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    Two apprentices at once, huh? That seemed to be an awful lot of responsibility for a newly made warrior, but Frostburn didn’t mind. She had faith in herself and in her new wards, and that was all she needed. Some would say that Firestar had dumped the ‘undesirable’ trainees on her, the ones that weren’t suited for clan life, but Frostburn didn’t see it that way. Where others saw pathetic scraps of fur, Frostburn saw untapped potential. She saw warrior material. All she needed to do was shape it. 

    She led Milky and Tinypaw through the forest, cautiously keeping an eye out for any signs of trouble. The war was over, but she wouldn’t put it past ThunderClan or WindClan to attempt an ambush. There was also a chance that they would run into rogues or predators. If anything went wrong, Frostburn was more than prepared to lay down her life to protect the cats trailing behind her. After a short time of walking in silence, the trio arrived at their destination; a clearing in the woods. This wasn’t the Sunlit Clearing, but a different place deeper into the territory. The area was cool and shaded, perfect for training in the heat.

    “Alright you two,” She began, motioning for them to sit as she hopped up on a tree stump. “As I explained back at camp, you are now training partners. I hope you will get along well, since you will be spending a lot of time together from now on. Now, Milky,” her gaze fell onto the Siamese she-cat before her, tail twitching slightly. “Because of your… condition, I’ll take it easy on you for now. Just don’t mistake it for me letting you off because we’re friends. Once you’re able to train normally again, I will expect you to work just as hard as Tinypaw, understand?” Once the other she-cat confirmed her understanding, Frostburn nodded, taking a moment to gather her thoughts.

    “Excellent. Well you two, I’m not going to sugarcoat it; some members of our clan think that you aren’t worth my time. They think that you’re weak and unworthy of a place in SkyClan. I think that they’re wrong.” The piebald she-cat began to pace on her perch, emerald eyes glinting as she looked to the cats below her. “I believe that two of SkyClan’s best warriors are sitting in front of me, just dying to be set free. I can help you release them, as long as you put in the work and effort. Are we in agreement?” She stopped pacing and looked down at Tinypaw and Milky, warmth flashing in her eyes as they mewled their agreements.

    “Well then, let’s get started. We’ll start simple and work our way up. Right now I want to focus on building your strength and endurance. You can’t win a fight if you hit like a butterfly, and you can’t hunt if you can’t chase after prey without getting winded. I want you both to go into the lowest crouch you possibly can, then stand back up. Like this-“ She crouched as low as she possibly could, then returned to her full height. “Repeat that exercise as many times as you can, and be sure to count how many rises you do. Once your legs start to burn, call out how many rises you managed, then sit down. You may begin.” With her instructions complete, she hopped down from the stump in order to observe Milky and Tinypaw up close.

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