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The True North Face, and What Comes After.. [ThunderClan Meeting! Open]

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    From the heart of ThunderClan the mountain in the distance has always been there. A boon for those long and lonely nights, a constant shadow watching over the clans. While you might not see the mountain from the depths of the forest, open spaces like the clan’s camp, the Berry Flats, or the edge of the moors gives a perfect view of the large rock formation. While occasional storms do make their way onto the mountain it was rare for there to be such a storm as this. Lightning struck from the sky, winds roared, and rocks tumbled. The booming of thunder was so loud that even the clan cats could hear it, if not ever so softly in the quiet corners of the forest. 

    Tired and bloody paws trekked through the forest just past the ThunderClan scent border, claws occasionally sliding into the hard and cold dirt floor below for balance in the light rain. ‘Was it really this cold and wet when I climbed the mountain?’ The ThunderClan depu- no, the ex-rogue, wondered to herself, peering up at the clear moon above. Her whole body was sore, from the ache in her shoulders to the nip at her tail tip. With a grunt of pain she turned to continue the journey back home. Blood pounded in her ears, every inch of her body aching to be home and in her own den. She’d survived the ambush, but at what cost? How could she ever make this up to the quick-footed warriors of WindClan? Would her own Clan even accept her choice? Accept her? She was too close to home to think about that now- about how in the span of only a few minutes her world was tilted on it’s axis. 

    The entrance of camp was near, but she knew most of the clan would be either fast asleep or waiting for her to call the last patrol. There were whispers amongst the stars, watching and waiting to see what she would do. Kass couldn’t hear them so she paid them no mind. And so she kept going, until she was practically dragging herself through the entrance under the tree archways. Her bi-colored eyes searched around and was relieved to see that there was no one in camp. 

    ‘Come on Kass,’ she urged herself, ‘Only a few more steps’. 

    Once she’d finally crossed the span of the camp she all but collapsed against the side of the Large Log. She tilted her head to glance at the top of the log but thought better of it. 

    With a deep breath and several moments deliberation she cleared her throat, “All those old enough to catch their own prey.. or however it goes, come outside for a meeting!”  


    Seawatcher drifted in and out of sleep, her thoughts murky and hardly discernible. Part of her waded through the depths of unconsciousness while the other part floated on the surface, vaguely aware of the surrounding world. Splashes of the rainforest’s vibrant colors intermingled with the heavy blackness that existed behind her eyelids. Eventually, the blackness started to punch bigger and wider holes into the images of the forest until none of it remained. Seawatcher stretched her paws, instantly recognizing the familiar feel of the warriors’ den.
    No sooner than she’d opened her eyes did she hear the call for a meeting from the Large Log. “All those old enough to catch their own prey.. or however it goes, come outside for a meeting!” Confusion instantly flooded her mind. In the middle of the night? Uncertainty and a tinge of fear instantly followed the confusion. She struggled to her paws, all remnants of sleep quickly evaporating, and hastily brushed past the entrance of the warriors den and into the camp. Seawatcher did not typically lose her level head, but when she saw Kass, collapsed against the side of the Large Log, clouds of worry and fear filled her expression. She took a few tentative steps forward to appraise her condition more closely.

    “What has happened?”


    For what had seemed like forever for the lean calico feline had finally made his way toward his welcoming nest the warmth that cascaded over his aching body caused nothing but a loud purr of satisfaction. Rotating a bit into his nest he finally laid down, getting comfortable into his nest resting his head on his paws with a smile his bushy tail wrapping loosely around him the soft snores coming from those around him helped lure the tom to sleep. His day had been quite eventful having had to do several patrols between hunting and walking the borderline of his clan territory and of course a short session of battle training to complete the whole ordeal the tom was quite exhausted and just wanted to sleep it off for the next day to come.

    What didn’t seem like forever the tom stirred awake hearing a bunch of rustling and a horse call for the clan to gather. The feline opened his green hues with a rather loud huff not quite happy with the fact that he was being woken up for something like this. Slowly getting up from his nest stretching out his sore limbs the tom pushed his way out of the den being welcomed in open arms to the coldness. Fluffing up his fur the tom shuffled forward stretching a bit more before he found a spot among his clanmates fluffing out his fur as his gaze trained on the beaten molly.

    Appleblooms gaze harden on the molly trying to recall who exactly was she and why he could recongized her from who knows where. Waiting to hear what the strange feline had to say the toms ears flickered as his tail swished from side to side in utter frustation, the dazzling bright stars kissing the gathering clan below.


    Hawkbite was fast asleep in the Warriors den, joined this night by only Amberpaw in the nest he shared with his mate. Most of their kittens were independent sleepers now that they’d begun their training, but his only son had always required a little extra tlc.


    Luckily once abed the little bengal slept like a rock, allowing his parents to extract themselves to see what was going on.


    Hawkbite exited first, feeling Chanterellefrost on his heels. He had eyes only for the scene at hand though- Kass, beaten, battered, and alone. He knew better than to crowd and fuss her, nonetheless the tall black tom drew somewhat closer his eyes narrowed with concern. Whatever could leave his old mentor in such a state was no good news for ThunderClan. Not to mention the aberration of a deputy calling a Clan meeting, much less Kass herself.


    “Kass, what happened to you? Where’s Hollystar?” He meowed, amber eyes darting about as though he would find his fellow black-pelted clanmate hiding somewhere nearby. But as they found nothing, his heart began to sink coldly into the realization that something terrible had happened. Clamming his muzzle shut, he seated himself deciding it was better to await an explanation that was sure to come, though his tail-tip twitched agitatedly from side-to-side.


    Sleep wasnt something the healers had been getting recently, but for once she had finished up early and nothing exciting seemed to be happening. Enjoying her momentary free time the molly had laid down to get shut eye before dragging the kittypet off for early morning training. Her eyes barely closed before an eerie feeling had washed over her, prodding her apprentice side, “No time for sleep yet.” She didnt give her any further information, just expected her to jump to her paws in response. Peachblossom rested at the entrance of the medicine cats den, her tail twitching as it swung behind her.

    The sight of their clan deputy pulling herself onto the log triggered an instant response in the molly. “Morningpaw” Peachblossom had subconsciously started calling her appre twice by her proper name whenever times became more serious. “Prepare some cobwebs and poppy seeds. Leave them here for now then join us.” She knew Kass would still want to appear strong in front of Thunderclan so rather than rush to her side with her herb she would simply wait for her to address the clan before throwing her into her den and forcing medicine down her throat.

    Once the meeting was called the small molly slithered into the clearing, taking her spot at the base of the log. “If you’re going to shout in the middle of the night at least learn how to call a meeting” She grumbled slowly under her breath, her eyes darting towards Kass slightly concerned for the deputy.


    One by one cats exited their dens, tired and confused. The calico she-cat felt her stomach fill with more and more dread as more than half the clan appeared before her. What could she even say? What would make up for what she has done? Out of the crowd she spied Hawkbite and suddenly felt some sort of relief within her. She nodded at him, begging him to come closer to help her get through this. Cats tried to speak out, asking what was wrong. Had something happened? 

    ‘Where’s Hollystar?’ Kass could laugh at that one, a cold and pathetic laugh. She wanted to cry. How had she fallen so far? “Someone go get me Peachblossom, I think I might need to see her after this.” She tells someone in the front of the crowd, a young apprentice who nods diligently but ignores her joke at the end. Right, this wasn’t the time for laughter. When she looks up again Peachblossom is already there and Kass gives her a tight smile that looks more like a grimace than anything else.

    “Alright everyone settle down, I.. I don’t think I can raise my voice.” The deputy tells the clan, voice hoarse as she raises it just enough to get their attention. “I know some of you have been concerned about the whereabouts of Hollystar, and I want to assure you that no one feels her loss more than me. She’s been my mate for almost seven seasons now and her not being here is hard enough but I want to assure you we’re doing all that we can to try and find her. No one has seemed to see or hear of her in the Outskirts but I’ll be sure to keep you updated as we move forward. However, I feel obligated to tell you about my whereabouts tonight. There was an unfortunate accident tonight that occurred on the mountain-top this evening. For many moons WindClan has been our ally and while we thank them for their help, it has been no secret that Wolfstar dislikes me. I’m sure you’ve seen it at the gatherings or even in the pursuit of battle. Tonight, I had planned to meet my lifetime friend Skylar, a resident of Windclan, on top of the mountain as we do every moon to catch up. She and I have been friends since kit-hood and nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but I see now that I was wrong.”

    Kass’s eyes dropped from the crowd to her paws; one eye orange, the other blue but both still so sad. “It turns out Wolfstar had conspired with both Skylar and my brother Sebastian to take me out of the clans for good and back to the city-”

    ‘The air in the mountains was a lot thinner than the ThunderClan deputy had been prepared for, each step had caused a strain on her lungs like a fish out of water. She had been nervous, a feeling normally foreign to the hot-headed she-cat. She didn’t get nervous, but something about this meeting just felt wrong. She remembers sensing her brother before seeing him, but the sight alone was enough to drop her guard. Where had he come from? Why was he here? She soon learned they’d planned to take her with them back home after searching for her for moons. When the she-cat closes her eyes she can still see the looks she received from both Skylar and Sebastian as she refused to follow their orders, she had a duty of care in the clans. ‘You don’t belong here!‘ they had tried to tell her and ‘How could you abandon your family?‘ She remembers feeling torn and scared, but all of it turning to anger when Wolfstar makes his appearance and begins to tell her how she’s the problem with the clans, that he wants to unite ThunderClan and WindClan into one and that she is what is standing in the way of his plans. He tells her that if she doesn’t leave then he’ll have to kill her.’ 

    “I was ambushed by Wolfstar. Skylar and Sebastian helped, although neither of them dared to face me.” She clarifies, “I don’t know what kind of promises he’d made to Hollystar but from what I could make out of his senile ramblings was that he had some sort of a plan for ThunderClan and WindClan to run away together and live together as one clan. Apparently in his mind I was what stood in the way of him and his plans.” 

    When she refuses she’s flanked by Sebastian who she can see now is covered in some sort of oil on his fur. From the smell of it, it is mostly motor oil and cat nip but something about it smells like home and she can’t help but find her body reacting strangely. Her head feels fuzzy and her limbs heavy but something about this feels familiar. Had she felt this before? Her body feels heavy somehow and within a few panicked moments she’s fallen hard to the ground and can’t bring herself to get up. Sebastian looks worried but Wolfstar has never looked happier. Here she is, barely able to move and open to any attack. 

    He’s talking to her now but there isn’t much she can make out with the blood pounding in her ears and lights flashing behind her eyelids. There’s a roar of thunder overhead and Sebastian looks up and suddenly panics and tells Wolfstar something but the older leader gives it no mind. Skylar starts speaking up but there’s nothing they can do once Wolfstar makes the first blow, right at the base of her neck. She struggles underneath him, true fear in her body as she tries to wiggle out from under his grasp but she’s still paralyzed. Her friends are yelling at him now, pleading. Was this not what they had asked for? 

    He moved on from her neck, maybe he’s decided to take his time and rakes her stomach with his claws. She lurched under his claws, tears welling up in her eyes, is this it? Is this the end to her story?

    “He attacked me when I’d been made defenseless and intended to kill me. It had started to rain by this point and somehow I found my footing against him.” The first rain-drop had landed right between her eyes, trickling down to her nose and mouth. And then, as rain does, it began to fall harder. Little by little her body became completely soaked and the ground around them became slick. As the rain came her senses had come back one by one, even under the continued blows and kicks that Wolfstar dealt her. With the last of her energy she kicks up her hind legs into his chest and pushes him off before scrambling to her paws. In order to beat him she’s going to have to be crafty because there’s no way she can wrestle someone of his size like this. She’s bleeding from the back of her neck and the blow to her stomach but she’s still alive. Alive and angry. 

    “I couldn’t just fight back and push against him because I’d found myself too weak so instead I had to make him keep stepping back on his own by getting close into his face. At some point I’d lost point of where we were on the mountain and.. he was losing his footing and.. I just.. pushed him.” 

    Kass had pushed him to the edge of the mountain, seething and hungry for revenge. This is what she’d been trained for, taking out enemies like him and bigger for her home- now for her clan. This was her mission objective and no one could convince her otherwise. Rain poured down from the sky and thunder and lighting battled above. Only one of them would leave this mountain alive and they both knew it. All it took was one more kick to the chest and the elder leader fell back and over the ledge as if he’d weighed nothing more than a pebble. The look of fear in his yellow eyes hit the ex-rogue suddenly and she fell back from the ledge, scared of herself and her actions. What did this mean? Sebastian and Skylar tried to come comfort her but she sent them away, soft and broken. This was her mess to clean up. 

    She sat there for a long time until the sun had set and the air had turned chilly, the rain stayed constant however. She almost never saw the lightning strike coming. 

    “Wolfstar was a good tom through and through who always did what he thought was best for his clan. He leaves behind kits and a mate who I’m sure love him dearly, not to mention his clan who will feel his loss greatly. I am glad to have known him, even if we didn’t always see eye to eye, and I am sad that I didn’t get to know him in his prime. Maybe we could have been friends.” She picks her voice up just a bit, hoping her tone will sound as kind as she means it to be. She means it, really. He died honorably in battle and she has no intention to take that away from him. “I want to apologize to you, the people of my clan, to what this may bring us. If I hadn’t thought back I would not be here but the results of my actions may haunt us in the future… especially since.. after the deed had been done I received a vision from someone I once knew.. someone who has been dead for as long as I can remember. In it they asked me to come to the moon-pool.. I’m not sure what the ancestors could want from me, but it can’t be good.” 

    She lets the information sink in amongst her clan mates, hoping for any reaction other than disgust and mistrust. With Hollystar gone she was in charge, she was supposed to lead these people.. and yet she’d never felt so small under their scrutiny. “I shall make my journey to the moonpool in due time, but first our clan has something it must do. I will approach some of you individually to help me deliver Wolfstar’s body to WindClan at first light. It’s the least we can do, in fact it is what we must do. Should any of you have any questions please come see me but until then you are dismissed.” 

    Kass looked to Peachblossom and motioned to her den with her head before standing herself, muscles sore and bones creaking under her weight. She had a feeling it would be a long night. 


    Briarstep – Thunderclan Warrior

    Briarstep emerged from the warrior’s den, still half-asleep as Kass began to explain herself.

    W-What,” he stuttered with wild eyes. “Wolfstar tried to kill you?!” He dug his claws into the turf, enraged. Thunderclan and Windclan had been allies for so many seasons. This was a rattling revelation. Although he could understand why the other clans may dislike Kass, outright ambushing her was a truly dishonorable act. Wolfstar wouldn’t have dared such a traitorous act with Hollystar present. He found himself wishing sorely that his mother hadn’t disappeared.

    W-We’re with you Kass,” Briarstep mewed as he spoke up for the mottled she-cat. “Whatever happens, I know Hollystar would want us to stand together in this.” He paused for a moment, feeling a sudden tightness in his chest. “But, where does that leave us? Is Thunderclan alone in the forest now, without allies? If Windclan decides to attack now …” he trailed off. This was a dire situation, as Windclan had been Thunderclan’s only true ally. The forest suddenly felt much larger, and much more dangerous to him. ‘We can’t withstand the other clans alone,‘ he thought. ‘If they decided to attack now, we’d be crushed.‘ He glanced over at his clanmates, hair standing along his back and tail.

    Courtesy of Mairu Doggy, Deviant Art

         As the deputy started to speak, Seawatcher sat back on her haunches and listened intently. She almost forgot to breathe as Kass spoke of the WindClan leader’s ambush, and as she imagined the horror and betrayal, the fur along her spine rose. Anger filled the russet colored molly until she felt it could just overflow. Her claws flexed in and out as she quietly seethed, watching the memories flicker across Kass’ face.
         WindClan was our ally! No matter what their leader thought of our deputy, they should have respected our acceptance of Kass. No matter the alliance between their clans, it felt like a blow to the underbelly for their leader to attack our second in command while the first was missing. It seemed apparent that with this act, their friendship was over. As the deputy continued her story and Seawatcher understood that Wolfstar was now dead, the anger slowly subsided. She appraised the horror in Kass’ eyes and her beaten state, and could then feel nothing but sorrow. For Kass, for ThunderClan, and for the family that Wolfstar had left behind.

         As Briarstep spoke, Seawatcher swiveled her ears to listen, and then nodded her agreement. This certainly left ThunderClan in a vulnerable position… Her mind instantly gravitated towards gathering extra reinforcements to surround the camp. She also wondered if there would be an increase in border patrols. Seawatcher turned to Kass “You were ambushed, and you would not have had to make the choice you did if that weren’t so. I also stand with you, no matter what becomes of this.”

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