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Training/Borders (TanglexDusk meet Blazespirit)

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    ♡ Tanglepath of Thunderclan ♡

    It was late afternoon within Thunderclan. Her blue gaze looked up as the sun hid behind a grey mass of clouds. Taking a deep breath, Tanglepath could smell the dampness of rain that hung in the air. The fluffy white-brown warrior would have usually preferred to stay in camp that day sheltering from the oncoming rain. But Tanglepath had promised her new apprentice Duskpaw, that she would take her out of camp to become familiar with the border lines.

    It would of done her good to get out of camp. With the disappearance of Hollystar, and Kass currently taking charge of Thunderclan, she didn’t very much like being around camp anymore. It was alot of information to take at the moment. Especially since their was the death of Wolfstar to consider. It would most likely impact Thunderclan badly. She respected her deputy out of loyalty to her clan, and she didn’t hate her…but something just didn’t feel right. And she wasn’t quite sure why. Tanglepath quickly shook the thoughts from her head telling herself she was just being paranoid. That it was all in her head. Still, the thoughts wanted to gnawe at her.

    Sighing, she waited patiently as her bright blue gaze scanned the clearing for her apprentice. With a slight wind starting up, her white fur ruffled sending a chill down her spine. Tanglepath tucked her fluffy brown tipped tail against her paws in attempt to try and keep herself as warm as possible while waiting at the entrance of the camp…



       A distant rumble echoed in the sky and sent a small tremor through Duskpaw. She shivered momentarily, but then the day’s upcoming excitements washed away her distaste for the rain. Tanglepath had promised to show her the ThunderClan borders today! Memories of her apprenticeship ceremony, and then of mother chastising her unkempt pelt flickered across Duskpaw’s mind. Slightly apprehensive, she gave the fur on her chest a couple of licks to smooth it down before leaving the apprentices’ den.

         A heavy air lay around the camp, charged with not only the potential storm, but also with the news that their leader, Hollystar, was gone. Uncertainty as dense as fog seemed to permeate the atmosphere. Duskpaw anxiously thought to herself that if it this had happened to someone so influential as their very own leader, it was highly probable that anyone could disappear next. But she brushed these thoughts aside so as to focus on the task at hand. Tanglepath stood at the entrance of the camp, her gaze searching. Their eyes met before Duskpaw had reached her, so she hastily called out “I’m ready! I’m sorry to keep you waiting!”

         Tanglepath had arranged herself neatly, keeping in her own warmth, but Duskpaw felt suddenly felt as if she had a belly full of ants. She could have bursted with excitement “Thank you for taking me out on a day like this.”


    ♡ Tanglepath of Thunderclan ♡

    Noticing Duskpaw’s wide eyes in excitement and nervousness, Tanglepath smiled warmly at the young apprentice in hope it would make her feel more at ease. “It’s ok. I haven’t been waiting that long.” Seeing Duskpaw’s enthusiasm made her remember the days of how she felt as a newly appointed Thunderclan apprentice. It was always exciting to get out and finally leave kithood behind to explore beyond the camp clearing. Getting up, she turned towards the entrance and disappeared through the brush. Tanglepath wasn’t worried of Duskpaw being left behind. The white-brown warrior kept a decent steady pace for her new Apprentice to easily catch up as she walked down the worn dirt path.

    Tanglepath was going to go around the territory working counter clockwise to teach her young apprentice the differences in the scents of all the clans and where there border markers were. Stopping, she turned to wait for Duskpaw to catch up before looking over at the Shadowclan border. “Take a deep breath Duskpaw. This is the border between shadowclan and Thunderclan territory. Remember it well. Since we are in the center of all the clans at shared borders, there will be alot of scents to get familiar with. And Shadowclan is one of the most distinctive.” No one really ever talked about it, but Tanglepath’s mother had been from shadowclan and her father was from Thunderclan. Tanglepath had always felt more a longing with Thunderclan since she was born, so that’s why the young warrior had decided to stay. It just felt…right.

    The scent of shadowclan was overwhelming. To her it smelled sour with a hint of rotting carcasses and mud due to the swamp. She could never really imagine smelling that 24/7.


         Tanglepath’s patience showed through her eyes, and this put to rest most of Duskpaw’s unease. She relaxed, and then her thick white pelt smoothed out a little. As they passed through their territory, Duskpaw noted the scents of her Clanmates, fresh and old, that crowded the path leading directly from the camp. She followed the flattened brush that made up their pathway, close to her mentor’s side. The faint, mouth-watering scents of prey tickled the roof of her mouth, but she did not pay enough attention to note which direction they came from – she was focusing on territory right now. Soon enough, their trail started to give way to thicker brush, and Duskpaw had to pay more attention to the unfamiliar terrain. She fell behind her mentor just enough to watch her movements through the brush and try to emulate them. Slightly self-conscious, Duskpaw hurried along. 

         Thick roots jutted out from the dirt in places. Since Duskpaw’s little frame was smaller than the average apprentice of her age, she found it tougher to navigate the area than most. But her mentor had been mindful enough to keep pace with her apprentice, and for that, Duskpaw was grateful. Nonetheless, she hurried along as fast as she could, gradually adjusting. Then, from just up ahead, Tanglepath stopped. “Take a deep breath Duskpaw. This is the border between shadowclan and Thunderclan territory. Remember it well. Since we are in the center of all the clans at shared borders, there will be alot of scents to get familiar with. And Shadowclan is one of the most distinctive.”

         Shortly after her mentor had spoken, the ShadowClan scent hit her in the face. Duskpaw came to an abrupt halt, her fur prickling a little in response to the foreign scent “Whoah that is really gross!” After she spoke, she quickly looked up at her mentor “I mean, it’s so different from us, anyway.” The ShadowClan scent was off-putting to say the least, but Duskpaw tried to determine where it began and the ThunderClan scent ended. She leaned over and stretched her little black nose out tentatively, searching for the transition area. She picked up on the fresh scent of what had to have been a ThunderClan marker and nodded her understanding to her mentor “I’ll definitely remember this one.”



         Blazespirit stifled what would have been an impressive yawn as she padded slowly through the network of tunnels beneath the Clan’s territory. She followed the familiar path towards Tall Pines, although dawn had not yet arrived – she could feel it in her bones. Cold air still clung firmly to the surrounding dirt walls and assaulted her like thousands of tiny claws, and momentarily, she was alone with her thoughts. The nightmare that had awoken her so prematurely was still fresh in her mind, and no matter how she resisted the onslaught of terrible images, they refused to recede. Memories of her parents and siblings, and then the harsh, tangy taste of blood in the air. Quick movements, screeching, a sharp pain in her chest, and then silence. Blazespirit suddenly broke into a run, frustration fueling her rhythmic gallop. She would outrun these images and leave them in the dust that her churning paws left behind.

         Shortly thereafter, a fresh breeze swamped her body as she emerged from the tunnels, and the open air erased the final remnants of her dream. The large, orange tabby slowed to a walk to catch her breath, but continued onward. Only one prospect now enveloped her, and that was hunting. She swiveled her ears back and forth, crouching lower to the ground and parting her jaws. Scents gradually flooded her mouth, one at a time. First was the bitter, yet lovely taste of the pine needles littered across the ground, and then followed the faint scent of the ThunderClan markers. For the first time, Blazespirit realized that perhaps she had strayed too near to the line between the territories. She didn’t want the dawn patrol to catch her scent and create unnecessary animosity, but before she turned to head back deeper into ShadowClan territory, a fresh wave of ThunderClan scent hit her like a monster.

         She grumbled quietly to herself, half expecting to be greeted by a riled up patrol. But instead, she spotted only two felines – one adult and one adolescent. They showed no signs of hostility, and the way the older cat seemed to guide her younger companion, she assumed that they were mentor and apprentice. Too apprehensive to address them but too curious to leave quite yet, Blazespirit stood a comfortable distance away from the border and studied them quietly. She had never before trained another cat, but she would have loved the opportunity.


    ♡ Tanglepath of Thunderclan ♡

    Duskpaw’s response brought out a meow of laughter from Tanglepath as the young apprentice pulled back a bit in disgust. “Don’t tell that to any Shadowclan cat you come across. We don’t want to offend anyone and then have a war on our paws.” Thinking back on it, most Shadowclan cats were quite defensive about most things. Especially their scent. Tanglepath had a feeling she had once offended a shadowclan warrior as a apprentice…but when she thought back on it, that wasn’t possible. She hadn’t really known any Shadowclan cats personally besides her mother. And she spent all her time within Thunderclan being raised by her dad after coming of age at 6 moons.

    Watching as Duskpaw gave the border a good whiff, it was cute seeing her discovering and learning this new smell. Tanglepath smiled at her response, blue eyes shining brightly. “Good.”

    Tanglepath’s brown ears twitched slightly in curiosity as her gaze caught a slight glance of movement among the brush at the border side of Shadowclan. Raising a eyebrow, the white/brown warrior would have usually assumed it was a mouse or some other creature of the sort. However, due to already being out here along the border, Tanglepath felt she needed to check it out in case anything major needed to be reported. “Wait here. If anything bad happens, you run straight back to camp and get backup. You hear me?” She whispered seriously as she protectively held out her fluffy brown tail in front of Duskpaw.

    Quietly she stalked forward towards the moving foliage. As she approached closer to the border, Tanglepath caught a fresh scent of Shadowclan as the sudden shift in wind carried it in her direction. With narrowed eyes, her brown ears laid flat against her head as her white fur began to bristle. She wasn’t sure if the shadowclan cat was planning to trespass, or was just passing through their own territory so early in the morning. However, either way…she wasn’t taking chances. Not when she had her new apprentice to protect. “If you plan on trespassing or spying on our clan, I’d suggest you leave further into your own territory!” She hissed. Her brown tipped tail lashed side to side in aggravation, claws unsheathed in preparation if the cat planned to pass the Thunderclan scent marker.

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