved to take his prey and leave- the sooner the better.

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Forums ShadowClan ShadowClan Territory Tall Pines Yet we live as though divided.