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Wasppaw // SC

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    W A S P P A W 

    • ShadowClan Medicine Cat Apprentice •


    art by Jetstreamdraws

    Parents★Hornetstar(father), Wisteriastar(mother)
    Siblings★Fennelpaw, Rowanpaw

    Rank★Medicine Apprentice(apprenticed in Jan. 2021)

    Birthday★May 14
    Age★6 moons
    Scent★Soft/faint pine needles

    Personality★Wasp is a soft-spoken boy, he is incredibly intelligent and is a natural problem-solver. He’s the type to remain calm under any situation and find a solution to present issues.
    Skills★This young tom is incredibly unique in terms of his ability to see spirits; most StarClan warriors only appear when they choose to, but Wasp has been able to see those of the afterlife as normally as the living since he was able to open his eyes. However, he hasn’t gotten full control over this potential and has yet to completely tell apart the dead and the living.
    Appearance★Long-furred, slim calico tom– primarily black and white with ginger accents. Bi-colored green and amber eyes.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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