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    It was near sundown when Bumblenose arrived in the nursery, and Dandelionstem knew she was coming before she ever reached the opening; the heavy footfall of her daughter as familiar to her as the beating of her own heart. “Good afternoon, dear,” the queen chimed, her voice both soft and delicate. When the large striped warrior squeezed through the entrance, she nearly blocked out the remaining light. Bumblenose kneeled onto the floor in front of her mother, dropping the plump vole that was clamped between her jaws. “Good afternoon, mother. How has your day bee—“ her sentence was cut short, and her attention was now on that of the newcomer. Of course, she wasn’t necessarily new, just new to her. While Wolfstar had welcomed her into the clan a short time ago, this was the first time Bumblenose had seen of her. A flush crept onto her checks at that. Clearing her throat, the warrior decided to at least introduce herself to make things less awkward now that she had been staring. What made matters even worse was that the she-cat was admittedly cute. “My deepest apologies,” she began in a formal tone, “We haven’t met. My name is Bumblenose.”


    The recently christened Magnoliabreeze lifted her head up, from where she had rested her chin hanging over the lip of her mossy nest. She did love her new name. Magnoliabreeze. An extension of her prior moniker of just ‘Maggie”, the name given by her old human owners. Magnoliabreeze felt like the missing half of that name. Just as being here had completed her in so many ways she could never have imagined back in her old life.


    “H-hello there.” She mewed timidly, shifting in her bed. She’d rarely spoken to anyone outside of the nursery. It had become known to her, over time, that Queens joining the Clans for easy kitten care was not unusual. But that it usually ended with the Queen running out on her offspring, saddling the Clan with their welfare. I’m not leaving my kits no matter what. I’ve gone through too much to have them here. Her baby blue eyes seemed to reflect this determination not to be seen as duplicitous, as they fixed lightly on Bumblenose.


    “You’re Bumblenose, aren’t you? Dandelionstem talks about you a lot. You all have such interesting names…Bumblenose is quite cute.” She seemed to realize how forward her choice of words has been belatedly, and her pink ears deepened in their rosy hues.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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