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    Sorrelpaw ~ RiverClan Apprentice

    She was surprised that he said he wanted to be seen talking to her outside of their training sessions, where she had been getting better and better with her fighting and swimming abilities. Pupils narrowing slightly as she looked ahead of her, but she kept herself from smiling so he didn’t know how pleased she was to hear it. Although when he moved away from her and spoke with a slight stutter to his voice, she was easily confused. Speak about what..? She thought silently to herself, blazing pumpkin orange colored eyes searching his face curiously before she gave a gentle shrug and moved to where she head butted his shoulder so he would move just a bit more to the right. “Okay, loser. Well I need some more walking space from the flood water then.” Sorrelpaw laughed softly, once he had moved over just enough so that her fur was barely touching his own. 

    Clearing her throat, she looked over her shoulder to see the other apprentices had moved more to the right as well to avoid the flood water that was lapping angrily at their paws. “I never thought I would see the day where I said I don’t like the water or rain.” She muttered softly, turning her chin to where she looked back ahead of herself, her sides looking skinnier than usually as her metabolism was eating away at any fat she had. Sorrelpaw hadn’t eaten in close to two days because of the shortage of food and the way the fish had tasted rotten. Shaking her pelt, she gave a soft grunt as she shivered. “Hopefully it’s warmer in ThunderClan, huh?” She muttered gently, glancing towards Sootstain before she gave him a hesitant smile. It felt strange to be talking to him outside of their training but it also felt right. 

Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)

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