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    Dusk was staining the distant overhead skies a deep maroon. Cloudless, the sun went out in a blaze of glory as night began to creep ever closer..

    Normally it was the time for sleeping, or getting near to it anyways. but Hawkpaw, ThunderClan Apprentice and known troublemaker was having none of it. He’d successfully lost his mentor among the bracken, and found his way back to the familiar concrete jungle. The pavement felt hot and rough n his pads, which had softened from their time on the forest floor. He strutted rather daintily for someone who not only should not be there, but was in grave danger for doing so.

    Abruptly the sharp clatter of debris hitting the ground could be heard, causing the young tom to practically jump out of his skin.

    “Who’s there?” He called out, sounding braver than he felt. “I’m only gonna ask once, you better come out.”

    mahon [owl]

    plumpaw [thunderclan apprentice]

    The cool air sent a shiver down Plumpaw’s spine as he wandered to the depths of thunderclan territory. It had been late when he noticed that someone was missing from the apprentice’s den and the young tom decided to go search for Hawkpaw himself – maybe if Plumpaw found Hawkpaw he’d get some praise for his tracking skills! Excitedly, the young apprentice sniffed the air, frowning as he struggled to pick up a scent. Eyes widening, Plumpaw realized that this was because they had reached the outskirts. Hesitant to move forward, the thunderclanner took a step back but, unfortunately, felt his body press against a foreign object that fell over and shattered on the cold grey ground, causing Plumpaw to jump forward. Eyes wide, the young tom took a shaky step forward when he heard his clanmates voice.

    “H-Hawkpaw! It’s me, Plumpaw. What are you doing out here?” He tried to sound brave, but the unfamiliar and loud environment was not helping. “What is this place?” Plumpaw asked, the usually happy-go-lucky apprentice unusually frightened.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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Forums The Outskirts The Outskirts Kittypet Place Wanted, dead or alive.