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    Honeysplash – Skyclan Warrior

    Honeysplash shuffled, discomforted by Firebird’s words. He grunted in agreement, unwilling to verbally confirm the ginger tom’s point. They’d always been there for each other, for better or worse. Being alone would’ve been unbearable. He looked away, staring into the rippling stream before them as the two ginger toms conversed. The water was comforting, bubbling along its eternal path. Unlike them, the creatures below weren’t concerned with blood, family, and unworthy fathers.

    Great Starclan,’ he thought dryly to himself. It seemed his casanova personality might’ve been inherited. “I’m beginning to wonder how many other half-siblings we may have,” he snorted in wry amusement. “We may never know unless we get the opportunity to beat it out of Flamesmoke. But, good luck with that,” he grumbled. “We’re all better off without him. Honestly, I’m not sure if ‘family’ bonding is a good idea.” He rolled his shoulders, looking over at Firebird. “You’re deputy. We just … need to be careful, I suppose.

    A familar scent caught his nose, causing his ears to perk. ‘Blazestar, she’s here?’ He sat up straighter, feeling alarmed as he peered into the woods. He’d hate to be caught just now, talking with a Thunderclanner so soon after the gathering’s drama. He glanced over at Firebird, wonder if he’d also caught her scent.


    Firebird ~Skyclan Deputy 

    Nodding in agreement to Honeysplash’s words. They indeed needed to be careful, their whole situation had changed dramatically now that they all knew about one another. Firebird was certain that Foxnose wouldn’t want many to know of his connection to Skyclan. Not with tensions already so high from the gathering; they would definitely not trust him if they found out that he was half-brother to none other than: Firebird and Honeysplash. Two trouble makers of Skyclan.

    Biting his lower lip as he lets those thoughts sink in. He needed to tread carefully when it came to keeping a connection with his new found younger brother of Thunderclan. Looking away from his large tufted paws to glance up at Foxnose once more. He could see such youth in his eyes; he hoped that finding out he had family wouldn’t ruin that. “We must be discrete—our clans don’t get along too much. Can’t have others finding out” he stated the obvious with a small shrug to his shoulders.

    His form stiffening ever so slightly at the familiar scent filtering in the air around the two Skyclanners. Turning his cranium ever so slightly as he eyes his brother; noticing that he too had caught the scent of Blazestar. Huffing as he quickly looks over at Foxnose; “It would seem that our little gathering has to be cut short.” He sighs as he rises fully to his large paws. Nodding his head towards Honey to signal to him that it was indeed time to go. Turning away from the stream as he makes his way towards the outline of the birch trees. Pausing as he glances back; “How about we all meet back here in three weeks?” He wondered, though his tone didn’t really incline for objections as he makes his way closer and deeper into Skyclan territory. Leaving the fellow ginger tom alone across the stream.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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