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Wisteriastar's Leader Ceremony

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    Night fell upon the clans, the silence of darkness being welcomed by the livelihood of Silverpelt above them. The presence of her warrior ancestors tonight was one of the only things that reassured the calico warrior. Taking a breath, Wisteriaflower sat alone outside of RiverClan’s camp, taking in the sight of the stars that dotted the night sky as she let her thoughts wander. Her dear friend Rainstar had passed just the night before, risking their last life to rescue a pair of RiverClan kits that had been swept away from the clan during the storm that had been plaguing them for several moonrises in a row. They had not even told her that they were on their last life before they had selflessly plunged into the raging waters, it wasn’t until they had surfaced and passed before their eyes for the last time did she truly realize that she would never walk alongside her old friend again. 

    Rainstar was not the only member of RiverClan to have drowned during this season of flooding; her mate Brightfoot’s life was also lost. The two of them were out late at night alone, a common getaway the couple preferred to do whenever they got the chance, yet they had both underestimated how severe the high waters of the river had become. The current swept him away within the blink of an eye and she doubted that even the most experienced swimmers of RiverClan could have saved him. We never should have even gone, Wisteriaflower thought bitterly, We knew the flooding was bad, and yet I still asked him to come away with me. The RiverClan deputy was a strong willed warrior and she did not often beat herself up or blame herself for things that she could not control or fix herself, but the death of her mate had affected her deeply, and personally. 

    Nevertheless, she also knew that it was time for her to step up. The Clan depended on her now and life would go on. Nothing would be accomplished from wallowing around in self pity, she did not have the time to mourn properly for the precious lives she had lost. The calico closed her eyes once more, willing herself to remain steady and secure. Then, she turned back once more to face the camp and the companion who had so patiently been waiting for her. 

    “Are you ready to go?” She asked, finding herself feeling a little bit more reassured at the sight of him. Fishtail, RiverClan’s medicine cat, as well as her former apprentice. Wisteriaflower had mentored the tom to be a warrior before he had been in a horrible accident by the river and hit his head on a rock, permanently damaging his head and preventing him from becoming a full warrior as well as he would have liked. As it turns out, he didn’t need to, for StarClan had called him to his true destiny, to serve his clan as their medicine cat, and Wisteriaflower was grateful that he would be going with her for the most important ceremony of her warrior life to date. 


    Fishtail wasn’t very big on mourning losses, what with the ever growing threats that seemed to loom outside their camp at all times. That being said, losing Rainstar was tragic in its’ own light, left the clan wounded and fragile against the elements. Still, the healer couldn’t truly say he didn’t foresee the incident before it had even happened, the forest had called for Wisteriaflower’s guidance to move RiverClan into a new era of leadership, her rightful place as the leader of RiverClan. She was in many ways his idol, mentor, and friend. He loved nothing more than the idea of serving by her side. The tom let them walk mostly in silence throughout the whole ordeal, understanding that with such a fragile time it was sometimes best to leave words be, and tried not to let the silence get too awkward between them. ‘Thank StarClan we’re one of the closer clans’ the tom thought to himself, eyes glancing up to Silverpelt. 

    Past the river and cross the windswept plains of WindClan was the MoonCave in all its’ glory, amongst sharp, jagged cliffs and a roaring river whose tide only barely met the restrictions to not drown the pair and flood the cave. A shudder rippled through Fishtail like a great wave as if announcing the mass presence of their ancestors as his paws met stone. At the mouth of the cave he came to a stop and signaled for his mentor to do the same. 

    The young tom, wiser than his years, with tired golden hued eyes, took a long look at the to-be leader. His eyes squinted, willing his irises to steady for just long enough in which he could make out the regal streaks in her pelt against the darkness. “I don’t know if you’ve ever visited the MoonCave before, but this is the place.” His tail twitched nervously, “It’s low tide right now but we have to hurry so we don’t get flooded out, StarClan knows how important this ceremony is.” A pregnant pause, silence filling the air. “Er.. right. Well, inside is the Stargazing Rock and you’re going to go inside and lay down, make sure some part of your body is touching the water. I’m not really sure how it all works but I know that for me, as soon as I close my eyes, I’m immediately there so don’t get taken by surprise.” 

    The student teaching the mentor, poetic and just in such a situation. Fishtail could feel the pride for his former mentor seeping out of his chest like an overflowing honeycomb- warm and sweet. The awkward lad tapped his foot along the stone flooring for a moment before launching himself at Wisteriaflower and crushing his face into her shoulder, embracing her the best way he knew how. “Be safe.. please. I-I.. I love you.” He mumbled into her fur sweetly for a moment and letting himself savor the feeling before snapping out of his emotional break and back into his more serious alter ego. It was time for her to become what she always was: a leader.


    It was almost as if StarClan themselves were blessing the duo with low tides to access the MoonCave, Wisteriaflower noted to herself, as they went on about their journey to reach the only place the warriors could talk to their ancestors of long passed. There was never a guarantee that the tides would be low enough tonight to allow them entry, but she was pleased by the surprise of the sight of low waters– it was her destiny to be there tonight, after all. As she and Fishtail gingerly placed their paws against the stone that lowered them down into the cave, the calico warrior suddenly felt a sense of foreboding and anxiety. Again, Wisteriaflower was not usually the type to fret over anything, but the experience she had ahead of her was a new one in of itself, not to mention the very ceremony that was about to occur here. She had had a few run-ins with StarClan herself, a standby brushing here or there while accompanying her former leader, Rainstar, to the stones here but she had never spoken to them directly herself and she had no idea what would happen tonight.

    As they stood side by side near the mouth of the cave, Wisteriaflower turned her attention to her medicine cat, listening closely with her torn ears pricked in his directions as she took in his instructions. She gave him a brisk nod. “Then I should hurry while we still have a low tide.” However, she found that she did not want to move her paws from their place, as if they had melted into the stones themselves. She didn’t know what made her hesitate, but as her former apprentice came close to her and buried his nose in her shoulder, she felt that she understood then what it was. This is my last time to stand by their sides as a normal warrior.  After this, I’ll have the weight of the whole Clan on my shoulders. The calico warrior’s stiff body relaxed and she gave Fishtail’s ear an appreciative rasp of her tongue. “I love you too, Fishtail. Wait for my return.” And with that, she turned away and entered the MoonCave alone.

    Pawstep by pawstep, the leader to be ventured down the cave, being careful of where to place her paws. She could feel the steps of her ancestors against her own pads, as if they themselves had carved this path for her. It gave a chill to her pelt just to think about it, that she was here in such a sacred place. The path itself was fairly dark and she strained to make out at least the shape of her own paws, but she could not. There was not a single shred of visibility down here and it only served to spur anxiety even more-so in the usually confident feline. Soon enough, a glow of light was illuminating from a bit further in and now, having her sight back, Wisteriaflower picked up the place and padded quickly down the tunnel, until she came face to face with the luminescent pool of water that they knew as their connection to StarClan. In the center lay a lone rock, shaped out perfectly for the resting place of one or two cats; she remembered what Fishtail had told her only heartbeats ago and took the leap atop Stargazer’s Rock. Keeping her tail low and dipped into the water, she placed her nose against the rock and almost immediately, she was thrown into darkness.

    Despite the lack of any sensation, Wisteriaflower was not afraid. She felt strangely at peace in the empty darkness. One in which, she was not in long, for a dazzling sight soon unfolded before her– warriors among warriors, more than she could count appeared before her, their pelts made out of stars and the light of an infinite lifetimes of wisdom in their eyes. So this is StarClan, she thought to herself, all of her previous anxiety and nervousness vanishing in that very moment. And as many questions as she wanted to ask, none of them would come out. She found herself speechless before them, just silently willing that they would accept her as RiverClan’s new leader.


    Blazemoon couldn’t help but shift nervously as the soon-to-be leader of RiverClan materialized in the clearing. There were a couple former members of her clan there, but Blazemoon still felt out of place. She wasn’t exactly familiar with anyone around her, which was the main reason for her nervousness. She wasn’t sure why she had been chosen for this task. Still, it was an honor, and one she was going to accept with grace and dignity. The red furred she-cat stuck out like a sore tail due to her size and young face. It was clear that her life had been taken much too soon. After a few moments of dead silence, Blazemoon finally stepped forward, padding silently towards RiverClan’s deputy.

    “Greetings, Wisteriaflower, my name is Blazemoon,” she began, dipping her head respectfully. “My time with my clan was cut short by a badger in our territory. As a young apprentice, I gave my life to defend my sister from the beast until help arrived, and now, as a warrior StarClan, I offer this gift. With my life, I give you the gift of protection. Use it well to protect your clanmates from whatever threat they may face, big or small.” With those words spoken, she touched her nose to the calico warrior’s forehead. She watched sympathetically as the pain of the new life coursed through Wisteriaflower. She couldn’t feel it herself, but she could tell that it was excruciating by the warrior’s reaction. “Endure it, Wisteriaflower. It hurts, but you are strong enough to withstand it,” she mewed soothingly, finally pulling away as the life was fully given.

    Blazemoon stepped back, offering Wisteriaflower a gentle smile. “As a cat born in ShadowClan, I cannot speak for any cats of RiverClan. However, I have a good feeling about you. I believe you will lead RiverClan well.” With that, Blazemoon dipped her head and returned to the group of StarClan cats, seeming to disappear in the crowd.


    Wisteriaflower blinked in surprise as Blazemoon stepped forward from the ranks of the StarClan warriors as the first to greet her. She remembered hearing stories of the young ShadowClan warrior, who had given her life to protect her loved ones against a ferocious badger attack as only an apprentice long before her deputyship. Hornetstar had honored her life by naming her a warrior while the Clan mourned her during the vigil. When the young feline pressed her nose to her head, Wisteriaflower jerked, her claws digging stiffly to the stone as well as they could at the pure agony that coursed through her.

    This is what it feels like to protect someone? She thought, her head spinning as her fur spiked rigid to fight against the fierce pain she felt. Wisteriaflower gasped as the excruciating pain finally ebbed, and Blazemoon stepped back to offer her a sheepish, yet strong, smile. Her words of praise and encouragement lifted the calico warrior’s spirits. And while she longed to thank the young feline, she found that her words were stuck in her throat and all she was able to offer her in return was a grateful blink of her eyes.


    The faded collection of stars grew brighter with the manifestation of Wisteriaflower. He’d not known her in his life, but he’d watched over her for the entirety of hers. One of the oldest spirits of Riverclan had been caught by the rising leader and whatever destiny swirled around her, and he’d tagged along since, silently serving and guiding. The Starclan cat stood back amongst the masses, his form much duller with age compared to other warriors who’d passed over into this life even moons ago. He’d been gone from the living for much longer than that–years upon years, not moons upon moons.

    One of the youngest of them all stepped forward: Blazemoon. The valiant apprentice who gave the ultimate sacrifice for her kin and her clan; the old spirit mirrored other Starclan warriors in a silent dip of their noses in acknowledgement of the sobering event about to begin. He watched the visitor tense as the life shifted from Blazemoon into herself, gasping once it was over. Eventually, the Shadowclanner stepped away, and it was time for the glinting Riverclanner to approach the soon-to-be leader of his clan.

    With every pawstep towards her out of the crowd, the starry pelt of Mallowleaf became more defined. At last, he was before her, the shadow of a million moonrises in his eyes and all the wisdom that came with it. His galaxied fur gained a hazy brown hue, the brilliant dash of ochre on his chest, like it was reuniting with a long-lost memory of what the original Riverclan medicine cat looked like. Standing in front of her, the aged tom was certainly shorter in stature than the stately calico, but he made up for it by what he was about to bestow her: “Wisteriaflower,” he began, though his somewhat startling deep voice had been made raspier by age and the redcough that ended his life, “welcome to Starclan. I’m Mallowleaf, one of the oldest spirits of Riverclan.” The tom sat, wrapping his tail politely around himself and his forefeet, and provided a slight smile. “You’ve travelled quite a distance to be here today,” he meowed, although he didn’t mean just her walk to the Mooncave. A knowing spark was in his amber gaze, and the somewhat ancient cat had a quick laugh with himself when he realized how long he was taking with the rising leader compared to Blazemoon, or even to past leader ceremonies. How appropriate, he mused.

    “I’m here today to give you your second life. I have lived quite a long time, and spent even more time looking over Riverclan. Many moons I’ve sat by, guiding you and your clanmates. Though it’s not always been the jolliest of times, I’ve endured, longer than you can imagine.” He looked upon her almost knowingly, recognizing her grief, as he’d watched the unfortunate events unfold from his position in Starclan. Briefly he wondered if either Brightfoot or Rainstar would speak to her during the ceremony. “Wisteriaflower, with this life I give you patience. The patience to endure, to guide, and to lead.” As he said this, he stood and touched his star-kissed nose to her head, initiating the painful process of transferring a life, stretching out to be able to reach her. Mallowleaf sent her the peace that patience gave him: it washed over him to Wisteriaflower like an ocean breeze, the spray coming to mist on her fur. When he pulled away, the scent of salt hung in the air between them. “Use this life to withstand the challenges to come as the next leader of Riverclan.” And with that, the elegant cat made of stars faded back into the crowd. If Wisteriaflower looked for him, she wouldn’t find him–it was like the spirit had never been there.


    As Blazemoon stepped away from her, Wisteriaflower’s calico fur bristled slightly in the tug of an eerie feeling that pulled at her when the StarClan warriors before her parted and gave way to allow the passage of one warrior she had not recognized– clearly he was of one she had not known during her journey, and yet, it appeared in his glowing amber eyes as he approached her that he knew well of who she was. There was a quiet knowledge in his eyes as he addressed her. Mallowleaf? She questioned silently, as the ancient ancestor introduced himself to her and told her of his life and how long he had been among the ranks of the long past-lived. He told her of his endurance and of his silent guidance over RiverClan and in this moment she wished that she had the power to speak, the appropriate words to reply to this ancient StarClan warrior all of the emotions she had bundled up inside of her, but all that she was able to muster was a murmur of, “Thank you,” as he approached her to press his nose to her forehead. 

    The pain that shocked her was somewhat less than the fierce determination that Blazemoon had given her a moment ago, yet it rocked her all the same. After the initial pain ebbed, a feeling resembling a sense of calm that soothed her very soul, as it seemed. Wisteriaflower’s breath left her in a soft sigh, like she was releasing the tense stress in her body as the new life was granted to her. She glanced up to find the oldest spirit of her RiverClan ancestors among the ranks of the StarClan warriors present, but he had disappeared, much like the mist that hugged the floor of the Mooncave. 


    It had been many moons since the old tom had been summoned by the living. So long, in fact, that his large, glittering frame was barely visible amongst his fellow spirits. Waspstar watched quietly as the Riverclan she-cat received her first two lives, the gentle breeze whisking across his gilded pelt. The tom sighed as Mallowleaf faded, and prodded forward to face Wisteriaflower.

    “Greetings,” he breathed, “I am Waspstar.” His voice seemed muffled – as if time itself obstructed the full volume of his words. “Long ago I ruled Shadowclan. And though there were times of triumph and blessings, I had to lead my clan through the utmost darkest of times.” The old tom’s amber eyes flashed with pain, memories of old friends flooding his mind. “I am here to give you the strength to deal with the hardships a leader must undoubtedly endure for their clanmates. Wisteriaflower, with this life I give you resilience and fortitude. Put the clan above yourself and be firm in tough decisions.” He stepped forward without hesitation, pressing his nose to her forehead. Grief and suffering flowed from the tom’s essence, as this life ebbed into Wisteriaflower. Although painful, Waspstar knew that she would be stronger for enduring it.

    He broke the connection, turning back towards the sparkling expanse of Starclan. Waspstar slowly padded back towards the gathering of star-laden cats, watching the ceremony continue from afar.


    Wisteriaflower watched calmly and quietly as another faded spirit approached her– a tom larger than her own stature, but one who held himself with such unspoken dignity that she felt compelled to hold her breath and square her shoulders as she puffed her chest out and stood as upright and solid as she could. She listened as the ShadowClan leader known as Waspstar told her of his life, his rule, and his struggles as he guided his Clan. Sympathy for the old spirit was the first emotion she felt, but she knew that someone as humble as himself would not have any necessity for her empathies. The calico warrior bowed her head as the ShadowClan leader stepped forward to bestow upon her the life he had to give. As he touched her, she felt immediately the excruciating pain of the suffering he must have had to endure and her claws gripped vainly onto the stone earth below her. 

    The pain given from a leader feels even worse than the pain suffered from those earlier, she thought, is it because they’ve endured this feeling nine times over? Wisteriaflower, for a brief moment here, felt dread creep upon her. Would she be strong enough to handle this? Swallowing the lump in her throat, the RiverClan warrior knew that she had to. Her Clanmates were still waiting for her back home, and Fishtail’s company outside the walls of the mooncave reminded her further of this. She inhaled sharply through her nostrils and watched as Waspstar left her and waited for the next spirit warrior to approach.


    Wisteriaflower did not have much time to dwell in her thoughts, for the ShadowClan tom from previous moments had returned to the shadows of StarClan’s ranks, only to be replaced by a lithe silver tom, whose starry figure was much more visible than the tom who preceded him. He carried a sense of dignity and strength, his amber eyes were confident and seemed to speak for him as to the accomplishments of his life. She didn’t know this tom, but she had a feeling that he must have been an important figure to his Clan. “I am Slatestar,” He began, his deep voice as steady and strong as the rest of him, “I was born long before your time, when the Clans integrated to their new territories by the sea after the Great Move.” The calico warrior felt incredibly perplexed by this information, as she had not been born originally in the Clans and while she had heard rumors of the move of territories by Clan elders, she had not any personal connection to it herself. The tom seemed to sense her confusion, for amusement lit his golden eyes as he spoke to her once more. “I am one of RiverClan’s oldest leaders by the sea, I would not be surprised if you had not heard of me. Time seems to have leaped far from my lifetime.”

    Slatestar approached her without hesitation or pity for the pain he knew he was about to inflict onto the RiverClan warrior and leaned down to press his nose to her forehead. “With this life, I give you humility. The ability to see past your own pride and to humble yourself to the level of others before you. Use it well for your Clan.” Yet again, a fierce pain seared through her, though it was not as strong and unyielding as the previous life she had been given. She was able to hold her own under the feeling quite well in comparison. Slatestar removed himself from her, and with a nod, returned to the ranks of the StarClan cats that had gathered here. Wisteriaflower watched him go, awaiting again for the next spirit to come to her.

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