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the prologue to greatness … ? (drizzle/owl)

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    drizzlepaw ♂

    d r i z z l e p a w —  apprentice of skyclan ☁

    “Drizzlepaw! Owlpaw! Drizzlepaw!”

    Drizzlepaw thought that if Skyclan cheered any louder, they might just strip the forest clean of their Leaf-fall pelts. It was a glorious day for the occasion, a broad azure sky had set the perfect stage for the ceremony to take place below, yet despite the gleeful rally singing his and his brother’s names with chests full of pride and joy, Drizzlepaw sat stiff in his own paws, withdrawn from the booming rapport surrounding him. No swell of pride flourished in his heart at the first major forthcoming of his warriorhood, it felt so alienating, why wasn’t he as excited as his clan? An empty feeling encapsulated him.

    Everyone seemed so happy introducing the New-leaf season’s kits to their newest stage of life, their new friends, and their new responsibilities. Why not him? It was even more confusing when Firestar declared Dawnstorm as his mentor. Was he really worthy enough to have the deputy of Skyclan guide his pawsteps? The future only looked grim and daunting to the young tom cat, the hairs on his scruff prickled as he thought of the looming uncertainty to come. Black clouds of anxiety dappled the apprentice’s conscience, and the cries quickly became a buzzing drone around him. Once the crowd dispersed, Drizzlepaw felt compelled to turn to the only cat who might understand his thinking most.

    Drizzlepaw had always been the more hesitant of the pair. He preferred to linger close to his mother’s tender embrace than venture wide into the sprawling world around him.  When he was younger, he had grappled hard with the concept of forest survival, the tales of heroism within the clans never sparked a call to the wild, or planted a seed of courage to foster and grow in his heart, it only meant bloodshed and war. The apprentice felt uneasy approaching that future, was blood the true only solution in the clans? His stomach churned at the thought of him and his brother contributing to the same cycle of loss and revenge. Perhaps he was thinking about it too hard.

    “Owlpaw,” Drizzlepaw sucked in the cool, crisp air through clenched teeth, “Owlpaw, I’m nervous.”
    Drizzlepaw’s claws sunk into the moist earth underfoot as his ears flattened in shame. No Skyclan warrior should be feeling this way, Drizzlepaw stirred in place, staring at his paws in embarrassment.
    “I know you’ve been so excited for this, ever since we were small. I hate to be such a downer, even on a day as great as this…”

    The young Owlpaw was always a source of inspiration for the eldest brother, never skipping the chance to find reasons to remain optimistic in embracing the tides of change. Among the pair of brothers, it was Owlpaw had opened himself widest to the world. On the day of their birth, their mother had spoke fondly of the budding blossoms that had welcomed them just six moons earlier, and Drizzlepaw had always associated the blooms of budding potential to Owlpaw, he was full of possibilities, it was no question his younger brother would make a fine warrior for his clan.

    “I dunno,” Drizzlepaw continued, “Hunting seems so cool! I’ll be so excited to catch my first bird, and I’ll be even more excited for you, Owlpaw! It’ll be so much better than catching those stupid bugs, and it’ll definitely taste better too.” He gave a weak laugh before pausing, But aren’t you afraid of, you know, war? Mama said that things are so tense in the forest right now, and that the forest needs brave cats like us to defend Skyclan.”

    “I think there’ll come a day where we will have to fight other cats,” Drizzlepaw paused to think, he wanted so desperately to plead for Owlpaw not to fight, to not breed more hatred within the Clans, but decided it would be best to swallow the ball in his throat. Maybe Owlpaw wouldn’t truly understand, as no brave Warrior would run when it came to defending his territory and place within the forest.

     “When that day comes, promise me you won’t get hurt. You have to promise.Drizzlepaw gazed deeply into his brother’s yellow-green eyes, “You’re so brave, Owlpaw. Braver than me, I know.”


    ♡ Owlpaw of Skyclan ♡

    Owlpaw’s emerald green gaze glistened in happiness as the clan shouted out in greeting him, and his brothers new names within the clan. Finally the day had come where the two young apprentices would finally be able to leave the camp and start exploring the outer territories of Skyclan…or at least at the borders. “I can’t wait to go to my first gathering!” He thought excitedly. Puffing his white chest out with pride, as his clanmates gave their congratulations and slowly all took their leave to resume their duties, he looked over at his new mentor Littledove with a smile before taking a side glance at his older brother Drizzlepaw. Noticing his rigid state and withdrawn look, the white/silver spotted Skyclan apprentice became concerned. Once everyone fully left from hearing distance, it wasn’t long before Drizzlepaw voiced his concerns.

    Tilting his head, Owlpaw’s concern only grew deeper in wonder as he stated his nervousness. He had never seen Drizzlepaw so disturbed…much less avoid even looking at him. He wasn’t sure what was bothering Drizzlepaw, but he wanted to help support him the best he could. “Your definitely not being a downer Drizzlepaw. What’s wrong?” Immediately after his question, Drizzlepaw went on about how it was scary about fighting with other clans in battle.

    “Afraid?” Owlpaw was taken aback a bit by the question. He never really thought about it until Drizzlepaw brought it up to his attention. Owlpaw looked up at the sky in thought, while his white spotted black dipped tail thumped lightly against the ground as he tried to figure out how he felt about the situation of battle. Yes there was blood. Death was a possibility and it was scary. But Owlpaw truly wasn’t afraid of dying in battle to defend his clan. Looking his brother straight in the eyes, he shook his head calmly. “No.”

    It stabbed Owlpaw in the heart knowing his brother worried so much about him, that he tried to make him promise not to get hurt in battle. But he knew that was something he possibly couldn’t avoid. He didn’t have nine lives like firestar. But he wasn’t going to run from helping his clanmates either. “I’ll try to be careful.” He replied encouragingly. “However I can’t make a promise that nothing will happen, because sometimes they do. But I promise to try and not get myself seriously injured or killed. Ok?”

    It was surprising to hear his brother say he was brave. Perhaps he was…but he had his fears too. A light purr rumbled in his throat as Owlpaw slunk his tail over Drizzlepaw’s shoulder. “Your just as brave as me.” He added happily. “You might not see it, but I do.” Owlpaw truly did believe in his older brother being brave. Owlpaw just felt like he didn’t realize it yet. He was pretty sure there would be a time when that quality would show in Drizzlepaw. “Besides…” Removing his tail from off of Drizzlepaw’s shoulder, Owlpaw gave his older brother a knowing half jokingly smile as he tilted his head slightly. “You aren’t afraid of heights or thunderstorms. Now if that isn’t pathetic on my part, then I dont know what is.”

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