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    A normally soften gaze replaced by anger, stern glare. The peach Scottie watches the larger leader but not backing down, even lifting her head to meet some height. She had no patience to deal with such a brute but he was the leader and did determine their place but Saffron told herself if any other clan was close, they would’ve gone there. Shadowclan was the LAST bunch she wanted to mangle furs with. She padded to Saplingskies, dipping her head in respect and as “thank you” for sticking up for the weakened clan. She glanced back at Blazestar as she stood up for her, a feeling building in her chest; had Saffron stepped out of line? She didn’t want Blazestar to exert more energy than required but she seemed to be more defensive with clanmates then herself.

    While Hornetstar’s concerns were valid, they weren’t the reason why he wanted to keep the clan; he wanted the clan to be in his debt and she guessed in a way, they got it. If anything were to happen to them, Skyclan is the place they’d go to cash in this favor. When the whole ordeal was over, her ear turned toward Firebird as he put some reassuring words on her shoulders and she gave a small laugh and nod. “I guess it does, yeah.. be careful out there, okay?” She said, putting a soft nose against his cheek for a moment.

    Her gaze turned to Smokewisp, where her glare softened up. She seemed to be more friendly of the bunch. Saffron was given orders and while she didn’t like receiving orders outside her two flame beacons, she gave a polite nod to the Shadowclan deputy, as Saffrongaze was already had plans to speak with their medicine cat. She guided three sickened cats to the bush that acted as quarantine until they were treated for their sickness then turned back to Saplingskies, dipping her head in greetings.

    “Thank you, I’m at ease knowing not all of Shadowclan is rude. But, given the circumstances, I can understand his concerns… May I speak with you privately before we head off to find herbs?” She asked the Shadowclan medicine cat, her eyes slightly wide with concern. Saffrongaze still had the kit in her basket to worry about and the safety of her entire clan and now, Shadowclan. She prayed to Starclan that she’d receive help, an apprentice of her own. She noticed Saplingskies’ apprentice, Harepaw, was up and ready to go but she could see the apprentice was fatigue.

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    Saplingskies did not flinch or blink as Hornetstar turned on him like badger with porcupine quills in it’s ass, he simply met the leader’s gaze, tail lashing. He was used to anger, be it from Hornetstar himself or from unruly patients being told they need to give up their warrior duties for longer than a few days. A low growl rumbled in his throat, claws digging into the ground beneath him. He was interrupted from his fantasy about ripping Hornetstar’s ears off by Harepaw suddenly leaning against him. She felt so hot! His head turned quickly to look at her, a frightened look crossing his face.

    “Oh stars, Harepaw! Are you alright?” He asked, slowly standing so his apprentice wouldn’t fall over. He gently pressed his nose into the she-cat’s forehead, flinching at the heat. He was about to say something before the SkyClan medicine cat suddenly approached. “Oh, um, of course, Saffrongaze. I’ll be right with you, give me just a moment, I need to take care of Harepaw.” His attention fell back to his apprentice. “Come Harepaw, lean on me. There’s no way in hell I’m letting you work like this. My apologies, Saffrongaze, I’ll be right back.” With that, he led Harepaw away to the treeline, ushering her under a bush. Already residing there was Briarfeather, curled up with her five young kits.

    “Mother,” He whispered, gently nuzzling the queen awake. “I’m so sorry to wake you, but can Harepaw shelter here with you? She’s exhausted and much too stressed out. She feels hot, but I do not believe she is ill. I just need someone to watch over her and make sure she rests while I’m out. SkyClan will be sheltering with us, and I need to go hunting for herbs. Father went to hunt and Snappingfox will be going up the mountain with Hornetstar and some others to find better shelter. I’ll come and collect Harepaw when I return.” Saplingskies fidgeted a bit, hoping Briarfeather wouldn’t turn Harepaw away. There was no other cat he trusted to take care of her besides Softshimmer, and he knew the aging queen had her paws full with her own five moon old kit and Fearedjackal’s little ones. For a moment, the black warrior drifted into Saplingskies’ thoughts. He now knew the pain Fearedjackal must have gone through when Silverscreech passed… He was shaken out of his thoughts by Briarfeather agreeing to look after Harepaw. He thanked his mother, helped settle the apprentice in beside her, gave Harepaw a quick lick on the forehead, then left to go meet back up with Saffrongaze.

    “Alright,” He mewed as he padded up to his fellow medicine cat. “I’m all ears. What do you need?” He looked down, suddenly noticing the sickly kit curled up in the she-cat’s basket. “Oh stars, who’s this?” He asked, peering at the little she-kit. “Is she yours?” He cocked an eyebrow, looking from the kit back to Saffrongaze “No… orphaned by the storm?” The second option seemed more likely. He picked up a large leaf and held it over the she-cat’s basket, offering the kit a bit more cover from the rain as he waited Saffrongaze to fill him in.

    Briarfeather ~ SC Queen

    The young queen gave Harepaw a sympathetic look as she laid pitifully beside her. Without a second thought, Briarfeather began licking the apprentice’s fur backwards to dry her off and warm her up. She knew Harepaw was a grown cat. In fact, she was old enough to have her full name, but Briarfeather didn’t care. The younger she-cat needed a mother’s attention at the moment. “Rest now, dear. You’ll be safe and warm here with me, and later, the hunting patrol will return with prey to fill your belly. Everything will be alright.” She said softly, a gentle, comforting purr rumbling in her throat. She curled her tail around the little calico, drawing her in a bit closer as she continued to dry her off.

    Hareflight [Mel]

    Harepaw rested against her mentor, listening weakly to the SkyClan medicine cat talk as she approached. Harepaw opened her eyes slowly to gaze at the other feline, breaths evening out as the bout of dizziness began to subside. Her gaze met Saplingskies’ as he spoke, and she opened her mouth to protest, before pursing her lips and furrowing her brows. As much as she wanted – needed – to be there, helping Saplingskies, she knew that this would be one instance where she really would be a burden. After all, he had Saffrongaze to help him. He didn’t need her… Not right now. “Okay,” she said softly, leaning against him as he guided her under a nearby bush. She offered a soft greeting to Briarfeather, settling in beside her with her mentors help. A concerned look fell over her face as he gave a lick to her forehead. “B-Be safe, please.” She mumbled, dual eyes gazing at Saplingskies.

    Then he was gone, and anxiety started to fill the small cat. What if something happened to her mentor while he was gone? Would she be able to manage ShadowClan if something happened to him? Suddenly, Briarfeather’s tongue began to run over Harepaw’s fur, and she found herself relaxing almost instinctively. Harepaw nuzzled into the queen’s fur, taking deep breaths as she listened to the she-cat speak. After a while of silence, Harepaw spoke up, and though her voice was even and calm, she sounded worried. “Did- Did we do something wrong, Briarfeather? Does StarClan hate us?


    FearedJackal ~ ShadowClan Warrior

    Grunting through the large branch, dark  blue eyes narrowed in towards his pupils ever so slightly for a moment. Gazing through the downpour of the rain as he dragged branches after branches towards the three large bushes that the queens were residing for now, trying to keep their kits warm. At least the wind was good for something. He thought to himself, large paws sinking into the mud from his sheer weight and the weight of the branch as he dragged it along. Ears lowering against his head as the rain pelted against him, nostrils flaring slightly as he craned his neck to place the large pine tree branch against the side of the bush, where the pine needles were laying over the already pine like needled bush. Trying to keep the rain water for the most part off of the queens and kits, while also sheltering them from the wind. Wasn’t much, but for now it would work. 

    Lowering his large head, his eyes peered into the bushes as his gazed instantly searched for the silver tabby striped pelt of Silverscreech, although he quickly stopped himself when he caught sight Softshimmers pelt. Eyes closing as he took in a deep breath to calm the sharp pang in his chest at the lost of his mate. Only a moon has gone by since his mate had passed away due to an infection soon after giving birth to their four healthy kits, and he still found himself searching for her. Gaining some control over his emotions, his deep blue eyes came back into focus as he looked towards the small four bundles of fur as they laid close to the queen and her own kit. Harpykit, Widowkit, Dewkit, and Ferretkit had been taken in by the queens of the clan, helping to nurse and clean the wee kits. For that, FearedJackal was extremely grateful. 

    Hesitating slightly, black lips parted as he spoke. “Softshimmer… everything okay? Do you need anything?” He questioned, eyes flickering towards Briarfeather and Harepaw as they rested and dried off. “You two need anything?” The black tomcat questioned, the tip of his tail twitching ever so slightly before he felt a slight shiver rush down his spine for a moment. It was a bit chilly. 


    Ferretkit didn’t know why it was raining so much, or why the wind was howling through the skies, all he knew was that he and his siblings had been hastily taken away from Shadowclan’s temporary camp by the Queens.

    At current moment he was curled up with his siblings, and by Softshimmer, along with her kit Flutteringkit.

    The little tom hasn’t gotten a blink of sleep for a while, and he was utterly exhausted. Even though he hadn’t moved but an inch this entire venture.

    He was attempting to doze off, drifting in and out of sleep, it evading him every single time he seemed to catch it.

    As he went to drift off for about the fourth time, he was awoken by a rumble of thunder, and then the pitiful mewl of Harepaw, questioning if Starclan hated them.

    Unable to sleep in his current predicament, he sluggishly belly crawled over to Harepaw, and stopped besides her lifting his beady and sleepy gaze up at her.

    “Staclan no hate us. We not do no wrong. Bad fhings jus happen sometime.”

    He muttered, his eyes fluttering open and closed, before he cuddled up against the medicine cat apprentice. He closed his eyes and buried his face into his paws.

    Ferretkit would know all about bad things, his mother was gone. That was bad, but what wasn’t bad, was that she was in Starclan waiting for him when it was his time to join the stars.

    His mother might not walk underneath the stars any longer, but she was watching over him amongst them. That in of itself was a wonderful thing.




    The tortie tom sat, head tilted to the sky as rain fell like shining stars. Eyes wide and innocent as a kit’s, Half likely would’ve sat there and continued to watch the rain had it not been for Fearedjackal’s familiar dark coat flickering in his peripherals. Shaking his head a bit, as though try to check if anything was in there, the young tom rose to his feet and gracefully weaved through the few cats still outside.

    “Fearedjackal,” Halfblaze murmured softly, having made it to his former mentor’s side as silently as a shadow. “Hello, Softshimmer,” Half murmured to the queen, a shy smile resting on his face. Gaze turning to his mentor’s kits, Half found his gaze flicking back over to study Feared’s expression.

    is he alright? Half wondered as he stepped forward, leaning down to touch noses with the little kits, watching as Widowkit shifted and rolled onto her side while the others shied from the rain covered tom. It still made Halfblaze so happy to see his mentor’s kits, made his heart strain with joy. While Silverscreech was gone, it’s true, Fearedjackal was still here, the queens were happy to care for the kits, and Halfblaze had long since made a silent promise to protect and love Feared’s kits like his own. Halfblaze doubted he’d find a mate and have kits, but he was happy enough offering his held to the black tom and his litter of four.


    Briarfeather – SC Queen

    The chocolate calico she-cat flinched a bit at the apprentice’s words. Her questions made Briarfeather’s kittens look up at their mother, confusion and a bit of fear filling their little gazes. She drew her little ones closer, sighing softly as Ferretkit stumbled his way over and spoke his mind. “Here, Ferretkit,” She murmured, scooping the little tom up and putting him beside her belly. “You need to stay warm, little one.” Her gaze returned to Harepaw and she continued to groom the younger cat’s fur, a melancholy sigh escaping her.

    “No, dear, StarClan doesn’t hate us. Sometimes bad things just happen, and not even StarClan themselves can do anything about it. Nature is a beautiful, joyful thing, but it can also be horrible and cruel. That’s just the way things are, and that’s the way they will be until the end of time. We aren’t being punished, though I understand that it feels that way. We’ll get through it, Harepaw. Everything will be okay.”  She laid her head on Harepaw’s back in an attempt to comfort her. “We’ll be okay.”

    Then, in came Fearedjackal and Halfblaze. She flicked her tail in acknowledgment to the two toms, but didn’t move away from Harepaw. The bush was starting to feel a bit crowded with so many cats under it, but she held her tongue. “I’m alright, Fearedjackal. Thank you.”

    Softshimmer- SC Queen

    The aging black and red queen had dozed off once she was settled. She couldn’t help it after such a long journey. She was awoken by Ferretkit wiggling from her makeshift nest to join Briarfeather and Harepaw, a soft sigh escaping her. She was prepared to get to her paws and fetch the little tom, but Briarfeather swept him in with her litter, which Softshimmer was grateful for. She was much too worn out to take another step. She looked up as Fearedjackal made his way in, offering the young warrior a sympathetic smile. “I’m fine, dear. The little ones are just tired.” She murmured, smiling as Halfblaze bent down to nuzzle the kits. “Ferretkit decided to join Briarfeather and Harepaw, I suppose.” She chuckled softly and a yawn escaped her. “How are you two?” She asked, tilting her head at the two toms.


    FearedJackal ~ ShadowClan Warrior

    Pupils narrowing slightly for a moment as he caught sight of a small black and white pelt moving against Briarfeather’s stomach as his son, Ferretkit usually jumped back and forth between the two queens. Sighing softly, the large inky black furred tomcat stayed out in the rain while his large head was under the bush, catching sight of a multi colored pelt from the side of his line of sight. Grunting faintly as he knew Halfblaze had spotted him, his best friend and former apprentice had been keeping a close eye on him. However, he could understand why.. FearedJackal had fallen into a deep depression from the death of his mate. Clearing his throat, he gave a single flick of his ear to signal to Halfbalze that he acknowledged that the other Tom was there. 

    Sighing softly, he glanced over towards Ferretkit for a moment before his eyes lifted to look at the chocolate brown calico as she gave him a friendly and yet strained smile. “No problem, Briarfeather.” His deep voice filtered from his lips, while his deep blue gaze flickered towards Softshimmer as she shifted while Halfblaze checked on the rest of his litter. These two queens had no idea just how in-debt he was that they had been taking turns to care for his kits. Upon hearing that Ferretkit had gone to lay with Briarfeather and her litter, he gave a gentle nod. “I saw.” He said softly, hesitating when he was questioned on how he was doing. “I’m fine.” He sighed, tail tip twitching with slight annoyance. “The hunting patrol and the shelter patrol have already left so it’s just a matter of time.” FearedJackal informed the queens, slowly lowering his body to where he was laying down outside of the bush.  



    Eyes fluttering open, Flutteringkit was awoken by Ferretkit’s absence from her side.

    It left a slight chill against her fur where he used to be, now that he was no longer pressed against her side, the warmth had gone with him.

    “Momma, when will the storm stop? It’s wet and cold.”

    She meowed pitifully, sniffling as she shifted to snuggle up against her mother as much as she could, to replace the warmth she had lost.



    Pepperpatch finally found a place to settle down with the kit she was carrying. The little tom wasn’t her kit, he was a motherless kit that was being cycled from Queen to Queen.

    His mother had perished kitting him, he was the only survivor of a litter of three, and none of Shadowclan knew of his father.

    They all assumed that the father must be from another clan, for the kit’s mother always dismissed any questions about the tom’s identity.

    The little frail kit, burrowed himself against her side, shivering uncontrollably. “There now Pinekit, it’ll be alright.”

    She curled her tail around him, to offer him more warmth. All she got in return was a weak mewl from Pinekit. The poor dear looked just dreadful.


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