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    A tired groan escapes his black rubbery hued lips as the tall lanky ebony tom slowly makes his way out of camp. The young apprentice had been rudely awakened by an older apprentice, informing him that Hornetstar wanted him to meet him in the clearing within the Tall Pines for much needed training. Frowning as that just sounded like torture to him instead of training, sure he wanted to learn to become the best warrior he could be, but did he really have to get up so early in order to do so? Knowing it was best not to keep his mentor waiting, he skipped breakfast as he had just rolled out of bed and rushed out of the apprentice den like a maniac. Roachpaw only had enough time to give his ruffled bed-appearance fur a few much needed licks while slipping into the dim forest. Sunflower colored eyes flickering around in interest, his steps muffled by the moss covered earth, toes spreading as the damp soil clung to the thin webbed skin. Wrinkling his nose in disgust at the dampness around him, though the young tom should be use to it all by now but it would seem that Roachpaw would never become accustomed to the coldness that seemed to surround Shadowclan.

    Narrowing his yellow eyes in concentration as he studies the area around him, making sure that he was indeed going the right way. Spotting faint, yet prominent claw mark within the meat of the rough bark of the pine tree; signaling that he was indeed heading in the right direction. Smirking in small triumph before continuing his little trek to the clearing where he would meet with his mentor, Hornetstar. Roachpaw couldn’t help but wonder what the older tom had in store for him today. ‘This is going to be fun’ He couldn’t help but snort at his inner sarcastic thoughts before quietly approaching the make-shift training grounds.

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