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    s n o w p a w

    It had begun to get late, the sun sinking below the horizon and blazing its golden light across the frozen, bare trees. It decorated the barren ground with streaks of yellow and orange, speckling a sunlit path toward the river and the paws of Snowpaw. Her small white and gray frame was hunched slightly, blue eyes focused on the water below as it rushed quickly past. It’s current pulled chunks of ice with it, the cold water rumbling softly as it brushed against the edges of the earth. It seemed like years she sat there, unmoving like a statue, until her single gray paw shot out and snagged a plump, black fish. She tossed it onto the bank, losing her grip and watching her prey smack the edge of the bank before slithering back into the gurgling water, leaving the apprentice looking dejected.

    Today had been difficult, and not just with training. Her thoughts seemed to be elsewhere, wandering places they shouldn’t be. Focusing on something seemed merely impossible, which reflected with her actions. She’d caught nothing today on the hunting patrol aside from a sneeze, and had successfully tripped over Darkstar a million times during battle training. He had ended it early and said his paws hurt from the cold, but the little molly knew better than that. He was saving her from making an even bigger fool of herself. She took a few paw steps back, but kept her blue gaze fixed on the cold water as it rushed by. How would she be a warrior if she could barely catch a fish? Or hardly defend herself? Her warrior name seemed much farther away after today. 

    Not to mention her run-ins with her brother, Milkpaw, and Pebblepaw. The pair seemed inseparable, which only made Snowpaw more skittish than before. Her brother had filled out, had a growth spurt the past two moons and shot up taller than most the other apprentices. Pebblepaw had always been dainty and pretty, her dark fur sleek and well groomed at all times. It was difficult not to stare at her reflection and feel anything other than sadness. Her legs were short and stubby, her tail too long for her small body. She was a bit chubby still, her cheeks full and round, and not to mention her disproportionate paws to her body. They seemed full grown, waiting for her physique to catch up. Will I always feel unpretty?


    He tried to find Snowpaw for dinner, he caught a big fish for them and Blackpaw to share. But upon returning to camp, he only found Blackpaw at their usual spot and usually it was Snowpaw who was early for dinner. The tom and Blackpaw were wondering where Snowpaw was so they agreed to split up and look for her, it was unusual for Snowpaw to miss dinner, she loved to hang out with her friends.

    It took a while but soon he spotted her familiar white-gray fur and he made his way towards her, watching her as she observed the water for a moment before catching a fish, but it soon escaped and got back into the water. Taking a deep breath, he went towards her, Edgepaw knew that she would know it was him with his scent of sea salt and mint and if she didn’t want him to be there and she just wanted some alone time, he would respect her wishes and return to camp.

    Finally he was standing next to her, he looked down at her and saw she had a frown on her face and looked very sad. Edgepaw sat down next to her, but gave her space, and he watched the water for a moment with her.. Letting the silence overtake them for a moment before he spoke softly, his usual rough and deep voice was actually gentle for once, not bothering to ask was something wrong.. Because there was something on the small molly’s mind but muttering “Do you want to talk? I’ve been told I’m a pretty good listener”

    His long fur was flowing slightly in the breeze, his dark blue eyes showed worry for her. The tom knew that her time being an apprentice wasn’t easy with her siblings and other apprentices, and having the leader as your mentor added much more pressure as well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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