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    2 years




    Toby is intelligent, friendly, and compassionate. He has a bit of a mischievous streak, often freaking out new cats with his missing leg. He often helps his owners take care of the other cats they rescue and bring into their home.

    Toby was born like any other kitten, however, something was different about him… he only had three legs. Because of this, his mother ignored him. She would allow him to nurse, but refused to show him any love. Once he was weaned,  he went a new home, like most kittens. His new family fell in love with him, and because him, they opened a rescue for special needs cats. He loves helping with the young cats that come into the home.

    Blossom (Mother) & Max (Father)

    Fry (Brother), Holly (Sister), Princess (Sister), Sam (Brother)



    Moo, Lily (More TBA)



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