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    Nightbreeze plodded alongside her clanmates, the pelting rain and buffeting wind, making their progress slow going. However, it would all be worth it to finally get out of the dreadful weather. 

    She was drenched to the bones, and her paws were aching and stinging, yet she didn’t let it get to her.

    She was padding besides her clanmates, matching them stride for stride, focusing on how warm and dry they’d be soon when they found shelter from the storm.

    Yet despite the positivity that coursed through her, it wasn’t enough to prepare her for what was about to happen next.

    As they came upon a narrowed pathway, she opted to move more towards the outerside, to give the cats around her more room to pass on by.

    She teetered on the side, waiting for the bedraggled cats to move forward, she didn’t mind at all if she was the last of the group to get to the shelter.

    She was certain that others must be more exhausted than she, and possibly some of them might have even caught ill.

    They took priority over her, she was still flooded with sparking energy, not the least bit worn down from the trek. As soon as the last cat passed her by, she fell back in step with the group.

    Halfway through however, Nightbreeze could feel the ground underneath her paws shift, it was subtle but enough of a sensation to alert her, though even if she had a warning signal, she wasn’t able to move herself away quickly enough.

    The ground began to sift and slide under her paws, and before she knew it, she was being swept off the side of the path. She couldn’t keep the shriek of terror from reverberating through her vocals as she fell over the side.

    Her heart pounded within her chest and she could feel her body plunge through the open air, her claws swiping uselessly, with nothing there to cling onto.

    Then without any warning she felt herself come crashing against something solid, and a pain shooting up her back left foreleg, a agonized hiss slipped through her parted maw.

    It was then, that she realized she’d landed on a ledge, only a foot or two down from where she’d fallen from. Relief washed over her, knowing she hadn’t fallen to her death.

    She painstakingly pushed herself up onto her paws, but she was unable to put any pressure on her back foreleg, which pulsed with white hot agony.

    She silently thanked Starclan for sparing her life, though now, she had no inkling of how she’d make it back up to the path.

    “I’m alright! I’m down here, a ledge caught me, but I’ve hurt my leg. I don’t know if I can climb back up, all by myself.”

    She called up to the group, not even knowing if they’d even heard her fall. Or if they had, did they even realize she was caught on a ledge, still alive?



    Saplingskies was walking with a group of sick cats, making sure nobody fell behind or strayed too close to the edge. Everything was going fine, or at least he thought everything was fine, until a she-cat’s shriek of terror filled the air. Horror gripped the young tom and he quickly made his way back down the path to where the sound had came from, moving carefully so he didn’t take the plunge himself. He nervously peeked over the edge, fearing he’d see some cat splattered on the ground far below, but fortunately, the poor soul was alive and only a few feet down. No horrifying visuals to traumatize Saplingskies today.

    “Nightbreeze!” He called out, recognizing the she-cat’s distinct pelt almost instantly. They had never interacted much, but she was one of his more easily recognizable clanmates. “Don’t worry, I’ll figure out a way to get you back up! I’ll get you off that ledge as soon as I can! Just don’t panic and try not to move too much, alright?” He called down, ears flicking nervously. “I’m going to look around for something to help pull you back up, I’ll be right back!” With that, he backed away from the ledge and began looking around, hoping there was something, anything around that could be useful in saving the she-cat. If he couldn’t get her to safety… He shuddered at all the things that could happen to her if he had to leave her behind.

    Suddenly, his eyes fell onto a dead tree resting on a ledge above him. It was mostly just a log now, but there was a specific branch that caught his attention. The wheels in his head began to turn. ‘If I can get up there and snap that branch off, I can use it to rescue Nightbreeze!’  He thought to himself, whiskers twitching anxiously. Rock climbing was not his forte, but he had to do it to save his clanmate. He would do it for any cat, even one from outside his clan. It was his duty, after all. He took a deep breath, made sure that the rocks could hold his weight, and began to climb, praying to StarClan that the rocks wouldn’t give way and sentence him to death.


    ~Palepetal Skc Warrior~

    They’d been nearing a point in which the path widened out, all was going just smoothly, save for the rain and wind. And  besides the occasional slight slipping of the paws, nothing of much note had occurred.

    As the Skyclan molly plodded on, she picked up on the faintest of noises, the violent sifting of rock and earth.

    Then a shriek pierced into the sky, the reverberation of sound being amplified by the mountain range, allowing the cry to be heard over the storm.

    Her head whipped back over her shoulder just in time to watch, in heart chilling terror, as Nightbreeze a Shadowclan molly, plunge down off of the Mountain.

    She harely knew of Nightbreeze, they’d only conversed sparsely at Gatherings before. Though, Palepetal knew enough to know that Nightbreeze was one of the more pleasant Shadowclanners to be around.

    She froze in place, terrified that Shadowclan might have lost one of their members, that was until Saplingskies, the Shadowclan Medicine cat poked his head over the side, and then Nightbreeze called out telling him of her precarious situation.

    Like ice thawing, Palepetal regained control of her limbs and left the side of her clanmates to help out. She couldn’t just ignore a cat in distress, especially in dire times like this. If the clans were to survive then they had to work together.

    “Saplingskies! May I lend you a paw, to help get Nightbreeze up? I know I’m a Skyclanner, but the clans ought to stick together and help one another, especially at a time like this.”



    ~Nightbreeze, Shc Warrior~

    A sensation of relief washed over Nightbreeze, and warmed her from the inside out, just knowing that her wail of alarm had been heard by her clanmates. Thhat her voice had indeed reached them left her feeling more at ease with her predicament. She gaze back upwards at Saplingskies, they hadn’t spent much time getting to know one another, not because they dislike one another.

    It’s just that they’ve their own duties to perform, and Nightbreeze only went to go see Saplingskies, whenever she was feeling under the weather. Despite being a molly of boundless energy, she had her fair share of health issues.

    Whenever she went to the Medicine Cat Den it was strictly for treatment, and whenever Nightbreeze was feeling particularly ill, she didn’t speak much. Nightbreeze had been born with poor health, and although her state of health has improved over time, she’d occasionally have episodes that sent her to the Medicine Cat Den. So although she’d been into the Medicine Cat Den often, Saplingskies and she hardly interacted verbally.

    They knew each other by name, by pelt color and by scent. Other than that, they knew next to nothing about one another. With a deep breath she gave Saplingskies a nod of understanding.

    “Thank you Saplingskies, don’t worry about me panicking, I’ll be alright. Every Shadowclanner knows panicking is foolish, I’ll sit tight.” She meowed back, hunkering down, knowing that she should stay as still as possible.

    Any sudden movement could send her to her death, the ledge she’d landed on wasn’t exactly structurally sound. She could feel that it was coming loose underneath her.



    Saplingskies climbed carefully yet quickly, reaching the dead tree in almost no time. It didn’t take much effort for him to snap the branch he required off, and he hoped it would be strong enough for Nightbreeze to pull on. He made his way back down, and right at that moment, up came Palepetal. A sigh of relief escaped him, because he could use all the help he could get. “Do you think you’re strong enough to lower me down and help me pull Nightbreeze up? I think if we can make a small chain of cats, plus this branch, we can get her back up. The branch isn’t quite long enough, and I can’t pull her up all on my own.” Saplingskies paused, then peeked back over the edge.

    “Hey Nightbreeze?” He called, peering down at the she-cat. “Do you think you’ll be able to pull yourself up with your front paws if you’re also being pulled up with a branch?” He asked, hoping she would be able to. The rescue would be much easier if she could help herself, even just a little bit.



    “I believe I’m quite capable of lowering you down,” Palepetal retorted though it was with confidence and not any ill-will, as she came to a stop by Saplingskies side, “though I’m not certain if I can pull you both back up on my own.” At least there were some cats with a sense of being humble about their abilities and shortcomings. Most warriors wouldn’t admit to them, though this was a situation of life and death, Palepetal wasn’t going to put her pride above another cat’s life, certainly not. If her pride had to take a hit, then so be it. She could admit that she wouldn’t be strong enough on her own to pull them both to safety. “You’re right, we should ask some other warriors to help, I don’t want to take any chances.” 


    Nightbreeze took a moment to think about the task before her, wondering if she’d be able to haul herself up on the branch, all her other paws were no worse for wear. Though the aching throb was very much a distressing factor, what if she moved the wrong way, and it cause pain to rush through her entire being? It might cause her to lose her grip, but then again, she’d die if she wasn’t able to get off this ledge. So really, she didn’t have a choice in the matter, she either tried and failed, or she didn’t try and died either way.

    The answer was clear as the blue sky, that was concealed by the clouds and rain above,  that she had to put her fate in the paws of Starclan and have faith that her ancestors would be there to help lead her to safety, and help her rescuers work in harmony, so that they could execute this daring rescue that put them all at risk. Nightbreeze certainly did not wish to be the cause of any clan cat’s demise. So she hoped beyond hope that all would end well.

    “I’ll try my best, Saplingskies. I don’t want to remain on this ledge, that’s for certain. If I’m able to, I’ll help myself up as much as I can, I’d never forgive myself if someone’s life was forfeit, because of mine.”


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