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Three Broad Minds (Fire, Wisteria, & Hornet) [CLOSED]

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    Firestar ~ Skyclan Leader

    At this point Firestar was not sure what was right anymore. All the clans were erupting into chaos, the ginger tom could not keep up with everything around him. He was having a feeling that maybe he should have kept his clan out of the building tensions; as he had originally planned. Yet; Firestar was born to create said chaos and even stir up the pot as he had done several times during his deputy days. Why would being a leader be any different? No he joined the alliance because of a neutral dislike all three leaders as well as clans held; Kass or Bluefire. Whatever the rogue deputy went by these days. Firestar knew that he needed to act quickly with Riverclan and Shadowclan; as if he learned anything from the last gathering, Kass is untamed to their way of life.

    She truly believed that she could make Thunderclan ‘stronger’ by defiling their way of life. Their ancestors and warrior codes meant nothing to her; that’s what truly irked the newly appointed leader. As he held no ill will to the fact she was not born within Thunderclan, just the fact that she believed herself to be of higher value then those around her. Huffing at the thought as he trenches forward, the cool air felt soothing against his thick mane. His large tufted paws sinking slightly into the damp earth. Spring was finally here! It sure took New-Leaf long enough to show itself. Mornings still held the bitter cold, but the sun’s rays were finally warming up the ground beneath his paws. Blazing  ember eyes flickering upwards at a sudden movement catching his attention. His paper-thin ears twitching at the calming song of a blue jay flying through the birch trees.

    It always intrigued him on how Leaf-bare took life away while New-leaf creates new life. It was an endless cycle of new and old life playing their part; compensating in the world around them. Sighing through his nose as he finally reaches the outskirts of his territory. Tilting his head as he glances over to the left; Riverclan territory. This would be the first time socializing with the calico molly. It will definitely be interesting as he remembers her stern attitude during the last gathering. Glancing away as he settles down on his rump, a bored look forming on his sharp features as he didn’t even bother looking towards Shadowclan border. Firestar knew that the golden leader would take his sweet time for their hushed meeting. Pursing his lips as the silence around him was calming yet unnerving as well. Fire knew that he would have to be on his guard when dealing with the more experienced leaders, as well as tread carefully as he knew that Shadowclan and Riverclan had grown close during the last few moons. Of course, he did not know exactly how close they truly are. ‘Let’s have some fun’ he sarcastically thought with a smirk on his lips.


    A message had come across to the RiverClan leader a few sunrises ago through her connections with ShadowClan that a new alliance had been brought into the equation of the bond between their two Clans– SkyClan. The cats of the treetops had agreed to side with RiverClan and ShadowClan in the growing tensions that had begun to sprout between them and ThunderClan, so it seemed that they had a new ally to their ranks. This in itself was a good thing, however, she had also received news of the battle that had occurred between SkyClan and ShadowClan and the resulting actions of Firestar that had sacrificed one of Hornetstar’s nine lives. She was well aware that the fiery-furred leader himself had taken the ShadowClan leader’s second life and just this information alone had her irate. SkyClan was now just an alliance to RiverClan through title alone and nothing more than that; in fact, truthfully, Wisteriastar hardly found it in herself to tolerate the forest cats now. However, she was progressively aware of the call to meet that Hornetstar had arranged between the three leaders and that her presence was required tonight at the SkyClan border. The golden-furred tom didn’t have to spend much time to convince her to come, for of course she would go if it just meant being able to spend even the slightest amount of time with him– not like they could truly enjoy one another’s time with Firestar there. 

    Although the knowledge of her pregnancy was not disclosed to anyone outside of the two leaders and their healers, the fact remained that the calico RiverClanner’s body was much slower than she was accustomed to it being as of late. Her pawsteps dragged and her growing weight slowed her down, for as she reached the scentline, she noted that Hornetstar and Firestar had both arrived before her to their meeting place. A frown marred her beautiful face, for it was clear that Wisteriastar would have preferred to have at least a little alone time with her mate before the SkyClanner had arrived. It seemed that this would not be the case. She already did not have the best first impression of Firestar, given the stunt he had partaken in during the last Gathering while he was still deputy and it seemed that he was going to continue to be a thorn in her pelt. She couldn’t even spend a moment alone with Hornetstar now.

    The RiverClan leader was anything but crude, however, she was also not the type of she-cat to lay away her stance on someone else nor was she as placid as to ignore a potential wild card right in front of her face. Firestar, to her, was unpredictable and untrustworthy. Hornetstar seemed to have forgiven the SkyClan leader for his actions, but that didn’t mean that she had to. As she approached the pair, Wisteriastar went straight for the orange striped tom, ignoring common greetings and pleasantries that leaders of a common ground would normally announce one another with. Her orange eyes were cold and ruthless despite the warm hue they held as they stared at the SkyClan leader. Regardless of their height difference and the frame of his muscular body in comparison to hers, the calico warrior was not at all intimidated by the Maine Coon tom. If he thought size was all it took to make a strong warrior, he was about to have the shock of all his nine lives when it came to handling the RiverClan leader. “Just to be clear, this partnership was Hornetstar’s idea and if it weren’t for his prompting, I wouldn’t have allowed you to so much as breathe in my general direction.” She took a step forward, invading the tom’s personal space and shoving her nose right in his face. Her voice was but a thin whisper as she added, “Watch yourself. If you take even one step out of line, I will strip you of each of your nine lives.” Her tone was cold but it was not without weight. Anyone that knew her knew that her threats were not to be taken lightly and that she meant every word she said. Even if she understood that she could not partake in any personal physical brawling of any kind, it would not stop her from displaying her strength and power onto anyone else. Especially not Firestar. She would never forgive him for taking one of Hornetstar’s lives. It didn’t matter that he was alive and well beside her now, a part of him was taken from them and as far as she was concerned, Firestar could rot in a pile of burning, steaming crow-food and she wouldn’t bat an eye.

    Scoffing, Wisteriastar did not wait for his response to her threat. She promptly turned away from him and took herself a seat on the opposite side of Hornetstar, as physically far away from the SkyClan leader as she could manage. She spared a glance at the honey-furred ShadowClanner, wondering for just a heartbeat if he would be surprised or offended by her actions but she pushed that doubt away quickly. He knew what type of she-cat she was before he chose to mate with her, he had to have known that she wouldn’t have accepted this meeting or Firestar at all without giving her blatant dislike of the orange tom right on the front of the table. 



    Nothing had gone according to his plan during this whole fiasco, but that didn’t matter, seeing as everything had ended up mostly the way he wanted it. SkyClan was now officially in an alliance with ShadowClan and RiverClan if dung really hit the air, and ThunderClan wouldn’t knew what hit them. WindClan was still a wild card, of course, but Hornetstar wasn’t worried about them. If the two Clans did end up allying, they would still fall before the might that was this unstoppable triad. Or at least that’s what he called it in his head anyways, though no one would ever know that. Except for maybe Wisteriastar. She might find the name funny, even if he knew she was likely pissed at Firestar. Though he had made his peace with what had happened, he couldn’t speak for her. And seeing as she was his mate, well…

    Luckily he arrived right behind the SkyClan leader, meaning Wisteriastar wouldn’t have any alone time with Firestar. He couldn’t imagine how that would end up, though, as he spotted the calico leader heading for them through the trees, he had a feeling his presence wouldn’t matter one way or another. He glanced at Firestar, mentally willing the other tom to prepare himself to face the wrath of a pregnant she-cat. The two toms at least, after having managed to make peace at their fight, seemed to be on better footing with each other. They weren’t quite friends yet, though it was clear there was a possibility of friendship. He just hoped the RiverClan leader didn’t disrupt that delicate balance somehow, knowing any fights without SkyClan on their side would be harder to win – even harder if SkyClan chose to ally with WindClan and ThunderClan out of spit, though he was banking on Firestar’s hate of Kass that wouldn’t happen.

    Unconsciously a smirk slipped onto his lips as his mate launched into chewing the SkyClan leader a new one, though it could have been mistaken for smugness at the fact Wisteriastar gave all the credit to him for this alliance. “Charming,” he hummed once the she-cat had finished, trying not to act too out of character in front of Firestar. Though he badly wanted to press into her side, soak up her scent, tell her how he absolutely adored her no bullshit attitude. “Anymore threats we need to air, or shall we get onto business?” He desperately hoped his mate wasn’t taking this callous behavior personally.


    Firestar ~Skyclan Leader

    It would seem that the fiery ginger leader could not catch a break as of lately. If he knew that he would have to deal with this lot before accepting his nine lives; he would have respectfully declined. As between dealing with Blazestar leaving for the kittypet life, Wolfstar’s omen warning, Hornetstar in general; he had a migraine. His head constantly throbbing as he tries to take everything in with such little time he is given to absorb it. Sighing as he tries to relax his taunt posture, his form just radiating stress as he hasn’t fully adapted to life of a leader. Now—now he had to handle the wrath of Wisteriastar. He was no stranger to her cold gaze and deathly tone of scolding. As he had been oh so lucky to receive it a moon prior at the last gathering. Keeping his gaze blank of emotion as he lets the calico molly speak her mind.

    It surprised him just to see how worked up she truly was by his recent action against Hornetstar. It just proved his theory that the two leaders were closer than he thought; it would seem that they were indeed close friends. Firestar had assumed they would hold close respect for one another as after all; Shadowclan had stayed with Riverclan for several moons. Arching a brow as he observes the furious expression contorting Wisteriastar’s usual beautiful features. Now she just looked like a pissed off badger protecting her territory. It took everything within the naturally smartass tom to keep his snide comments to himself. As even he knew now was not the time, giving her a small mocking smile before nodding in understanding. It was obvious on where the two leaders stood; this was a partnership after all. They didn’t need to like one another, but they needed to tolerate eachother.

    Though he was itching to comment on how it was her fault that they were all in such a predicament. If she had better control over her warriors maybe she wouldn’t need an alliance to back her up. Firestar was only here out of growing mutual respect of Hornetstar—and maybe a little guilt for killing the lad. At least he got to shut him up, even if it had only been for a minute or so. Clearing his throat as his intense gaze flickers over at the overly amused golden tom. Rolling his eyes as he snarks back; “Yes…lets get down to business. Wouldn’t want her face to get stuck like that permanently” ‘Oops’ he thought, though he wasn’t sorry one bit. Before Wisteriastar could tear him a new one; he smoothly directs their conversation in the right direction. “Now I’m just guessing here..but I’m assuming that we are not just going to peacefully talk it out with Hollystar?” He muses before adding as an afterthought. “After all if that was the case; Hornetstar wouldn’t have tried so hard to earn Skyclan has an alliance” he wisely puts in.

    Letting his cool gaze flicker between the two leaders as he waits for them to reveal their plan. As he was not dull enough to believe that the two leaders hadn’t thought out a plan already. Firestar knew that Hornetstar had thought ahead just Incase he couldn’t win Skyclan over to deal with the growing problem in Thunderclan.


    – W I S T E R I A S T A R –

    The calico RiverClanner scoffed at Hornetstar’s slightly teasing question, brushing it off with a flick of her tail. She had many more threats she could have poured down onto Firestar’s back, like hot wax, but she figured for the sake of their alliance and keeping peace between their three Clans, she had best act like a proper leader and let her personal grudge aside… For now, anyway. It didn’t seem as though the ginger maine coon tom was really taking her as seriously as he should be, after all. If the mocking grin that split his face in half was any indication. In any other circumstances, she would want to scrape that smug look right off his face with her own claws, she was surely tempted to, but she knew better than to act like an apprentice that couldn’t control herself. She was leader of her Clan and she needed to carry herself with the proper authority and dignity that a leader should. 

    “Of course not,” Wisteriastar retorted sharply, unable to fully contain herself when it came to tolerating the SkyClan leader. It would have to take a lot of self-control for her to work on getting used to having to cooperate with this thug. “Hollystar has gone too far this past gathering, acting like I’m the only one who caused that battle or that her Clan is a victim of some heinous act. What’s heinous is the fact that she’s not a strong leader, if you ask me. What kind of leader can’t even properly defend themselves in a fight? You should have seen the sorry excuse of a fight she put up.” The calico warrior snorted, shaking her head in dismay. “Not to mention Wolfstar. Just because he’s been leader the longest does not make him the wisest or the strongest. To me, he seems like a pushover that can’t take care of his Clan without the help of ThunderClan at his side. It’s honestly pathetic, the both of them.”

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