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We both want her happy (Black and Edge)

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    The sun was setting at camp once again, Edgepaw was late to dinner as he was busy taking care of Swanpath’s nest and making sure the queen had food. Edgepaw became more trouble than usual and while he kept getting punished by Darkstar for pulling pranks or talking back to older warriors. Usually being punished to clean the nests of elders and queens, he would frequently see Eclipsepaw, another apprentice causing trouble and being published by Darkstar with the elders. Usually the younger apprentice would dismiss Edge and tell him that the Elders’ den was being taken care of, so the black and gray tom would spend time cleaning the nursery and spending time with Swanpath. The Queen treated him well, like one of her own kits. She didn’t mind hearing any of his crazy stories and she would be very happy when he would come in with fish or a mouse, he would always ask stories they would even talk about how exciting it must be to have kits.

    He stopped when he saw a familiar face, Blackpaw grooming her face at the entrance of the apprentice den. Edgepaw didn’t really know how to approach her, as she didn’t look like the one to start a conversation with that easily. He knew he was gaining a reputation as well for not being the most liked cat in Riverclan as well and being a bad influence as well to Snowpaw. The young tom knew that Blackpaw was extremely important to Snowpaw as well.. Just not knowing how important, he saw the way the two would look at each other when the other was not looking. He cared about Snowpaw, but he knew that he could never dislike Blackpaw either. It wasn’t really him to dislike something without a proper reason.

    Letting out a sigh, Edgepaw made his way towards the apprentice den and stopped in front of Blackpaw, watching her for a moment he sat down and wrapped his tail around his paws and saw Snowpaw wasn’t around, possibly spending time with Darkstar. He let out a awkward cough which caused her to look up with narrowed eyes and he lit his lip “Hi.. I’m Edgepaw, I don’t think we really met properly before but I know we have a mutual friend in Snowpaw” He muttered as he looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

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    Blackpaw was seated near a prominent growth of hawthorn bushes in camp. It had been a nice enough day. She and Moonpaw had relaxed down by the river in the shallows, where ice melted into the main waterway. She hadn’t had a chance to get Snowpaw alone all day, but perhaps that was for the best. She’d failed to leave her feelings where she ought to have. Now the only option was to starve them out.


    Now the sun streaked long raches of amber across the snow-laden grounds. Snow was so beautiful in any lighting. Snow. Something so cold yet it made her heart feel so warm to think about.


    Maybe I can keep these feelings. Just to myself.


    Her head snapped up as someone nearby coughed.


    “Oh! Yes, Edgepaw right? I apologize that I did not welcome you to our clan sooner.” She smiled serenely, although there was a weariness in the corners of her gaze. If anything, she yearned for alone time now. But this conversation necessitated the revival of her fires.


    “I’m Blackpaw, of course. I’ve been training for five moons, so I’m very close to earning my Warrior name.” She purred, a genuine spark of relish coloring her tone. “Yes Snowpaw did mention you! I’m so happy that she’s making some friends, she has such a hard time sometimes.”


    The tall tom nodded as he listened to her words, and he sat down in front of her and wrapped his tail neatly around his paws as he watched her for a moment and he chuckled “I’m sorry I haven’t introduced myself either, you know how busy training could be.. It took a while to adjust to clan-life, but I feel welcomed.. For the most part” He said looking around at the clan cats were speaking with each other, knowing some would give him glares when he wasn’t looking.

    “Did you guys have dinner yet? I know you and Snowpaw usually have dinner, she invited me to have dinner with you guys tonight but training was running a bit late today. Whitefoot wanted me to swim for a bit before dinner, thinks it’s good to release energy along with running laps around the territory” He said before he stopped, knowing talking about training was probably one of the most boring things to do but he changed the topic

    “Yeah, Snowpaw talks about you too. She’s an incredible cat, but you know that already” Edgepaw said with a smile thinking of the small molly and he nodded “It’s hard for her, but she got two best friends a cat could ask for” Edgepaw chuckled looking at Blackpaw, the molly in front of him wasn’t as bad as he thought.. The tom thought she may have wanted to chase him off by now because of how much of a troublemaker he could be.

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